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UFO. Netherlands

ID #1684139222
Added Mon, 15/05/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
14.05.2023 04:28

An eyewitness from the city of Raalte writes:

It spontaneously slowly becomes visible, and then incredibly bright light. And then you can see it for another 2 seconds, and then it disappeared again. What is it then? I'd like to know that too.

Original news

Van bol na onwijs groot iets

RAALTE, OV — Het komt spontaan langzaam zichtbaar, en dan onwijs fel licht. En daarna nog 2 seconden te zien en dan is het weer weg. Ja wat is het dan?. Dat zal ik ook graag willen weten. Uiteraard staat het op een filmpje het filmpje is nogal lang. Moet een stuk eraf knippen. Heb helaas nog geen idee hoe. Maar het begint bij 7 minuten en 37 seconden.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence


Meteor, "shooting star" is a phenomenon that occurs when small meteor bodies (for example, fragments of comets or asteroids) burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. A similar phenomenon of greater intensity (brighter than magnitude -4) it's called a fireball.


Rocket launches (from

  • Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA) Vehicle: Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) Payload: Starlink v1.5 G5-9-1 (Starlink 5775) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-2 (Starlink 5716) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-3 (Starlink 5763) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-4 (Starlink 5340) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-5 (Starlink 5333) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-6 (Starlink 5335) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-7 (Starlink 5334) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-8 (Starlink 5339) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-9 (Starlink 5351) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-10 (Starlink 5349) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-11 (Starlink 5329) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-12 (Starlink 5343) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-13 (Starlink 5348) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-14 (Starlink 5342) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-15 (Starlink 5345) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-16 (Starlink 5346) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-17 (Starlink 6313) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-18 (Starlink 6344) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-19 (Starlink 6333) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-20 (Starlink 6327) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-21 (Starlink 6328) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-22 (Starlink 6323) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-23 (Starlink 6329 Starlink v1.5 G5-9-24 (Starlink 6317) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-25 (Starlink 6335) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-26 (Starlink 6337) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-27 (Starlink 6307) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-28 (Starlink 6318) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-29 (Starlink 6280) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-30 (Starlink 6319) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-31 (Starlink 6310) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-32 (Starlink 6308) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-33 (Starlink 6309) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-34 (Starlink 6312) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-35 (Starlink 6311) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-36 (Starlink 6314) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-37 (Starlink 6135) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-38 (Starlink 6136) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-39 (Starlink 6249) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-40 (Starlink 6266) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-41 (Starlink 6228) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-42 (Starlink 6226) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-43 (Starlink 6086) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-44 (Starlink 6187) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-45 (Starlink 6291) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-46 (Starlink 6244) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-47 (Starlink 6263) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-48 (Starlink 6255) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-49 (Starlink 6199) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-50 (Starlink 5802) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-51 (Starlink 6074) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-52 (Starlink 6295) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-53 (Starlink 6252) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-54 (Starlink 5302) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-55 (Starlink 6265) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-56 (Starlink 6286) Starlink v1.5 G5-9-1, ..., G5-9-56


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

The object described by the eyewitness appears on the video at 0:26 in the upper left corner. Based on the appearance, it may be a meteorite (a phenomenon that occurs when meteoric bodies burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. Weak meteors are called shooting stars, whereas a similar phenomenon of high intensity is called a fireball.).


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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