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Chronorally. France

ID #1631439226
Added Sun, 12/09/2021
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
12.06.1790 05:00

"This sphere, which was large enough to accommodate a carriage, was not affected by all this fall. This phenomenon aroused such curiosity that people came from all over the district to see it."

Although some people believe that the UFO phenomenon began only in the twentieth century, there are several well-preserved evidence that suggests that UFOs and aliens have been familiar to people for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

One of these certificates is allegedly stored in the archives of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris.

In 1967, a certain Antonio Fenoglio, who teaches at the University of Bologna (Italy), according to him, found in this archive a message about the crash of a UFO that occurred in 1790, that is, 231 years ago.

The message was a report from a police inspector named Labeouf, who was sent from Paris in the summer of 1790 to the Alencon area for a thorough investigation of a "dangerous incident" that occurred near the city gates, which had many respected witnesses.

When Labeouf got to his destination and interviewed local residents, the following story emerged:

At 5 o'clock in the morning on June 12, several farmers saw a huge ball, which, as it seemed to them, was surrounded by flames. At first, they thought that a balloon might have caught fire (a few years before this incident, the Montgolfier brothers triumphantly made the first ever balloon flight), but then their attention was attracted by the high speed of the object falling and the whistling sound coming from it.

"The balloon slowed down, made a few twitches and fell to the top of the hill, uprooting trees along the slope. The heat radiating from it was so strong that soon the grass and trees caught fire. The peasants managed to contain the fire, which threatened to spread to the entire territory."

"In the evening, heat still radiated from this sphere and then something unusual, if not incredible, happened. This was witnessed by two mayors, a doctor and three other government representatives who confirmed my report, in addition to dozens of peasants who were present."

"This sphere, which was large enough to accommodate a carriage, was not affected by all this fall. This phenomenon aroused such curiosity that people came from all over the district to see it."

"Then suddenly (in the sphere) a door opened, and, interestingly, a man like us came out of it, but this man was strangely dressed, in a tight suit and, seeing all this crowd around the sphere, he said a few incomprehensible words to them and then ran into the forest."

"The peasants instinctively retreated to the sides in fear, and this saved their lives, because soon after, the sphere exploded in complete silence, scattering fragments everywhere, and these pieces burned until they turned into powder."

"Research has been launched to find the mysterious man, but he seems to have completely disappeared."

If the report, excerpts from which are given above, is reliable, it proves that UFOs with crews visit us a long time ago.

The aircraft may have overheated or had other problems, after which it made an emergency landing. And when the pilot saw that a crowd of people had gathered around him, he probably decided to destroy his ship so as not to leave such an important evidence of his existence to people.

Fortunately, there were no victims, and the feedback received from witnesses helped Labeouf to compile a detailed report for the French Academy of Sciences.

Unfortunately, apart from Professor Fenoglio's report about this archival document, nothing more is known about it until now, and in later years some researchers have stated that this whole case is just a hoax (fake).

Original news

According to Antonio Fenoglio he visited the Archives of the French Academy of Sciences, Paris, and discovered the following report submitted to it. In 1975, Dr Jacques Vallee quoted the account and appeared to indicate that he had seen the report himself.

This could be the first documented UFO crash or time traveller landing in history.

During June, 1790, Police Inspector Liabeuf was sent from Paris to Alencon, west of the city (between Argentan and Le Mans). His orders were to make a thorough investigation of a disturbing incident –some of the observers being of high standing.

Liabeuf visited the town and the following is his report, submitted to the Academy of Sciences

“At 5 A.M.,on June 12th,several farmers caught
sight of an enormous globe which seemed surrounded
with flames. First they thought it was perhaps a
balloon that had caught fire,but the great velocity
and the whistling sound which came from that body
intrigued them.

“The globe slowed down,made some oscillations and
precipitated itself towards the top of a hill,
unearthing plants along the slope. The heat which
emanated from it was so intense that soon the grass
and the small tree started burning. The peasants
succeeded in controlling the fire which threatened
to spread to the whole area.

“In the evening this sphere was still warm and an
extraordinary happened,not to say an incredible
thing. The witnesses were;two mayors,a doctor and three
other authorities who confirm my report,in addition
to the dozens of peasants who were present.

“This sphere,which would have been large enough to
contain a carriage,had not suffered from all that
flight. It excited so much curiousity that people
came from all parts to see it. Then all of a sudden
a kind of door opened and,there is the interesting
thing,a person like us came out of it,but this person

“was dressed in a strange way,wearing a tight-fitting suit
and,seeing all that crowd,said some words which were
not understood and fled into the woods. Instinctively,
the peasants stepped back,in fear,and this saved
them because soon after that the sphere exploded in
silence,throwing pieces everywhere,and these pieces
burned until they were reduced to powder.

“Researches were initiated to find the mysterious
man,but he seemed to have dissolved.”

The evidence

Dr Vallee, a respected scientist who has spoken before the United Nations, cites this case as evidence of visitors from some other world. Dr Vallee notes the many similarities to modern accounts of “UFOs”.

The question is; does this report exist? Fenoglio wrote his article circa 1967 so we know that the document was, allegedly, still in existence then. Inspector Liabeuf’s report either exists or was fiction created by Fenoglio and it is scientifically important that the reality of it is ascertained once and for all. After all,the report had many features from modern UFO accounts: the landed object followed by an entity appearing and the explosion totally destroying the object. Even the description of the clothing worn by the entity is typical of modern accounts.

What this meant was simple: people in 1790 France could not possibly know of post 1947 accounts of UFOs and Liabeuf’s report would be a major kick in the teeth to the anti-UFO brigade.

A document was forwarded to the Keeper of the Archives, French Academy of Sciences, on 9th January, 2006. It took a while but rather than hearing that the report had been found I was told that no such report existed or reference to it found. Fenoglio seems to have been the only person ever to have seen the report leading to the conclusion that this was yet another UFO hoax.


Nei secoli scorsi sono avvenuti strani casi di avvistamenti e crash di UFO di cui si è persa notizia o di cui rimangono vaghe tracce come quello di Alençon. Forse perché la stampa dell’epoca vi ha dedicato poca attenzione o perché i racconti di questi strani avvenimenti sembravano inverosimili. Questo strano caso racconta qualcosa avvenuta nel 1790 nei pressi della cittadina di Alençon in Francia.

Alençon 1790

La storia dell’avvenimento di Alençon venne ufficialmente alla ribalta nel 1975 quando l’astronomo Jacques Vallee raccontò ai giornalisti di una scoperta fatta dall’ufologo italiano Antonio Fenoglio negli anni ’60 consultando l’archivio dell’Accademia delle Scienze francese a Parigi trovandovi un interessante rapporto  sullo schianto di un  apparato  sferico  con  un  passeggero  umano  all’interno. Avrebbe potuto essere la prima prova storica ufficiale che gli alieni volavano sulla Terra o viaggiavano nel tempo sulla Terra già nei secoli passati ed invece… Di cosa parlava questo rapporto? Raccontava che nel 1790 l’ispettore di polizia di Parigi Libefe fu inviato nella città di Alençon per indagare su un evento molto strano che era accaduto lì. Libeff ha visitato la città, ha intervistato i testimoni oculari e quindi compilato il suo rapporto.

“Alle 5 del mattino del 12 giugno, diversi agricoltori di Alençon hanno visto un enorme pallone in cielo, circondato da una fiamma di fuoco. Inizialmente i testimoni pensarono che era un pallone (diversi anni prima, i fratelli Montgolfier avevano fatto scalpore con i loro primi voli in mongolfiera). Tuttavia, questo pallone volava molto più velocemente ed emetteva un insolito fischio. Sorvolando la cima della collina, l’oggetto rallentò e cadde, distruggendo un campo di verdure. Il calore che emanava era così forte che l’erba e l’albero sul bordo del campo presero fuoco. I contadini iniziarono a spegnere il fuoco e riuscirono ad impedire che si diffondesse in altri campi, ma anche la sera questa palla era ancora molto calda. Poi si è verificato un evento straordinario, come dichiararono due sindaci, un medico e altri tre rispettabili residenti locali, insieme a dozzine di altri contadini. Questa palla caduta non fu completamente influenzata da incendio e caduta ed era abbastanza grande da ospitare un grande equipaggio. I curiosi la circondarono da tutti i lati e improvvisamente una porta della sfera si aprì e da lì sopra la gente apparve un uomo. Era vestito in modo strano con un completo aderente e disse alcune parole che la folla non capì, dopodiché si precipitò nella foresta e scomparve. I contadini scapparono anche loro lontano dalla sfera e questo salvò molte vite, poiché la sfera presto esplose e i suoi detriti ardenti si sparsero in tutti i campi. E quando hanno bruciato, non è rimasto nulla tranne polvere grigiastra. Furono fatte delle ricerche per trovare quell’uomo misterioso, ma questi sembrava essersi dissolto nell’aria”.

L’esistenza di questo documento è stata annunciata dall’astronomo Jacques Vallee, rispettato scienziato e ufologo, che una volta aveva persino parlato alle Nazioni Unite. La domanda è: questo rapporto esiste veramente? Ad Alençon nel 1790 vi è stato un UFO-CRASH? Vallee riferì che l’ufologo Fenoglio gli parlò del rapporto su questa scoperta nel 1967, ma lui stesso non vide il documento originale. E non è chiaro neanche che tipo di ufologo italiano sia e perché non abbia fatto una dichiarazione sul rapporto sensazionale alla stampa. Non si hanno notizie. L’ultima volta che il rapporto compilato da Libeff è stato menzionato è stato nel 2006, ed è stato presumibilmente consegnato ai custodi dell’archivio dell’Accademia delle scienze francese per l’archiviazione speciale. Comunque, si è scoperto che, a parte l’ufologo Fenoglio, nessuna delle altre persone aveva visto questo documento e non poteva confermarne l’esistenza. Tuttavia, in seguito sono apparse informazioni secondo cui presumibilmente questo rapporto non esiste affatto e che tutto è solo una falsificazione. O è stato fatto sparire? Siamo alle solite, bufala (a quale scopo visto che Fenoglio non ha pubblicizzato il caso con la stampa?) oppure occultamento di cose che “è meglio che non si vengono a sapere”?


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Balloons and balls

Balloon — aircraft (balloon), which is used for the flight gas, which is lighter than air.

Balloons - different sizes and shapes size toy, often made of latex. Is inflated with air or other gas. If the gas is lighter than air, the ball gains the ability to fly. The photo looks like a small dot. The colors and the opacity depends on the texture and color of the ball.

Deliberate falsification

This version includes any of falsifying, imitating unexplained phenomena as of: pranks, flash mobs, fake news, spoof of the witnesses, staging, etc.

There are many ways of scrap materials to make something like a Ghost or a flying saucer without using video and photo montage.

A handmade object, made for joke, prank or direct imitation of mystical creatures or events can be mistaken for unexplained not only pictures and videos but in reality.

Also in this section include various pranks and flash mobs, aimed at the simulation of NOF.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

Many sources point to a hoax.

In particular, for example, such a text (in

Fenoglio wrote his article around 1967, so we know that the document allegedly still existed then. [...] A request for the existence of this document was sent to the curator of the archives of the French Academy of Sciences on January 9, 2006. It took some time, but instead of hearing that the report was found, I was told that no such report exists or no link to it was found. Fenoglio seems to have been the only person who has ever seen a report from which it can be concluded that this was another UFO hoax.


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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