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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

UFO. Russia

ID #1686241121
Added Thu, 08/06/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 

Randomly, eyewitnesses managed to shoot a flying object flying at high speed.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Beetles and other insects

Flying insects in photos and videos can be mistaken for UFOs.

Shooting can take place in the daytime or in the evening. When moving, the outlines of the insect can be both blurred and clear. Depending on this, dark spots or spots of bizarre shapes can be taken for UFOs. The video shows UFOs hovering in the sky, flying in a straight line or moving along a complex trajectory (for example, shooting May bugs near a tree against the background of the evening sky). Insects can be mistaken for UFOs by accident, or given out intentionally. At night, they can be highlighted by a flash.


Photo editing began to be used almost immediately after the advent of photography techniques. They were divided into methods of photomontage without manipulation of the image after receiving the photo and retouching of the photo itself or its negative (plate, film, etc.)

Debris picked up by the wind

For UFOs often take empty plastic bags, bags from waste paper, Newspapers and other debris picked up by the wind. These objects can travel at different speeds, in different shades and shapes. Sometimes has a similarity with balloons and similar objects running man.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Objects in motion, captured on a long exposure

Most often this artifact is called skayfish if the lens gets a passing bird or insect. It is based on the discrepancy between the speed of the video and the frequency of the flapping of insect wings. Essentially, each video drops a few strokes of the wings of an insect, which when viewed looks like "arrow", provided with long protuberances. The motion of the insect by its translucent body seems to "boom" and vibration of the wings give the appearance of bumps.

Deliberate falsification

This version includes any falsifications that imitate unexplained phenomena both from the outside: practical jokes, flash mobs, fake news, witness fraud, staging, etc.

There are many ways to make something similar to a ghost or a flying saucer from improvised materials, without using video and photomontage.

Many homemade things made for the sake of a joke, a practical joke or a direct imitation of a mystical being or event can be taken as unexplained not only in photos and videos, but also in reality.


Due to the peculiarities of the bird's flight, it is possible to capture a moment in the photo when an ordinary bird will resemble a "classic" UFO in shape.

Take pictures and video from the screen

Most often this method is used to hide the detail, allowing to identify a fake, because of the fear of lost a significant part of fine detail, distorted image, etc.

However, it may be a special case of the use of frames from films, broadcasts etc. for fraud.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

When receiving the video (linked to the article), no additional data was specified. According to the frame and description, we managed to find the following links with this video:

  1. Video by Alexey Leibman (9 months ago, i.e. around August 2022) -
  2. Randomly it turned out to shoot a flying object flying at high speed (9 months ago, i.e. around August 2022) -
  3. Randomly it turned out to shoot a flying object flying at high speed (2022-12-02T13:10:16+00:00 in the publication code) -
  4. Randomly it turned out to shoot a flying object flying at high speed (2022-08-20 in the publication code) -

Thus, the earliest publication date can be considered August 20, 2022. We have not found the exact date. Also, we could not find the shooting location by the places of publication, video titles and comments (you can specify Russia because of the Russian text of the title of an early publication). At this stage, we cannot find witnesses, the author of the video, find out the reason and circumstances of the shooting and other details.

In all publications, sound is superimposed on top, so it is impossible to understand from conversations where the shooting is taking place. The published videos have a quality of 480p (resolution 640x480 pixels), and that makes it impossible to see the details that allow you to identify the shooting location. This is also hindered by the fact that the video is not the original shooting, but was taken from the monitor (the characteristic ribbing of the picture is visible). The video itself contains two fragments played at different speeds, while there is no original playback speed. When compared with the movements of people and water, the object moved very fast.

For such a picture, you can come up with quite a lot of explanatory versions (it is most likely that this is an insect flying quickly in front of the camera, but there may be a bird, garbage, editing, etc.), but it is impossible to confirm or refute these versions with a video of this quality, and even more so it is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion.

It is necessary to find the original video for further analysis.


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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