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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

Yeti. United States

ID #1665435790
Added Tue, 11/10/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
United States

A man from the USA claims to be friends with the elusive bigfoot, and the couple even gives each other gifts.

Many people over the years have claimed to have seen a bigfoot in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest of America, but Casey Dostert, who lives further east, in the wooded area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, claims to exchange gifts with a man-beast.

In a secluded place, which Casey calls a "Gift Stone", he leaves small products, such as bagels, for the creature, and in return finds simple crafts left there.

In some videos, the glowing eyes of the creature can be seen looking at Casey from the forest, waiting for him to leave.

Casey has been recording her mysterious encounters on her TikTok channel for about two years, collecting thousands and sometimes millions of views.

Many commentators are skeptical of Casey's discoveries, pointing out that the "glowing eyes" of the creature never move or even blink. There is an assumption that either Casey is hanging reflective stickers on trees, or someone is playing him.

Considering that Casey carries a licensed firearm with her whenever she goes into the woods, acting like a wild animal in the dark may seem an unusually risky move.

Original news

A man in the US is claiming to be big pals with the elusive Bigfoot and the pair even get each other gifts.

Many people over the years have claimed to have seen Bigfoot in the wilds of America’s pacific north west, but Casey Dostert – who lives further east in Michigan’s wooded Upper Peninsula area – claims to be exchanging presents with the man-beast.

At a secluded spot that Casey calls “The Gifting Rock,” he leaves small food items, such as bagels for the creature, and finds simple handicrafts left there in return.

In some clips, the creature’s glowing eyes can be seen peering out at Casey from the woods, waiting for him to leave.

In others, he records the mournful call of some creature of the woods, which Casey believes is the song of the Sasquatch.

Casey has been recording his mysterious encounters on his TikTok channel for around two years, racking up thousands and sometimes millions of views.

Many commenters are sceptical of Casey’s discoveries, pointing out that the creature’s “glowing eyes” never appear to move or even blink. There’s a suggestion that either Casey is planting reflective stickers in the trees, or that he’ being pranked by somebody who is.

Given that Casey carries his licensed firearm whenever he ventures out into the woods, acting like a wild animal in the dark would seem like an uncommonly risky move.

Alongside his ”friendship” with the legendary forest creature, Casey also visits a spooky abandoned farm that he says was the scene of “some bad stuff” in the 1970s – where a tyre swing moves despite a complete lack of wind, as if some phantom child is still waiting there.


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Famous creatures

There are a huge number of different living organisms on our planet. According to recent estimates, the number of species of organisms on our planet is approximately 7-10 million. However, only 15% of the data are described today.

According to the calculations of Canadians, 2.2 million species live in the world's oceans, 6.5 million on land. There are only about 7.8 million species of animals on the planet, 611 thousand fungi, and 300 thousand plants.

Deliberate falsification

This version includes any of falsifying, imitating unexplained phenomena as of: pranks, flash mobs, fake news, spoof of the witnesses, staging, etc.

There are many ways of scrap materials to make something like a Ghost or a flying saucer without using video and photo montage.

A handmade object, made for joke, prank or direct imitation of mystical creatures or events can be mistaken for unexplained not only pictures and videos but in reality.

Also in this section include various pranks and flash mobs, aimed at the simulation of NOF.


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