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Known misconceptions

Pictures of UFOs farmer Paul Trent of Mcminnville, 1950

May 11, 1950, farmer Paul Trent of Mcminnville made two photos of the object, which he claimed was similar to a flying saucer. Film containing priceless photos of a flying saucer, was not immediately exercised, and remained in the chamber until mother's Day (may 14).

The story first appeared in the local newspaper the Telephone-Register, but then was quickly reprinted in other publications.

After the publication of the photos in the press the journalist Trents decided to interview the farmer and to look at the negatives. As he later noted, they were lying on the floor under the sofa, and the children of Trent and played with them.

One of the findings that were forced to pay attention to other details of the images are different angles of shadows. The fact that the shadows in the garage in both photos suggests that the pictures were taken in the morning, though Paul claimed to have photographed at sunset. The problem is that the wall orientirovana to the East, and the sun is in this position (about 90 degrees in azimuth) at 08:20 am. This has forced researchers to think about the fact that if the farmer lied about the time of the shooting, he could be lying about the other.

The superposition of several snapshots shows that the UFO is in the same position relative to the wires.

The angle of the objects in the frame, and the object itself says that lens were pretty low (for example, a person taking photos on my knees). Because this position is not usual for a random witness of a UFO, conclusions were drawn about the deliberate falsification of images. Presumably, the farmer, trying to capture the nearby small object, trying to capture as much of the sky, giving the impression that the subject is at high altitude.

The only mystery remains the subject sjambok because he had to explain the main unusual factor is an abnormal brightness on the lower side of the object.

However, the researchers made the assumption that Trenty wires hung under the rear view mirror of the truck.

The rear view mirror of the truck

Apparently, the reflection of the mirror and create the "glow" that misled researchers for years.


Sources translated for this article, documents are provided below. In document [2] contains a very deep and detailed analysis of the photographs and the incident.

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