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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

UFO. United States

ID #1571756317
Added Tue, 22/10/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 
Ньюман Виллидж, VA
United States

Sisters Terra and Latoniya Scruggs saw a strange cloud on the road. It traveled down the street like it's somewhere purposefully moved. It happened at Newman village in Virginia.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Original news

Date of sighting: Oct 2019

Location of sighting: Newman Village, Virginia, USA

Watch this raw footage as a UFO cloaked in a cloud slowly moves through a parking lot as it it belongs there. The people watch this strange object and one person even says to go over and touch it, but the other person says no way thats happening. Another perron suggests its a spaceships. I believe that is correct. This is a very small craft that is normally in the sky and built with a cloak that makes a cloud around it. You can even see the cockpit window in the front of it. The right angle on the back is clear indication that there is a craft inside and that they are probably revealed by accident...they thought they were invisible, but they totally forgot to turn off the cloud cloak being on. Even aliens make mistakes. This is an excellent discovery by Youtube channel Terrys Theories. 

Scott C. Waring 


Sisters Terra and Latonya Scruggs find them selves face to face with a CLOUD traveling down the street as if it new where it was going. This took place in Newman Village in Virginia.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

The art of the action

Various promotions advertising and art can be priniti randomly for the paranormal or issued for them intentionally.

A mysterious and mystical theme attracts people's attention so it can be used to attract the audience.

Here are various advertising companies for products, individuals, media, and various hudojestvennye installation, objects, land art (from the English. land art — landscape-art) and the like. This category can also be considered Museum pieces.


Photo editing began to be used almost immediately after the advent of photography techniques. They were divided into methods of photomontage without manipulation of the image after receiving the photo and retouching of the photo itself or its negative (plate, film, etc.)

Foamy clouds

At festivals and presentations occasionally used apparatus for producing artificial clouds of different shapes. Clouds consist of "foam fluid + water + gas" (helium). Foamy clouds usually can fly in the sky at an altitude of 10-150 meters, and can stay in the air for about 20 minutes. Due to the refraction of light foamy clouds look like white, but can be other colors.

A UFO can be taken both day and night (due to reflected light).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Deliberate falsification

This version includes any falsifications that imitate unexplained phenomena both from the outside: practical jokes, flash mobs, fake news, witness fraud, staging, etc.

There are many ways to make something similar to a ghost or a flying saucer from improvised materials, without using video and photomontage.

Many homemade things made for the sake of a joke, a practical joke or a direct imitation of a mystical being or event can be taken as unexplained not only in photos and videos, but also in reality.


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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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