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Poltergeist. Russia

ID #1635506446
Added Fri, 29/10/2021
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 
Sverdlovskaya oblast

80-year-old pensioner Anna Galaktionovna Makarova was kicked out of the hut by a raging brownie. For almost a year she lived as if in hell, surrounded by evil spirits who settled in her old log cabin on a quiet Tavdinskaya street.

The notoriety that unprecedented miracles are happening in her flew around the neighborhood quickly. And many friends and even neighbors began to bypass her house. The reporters of the local television and the district newspaper were the first to talk about strange and amazing things. But this only angered either the demon or the demon even more…

At the address written down to me on a piece of newspaper, I find Anna Galaktionovna's dwelling without difficulty. The house has 4 Windows, with a front garden. The old gate to the courtyard is a little askew.

I push the latch – and the gate creaks slowly open.

The yard is small and fairly neglected: cluttered with boards, firewood, randomly stacked in the far corner. At the entrance to the vestibule lies a small red dog and silently looks at me, as if mute.

It seems strange. I don't dare to go in. However, the hostess had already seen me through the window. And, opening the door from the hut into the hall, he shouts:

- Come in, don't be afraid! My dog is not biting!

I bend my head low so as not to touch the jamb in the doorway, but I still hit the top of my head quite painfully. At the entrance to the house, the same thing is repeated.

- Damn it! - I swear to myself.

- Did you hit anything? - the hostess asks sympathetically, looking at me curiously. - You should be more careful. Low in the doorway. Only with a bow in the house and you can go.

Wincing from the pain, I take off my cap, stroke my bald head, try to make a smile.

The old woman's hut was also not particularly clean and cozy. The once-painted floors have been stripped. The walls and ceilings were blackened. Garbage and tree bark lay in a pile by the stove.

The grandmother turned out to be a hospitable and good-natured person. Skinny, short, agile. She willingly invited me into the room, sat me down on a chair. However, as soon as I told her about the purpose of my visit, she immediately waved her hands, and began to speak almost in a whisper, as if afraid that someone would hear us.

- I've been sleeping peacefully for a week now. He doesn't come. And God forbid! And then he tortured me.

"And who is he?" - I ask just as quietly.

- Yes, the fool knows him, - the hostess spreads her hands. – Either a brownie, or some devil is mischievous in my hut. Or maybe the ghost got started. I can't say for sure. He does things that made my hair stand on end at first.

It all started last summer. In the evening I was sitting right here in the room, she pointed with her hand, knitting socks. Suddenly there was something in the kitchen. I thought the cat was climbing. But I look - there is no one. And then I notice how the mug went on the table by itself. At the edge, she stopped abruptly, then, as if jumping up, flew to the floor. I closed my eyes in fear. I think to myself – is it not imagining things? I got up the spirit, went, picked up the mug. It didn't break, it's intact. She put it back on the table. She took another mug. I scooped up some water in the tank and drank it. Maybe I'm wondering if there really is something wrong with my head? She went back into the room. She picked up the yarn again. And then I hear again: bang! I'm going back to the kitchen. No one. The mug in which I left the unfinished water lies broken on the floor in the middle of a puddle.

That's it, nothing else strange happened that evening. Nevertheless, for some reason I immediately realized that there was something unclean here. But she didn't tell her daughters, grandchildren, or neighbors about it. Who would believe it?

"It's been about a week," Grandma continued in a soft voice. – I'm also sitting alone in the evening. And suddenly - again in the kitchen: a hanging cupboard with dishes falls off the wall and flies to the floor. Bang! Well, I think, you never know, the fasteners failed, loosened. However, no, the screws in the wall were sitting tight. The fastenings on the locker are the same. What to do? She climbed onto a stool and hung the wardrobe in its original place. But less than 10 minutes later, he collapsed again with a crash. A chill ran down my spine. I realized: it's definitely an evil spirit! And just that way I thought, how the unimaginable began in the house. A real pogrom. Pots of soup flew from the stove, boxes with spoons and forks flew out of the table. And to top it all off, the refrigerator collapsed flat. I wanted to run away from home, but suddenly decided to say a prayer. Well, let's be baptized, call on God for help. And "he" calmed down.

However, as it turned out, not for long…

Two or three days later, according to Granny, an unknown force descended again. But this time the riot began in a large room, in the upper room. A table and chairs were dropped and the glass in the frame was knocked out with a log. At the same time, the log, along with fragments of glass, flew straight into the street, into the front garden.

I will not hide it, the old woman's story shook even me, a materialist. Because she just couldn't come up with such a thing on the go. Especially in detail. However, my mind also refused to believe in all this fiction. After all, this is Gogol's "Viy" of some kind, it turns out to be a living fairy tale-a horror story!

- Excuse me, Anna Galaktionovna, but are you by any chance addicted to alcohol? - I finally decided on an inconvenient question.

- What are you, a nice person! Yes, I don't need this alcohol for the spirit. You can be sure - I have never suffered from delirium tremens.

- Then how to explain the miracles?

"I don't know myself. But only all this is reality.

I didn't want to leave my grandmother's house without seeing firsthand the miracles. Meanwhile, it was already getting dark outside the window.

- Can't I spend the night at your place, Anna Galaktionovna? I asked after some thought.

The hostess clearly did not expect such a turn of events. However, she did not dissuade.

"I'm not sorry," she said. - Spend the night if you want. But where to sleep? On the floor? On the stove? And I don't have an extra bed. And then, what if he doesn't come? Then we need only in vain.

There was a long pause. I was thinking about my own, Grandma was thinking about her own.

- And when does he come most often?

- Yes, whenever. Sometimes as it charges - so every other day and every day. And sometimes it doesn't happen for a long time. I noticed that in the evening he usually appears closer to dusk. In the morning - at 8-9 o'clock. As if for breakfast and dinner. In the middle of the night, it seems, he never raved.

According to my grandmother, it turned out that there was no sense for me to stay the night. And at that moment I feel: someone under the chair pulled my pant leg. I jerked as if scalded, and at the same moment the chair under me began to fall on its left side, losing its support. I frantically grab the corner of the table so as not to fall. And then I notice how a gray cat flies out from under the chair in fright and runs under the bed.

Having regained my balance, I stand up to my full height. I look – one leg of the chair has fallen into a small square hole in the floor - a cat's hole leading to the golbets.

Yeah, I guessed. Apparently, when the cat got out of hiding, she hooked her claws on my pant leg. I jerked and shifted my chair a little. Since he was standing on the edge with a trapdoor, he landed in the void with one leg.

The hostess also did not immediately understand what was the matter, and was visibly agitated. And then she began to scold her Murka with might and main.

- By the way, how do cats and dogs react to evil spirits, - I asked.

- Yes, it seems nothing. I haven't seen them show concern. Although the dog lives in the yard, I don't let her into the house. But when the log flew out into the yard, she didn't even bark.

The next day, in the morning, I came back to the quiet Tavdinskaya street. But he went to his neighbor Nina Nikolaevna Stepanyuk, who, they say, witnessed miracles.

Nina Nikolaevna turned out to be a woman of faith, devout and not very talkative.

"I've already told it for local TV," she said. - So I can't add anything new. I saw with my own eyes one thing: how, for no reason, all of a sudden, first a pot with a flower fell from the window, and then a locker standing against the wall. Of course, I felt uneasy. Even my head was spinning. Although Anna Galaktionovna warned me. We then put the locker. But he fell again. After that, an object similar to a piece of plywood flew through the air towards the door. I started to cross myself and say a prayer. Anna Gaktionovna, on the contrary, almost swear obscenities. I won't lie: with fear, I don't remember how I ran home. Since then, I have been trying not to go to Anna Galaktionovna yet. It seems to me that her brownie is hooliganizing. She must have angered him in some way. She urgently needs to call a priest and consecrate the house…

I was faced with an almost Shakespearean question: to believe or not to believe? In the end, I decided that the old ladies were still "freaking out." Moreover, in the "spirit of the times". About 2-3 years ago, a whole wave of publications about such mysterious phenomena took place in some newspapers. Then the unknown inhabitants of houses and apartments even had their own name – barabashka.

The stories about the antics of these barabashkas were simply fantastic. They reminded me of what Anna Galaktionovna had told me.

Recently, interest in this topic in the media has noticeably weakened. Although, as we can see, the phenomenon itself has not disappeared and so far no one has given a clear answer, what is the nature of all these things. The so-called anomalists in one of the programs voiced this version: as if there is a strong geomagnetic field in all houses with a barabashka. It can arise due to tectonic processes occurring deep in the earth's crust.

Well, well, let's say that these processes really happen under the house of Grandma Anna. But why in this way?

I left Tavda with a strange feeling. I did not write about the miracles taking place in Anna Galaktionovna's house. The hand did not rise. Nevertheless, from time to time he called local colleagues-journalists and asked if she was all right.

And now I find out that my grandmother has moved out somewhere, the house is empty, locked…

Not so long ago I had a chance to visit Tavda again.

Anna Galaktionovna greeted me as an old acquaintance. Moreover, already at home.

"Yes," she said, "I did move out. She lived with her daughter for almost six months. And what was left to do? My ghost has gone completely berserk. You won't believe it, I even received beatings from him twice!

Having heard this, I ask Anna Galaktionovna to describe everything as it was.

- What is there to describe? - as always, she waves her hand. - I was in the upper room, standing by the window. Suddenly, he hits me with a log on the small of my back. I'm already swearing. And I was scared, and it hurt. So that, I say, you run into an aspen stake! It's also good that the blow was made not with the end of the log, but flat. It's like he threw it at me. But not so much.

Another time I soaked it even harder – I threw a small metal bar at my head. And punched to the blood! And you see, on the floor," Granny pointed to a charred circle on the floorboard. - I dropped a cast iron from a hot stove. Almost caused a fire.

I'm going to him both ways. No, it's useless.

One day my daughter Tanya came. I told her everything the same way. She showed the wound on her head. She says: "Come on, come to us. Out of harm's way. Stay with us for a while. Maybe when you're gone, and he'll get off, get out of an empty house."

I did so. For about six months, she didn't even stick her nose into her hut. And recently I dared. She's back. And-ugh! Ugh! Ugh! - so far everything is fine. Looks like he's gone.

Probably, it would be possible to put an end to this in this story. Because it is impossible to prove whether it is true or false. As they say, believe it or not. It was not possible to record miracles either on a video camera or otherwise. Only one thing confuses - the witnesses. It would be fine if one person proved something. And when there are already several of them?

I didn't want to suspect anyone of collective lies. Although similar facts in this regard have been encountered in my practice. In the autumn of last year, in the notorious village of Molebka in the Perm region, I happened to hear amazing revelations about the allegedly existing anomalous phenomena here from a whole company of men.

So, they seriously assured that all these UFOs were the inventions of local drinkers, among whom, by the way, there are many inventive, talented jokers. It was they who once launched a "duck" through tourists about all sorts of abnormal phenomena. And the fiction worked. Rumors began to spread. Apparently, they soon reached the fans-ufologists. And it started! People poured into the Prayer Hall. This is exactly what the local pranksters wanted. They needed tourists like air. Because thanks to them it was possible to drink and have a snack all year round.

As a result, a whole group was formed in the village, the purpose of which was to fool tourists. I must say, in this case, the locals showed themselves in all their glory. At night, various lights were arranged near tent cities with the help of flashlights, here and there strange pieces of iron were buried in the forest, which were then found by chance and passed off as parts of UFOs. Ufologists from all this only brightened their eyes.

As it turned out, the jokes of a small group turned out to be beneficial to all the worshippers: there was a sale of milk, meat, eggs, potatoes, vegetables… And they actively began to play along with their homegrown adventurers, helping to powder the brains of all visitors, telling them tall tales. So, for economic reasons, the deaf, taiga Prayer Service in a short time became known throughout Russia. She created an image for herself that helped her lure thousands of "adventurers"!

Surprisingly, now that this hoax is already known throughout the district, some "researchers" stubbornly do not want to believe it. Because, apparently, they needed this Prayer Service as much as the locals needed numerous guests.

However, miracles in the house of Anna Galaktionovna are a slightly different case. It is unlikely that you will earn an extra penny on it. That is, there is no economic interest at all. Then what? The desire to be the center of attention? Become famous? No, my grandmother doesn't look like an adventurer.

I wondered if there were similar miracles in some other houses? I decided that the answer to it should be sought where everyone should know about local life – in the Tavda Museum of Local Lore. And I was not mistaken!

Galina Stepanovna Kulikova, an employee of the museum, was not surprised by my short story about Anna Galaktionovna's misfortunes.

"You know," she replied calmly, "we have not only heard about such things. I myself knew a grandmother who could make tables and chairs walk around the house as if they were alive.

Here she is waiting for me, the second series of miracles!

- This grandmother's name was Olga Fedotovna Parfenova. She died 10 years ago in the village of Gerasimovka, when she was 91 or 92 years old. By the way, she wasn't the only one with such magical abilities. There were 3 or 4 old women in the village. I knew Olga Fedotovna quite well, as I was friends with her granddaughter Any, now Lyubov Alexandrovna Loshchenko. Currently, she is the director of a school in Gerasimovka.

Let me remind you: we are talking about the very Gerasimovka, which at one time was glorified throughout the Soviet Union by pioneer Pavlik Morozov.

- By the way, this Gerasimovka, - continues Galina Stepanovna, - has long been considered a "rotten" place, a concentration of dark forces. I say this because I have lived in it for many years.

- Was Olga Fedotovna an evil sorceress?

- It's hard to say. However, one day, together with her granddaughter, she scared us to death. It was like this. I was at Luba's. We did our homework at school. They were sitting on the bed. Suddenly the grandmother came into the room and began to mumble some conspiracies under her nose. And then a miracle happened: one of the chairs moved, and then slowly began to move in our direction. We screamed, jumped up and pressed ourselves against the wall. The chair reached the bed, and then began to climb onto the bed. At that moment we were on the verge of fainting. Apparently, the grandmother noticed this and stopped her magic.

We studied then, probably, in the eighth grade. That is, the girls were rather big.

- And how did grandma manage to move the chairs, did you ask her?

- Yes, they asked. I remember her saying that demons always sit under tables and chairs. And you just need to find an approach to them, know the right words, conspiracies. And then they begin to obey, to execute commands. At the same time, they can move not only tables and chairs, but even walls and destroy stoves.

- When Baba Olya was dying, - Galina Stepanovna finishes her story, - she suffered inhumanly. They say the demons twisted it. At the same time, in order for her spirit to leave unhindered, a hole was specially made in the ceiling above her. And still, for three days, while she was walking away, she struggled as if she was being tortured.

I looked at my new interlocutor with intelligent clear eyes in a different way. After all, she was a young, modern, educated woman. She had more faith. And yet, by inertia, I still continued to repeat my: "It can't be!..".


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