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Chupacabra. Russia

ID #1644335438
Added Tue, 08/02/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Vladimirskaya oblast

On May 16, Tatiana Ivanovna, a resident of Melenok, whose dacha is located on the outskirts of the city, called the editorial office of the local newspaper Chronometer. The reader told about the strange tracks between the beds. The unusual footprints worried the woman very much. Tatiana Ivanovna remembered how two years ago a chupacabra ran around the outskirts of the city.- Maybe she will torment us again? The tracks were a bit like a dog's, but they looked very large–" Tatyana Ivanovna emphasized in a conversation with a Chronometer correspondent.

After listening to the reader, the Chronometer correspondent contacted representatives of the All-Russian organization Kosmopoisk, who study paranormal activity in the Vladimir region. It turned out that almost everyone in Melenki knows about the creature called chupacabra by the inhabitants. For more than 10 years it has been hunting chickens, rabbits and geese.

– The first cases of an attack in the Melenkovsky district were recorded in 2002, - Dmitry SAVVA, a member of the Cosmopoisk-Murom movement, told the Chronometer correspondent on May 20. - Hunters and local residents saw a pack of animals that looked like dogs, only the body structure and habits differed from those of dogs: the creature, like a wolf, sat when listening to the noise. In addition, as in the wolf pack, the pack of these creatures had a leader.

As Dmitry explained, at first the appearance of these creatures did not cause fear among the locals. And then they began to find their pets strangled and drained of blood near their cages in the morning.

To check the information, the Chronometer correspondent phoned the chief hunter of the Melenkovsky district Vasily YUDIN.

– We saw these creatures constantly in different places, - confirmed the chief hunter of the Melenkovsky district Vasily YUDIN. - And rabbits, chickens, geese, piglets became victims, even cats were found! For example, in the village of Ilkino, 30 chickens were strangled in one night! The affected herders described the animal in approximately the same way – the size of a shepherd dog, gray or black skin, shortened front paws and strong musculature. Only it was not possible to catch or take a good look at the animal. There were different assumptions about who could have done it. They say that wolves, martens, and even hyenas are capable of this…

Terrified people nicknamed the animal "chupacabra", by analogy with the creature that allegedly operated in Puerto Rico in the 50s of the XX century. Then they found several dead goats, whose blood had been sucked out.

In the Melenkovsky district, in order to protect their cattle from the attacks of "bloodsuckers", people erected high fences and strengthened cages for animals. Only precautions proved futile: animals continued to be found near their cages lifeless.

- The victims of the so-called Chupacabra repeated with one voice: the creature appeared in the dead of night, around 3-4 hours, pulled the animals out of their cages and killed them. At the same time, it did not eat victims," Dmitry SAVVA recalled. - The creature was just killing livestock. Such habits are not peculiar to any predator.


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