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Known misconceptions

Photo of the ship, UMO, 1967

It is believed that the beginning of the phenomenon of Ammo was laid on 6 February 1966 in Madrid. On this day, H. Jordán peña saw:

"...huge circular object with three legs, on the lower surface of which it was possible to observe a remarkable picture: three vertical lines (extreme of them — with swirls), the United horizontal."

A year later, a Madrid author of books about UFOs received in the mail in anonymous parcels a few photos, which were sealed similar to the singing object.

Although the phenomenon of Ammo much wider and includes a plurality of letters (mostly the locals), we in this article we will focus on those photos of the ship, Ummo, which was published on 1 June 1967.

The most famous of a series of photos

The following is a brief translation of the article given as a source.

After studying the photos, the researchers found that neither the film nor the photos themselves have not been subjected to any changes (retouching, double exposure, etc.). However, on closer examination over the depicted object it is possible to notice heterogeneity.

Heterogeneity in the pictures

The most likely explanation for this heterogeneity is the thread you were hanging object. Based on this, researchers have predpologala that the picture was fake, made, for example, as follows:

The alleged scheme fake photos

Thus, with high probability it can be argued that this image was fabricated. Likely to be counterfeit are and other evidence, Umma received in the same packet.

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