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Chronorally. Uzbekistan

ID #1707755833
Added Mon, 12/02/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
26.07.1978 20:55
кишлак Кара-Бау в 7 км от Ангрена

The eyewitnesses are employees of the television center.

From 1973 to 1978. He spent annual vacations in the Uzbek SSR (in May, June, August, September and in 1978 in Ikla)• mostly rested in the mountains of the Garvan reservoir - on the western islands of the Gatkal range, one of the ranges of the western Tien Shan.

In July 1978, he spent time on the Gimgan-Gatkalsky ridge. 10 days after that on Issyk-kul; returning back to Tashkent, I decided to spend the rest of the week in the Angren mountains. The city of Angren is located 100 km from Tashkent. From Angren we reached the village of Kara-bau (6-7 km), which is located at the beginning of the gorge. We made our way along the mountain road, walked 10 kilometers to the waterfall, after which we began to climb higher along a barely noticeable path along the picturesquely located walnut grove known to us. Without knowing where the trail runs, it is difficult to get to the grove. Having set up a tent in the grove, we were there from July 24 to July 29. In the evenings, when the scorching sun was hiding, from (19-30 to 21-30 local time), we were located on a towering rock boulder, from where the panorama of the gorge opened. It was quite possible to read until 21-15, after it was already getting dark and for 10 minutes. It was getting dark. Then the stars in the sky began to glow above us.

After admiring the starry sky, we walked back to the tent. Moreover, the mountain ranges had a clear dividing line with the sky, only they were completely black.

On July 26, a friend of Noah's drew attention, tearing me away from the book, and said: "Look, it's still so bright, and in front of us there is such a bright white star, very large." The time was 20-55.

I didn't pay attention and continued reading. After 5 minutes. My friend interrupted me again and said, "Look, she's moving, now she's lower and to the right." We decided that everyone observes independently without comments, and after observing, we will exchange our results, what we saw and make up our opinion, what is unusual for us here.

This star seemed to move in leaps and bounds. Every 10 minutes or so. Jump, and hang motionless until the next jump.

But we couldn't catch the trajectory itself with our eyes: it hangs in one place, after a while, once - and already lower and to the right. This is the movement of our eyes by 10-15 degrees from eye level in 1.5 - 2 km.

The decline of the star continued until 21-30, it went to the depression of the ridge, or rather the saddle. It was already dark, and hovering over her, she slowly went straight down, having a clear outline of a certain figure.

I want to add to the above that before dusk, before 21-00, it was the only star in a clear sky, before other stars became visible. We didn't see anything like this on the 24th or 26th.

On July 27, from the same place, we observed how at 20-50 in the sky in the same place, as if suddenly, this "star" flashed and began to do the same thing as described above and went in the same direction already at 21-33.

When it was no longer visible, we moved to the tent, after 1-2 minutes we heard the hum of a jet plane going to this saddle. According to the sound, it seemed to us that two planes were coming and converging, the sound began to sharply separate in two directions. We heard the sound for a few seconds, then everything went quiet. We didn't see any planes, it was dark, only the starry sky. The moon did not appear until after one o'clock in the morning.

On July 28, the "star" appeared at 20-47 in the same area of the sky, and flashed like a light bulb, and went in the same direction at 21-36. We also heard the hum of a jet plane, as well as on the 27th, we did not hear the hum on the 26th. On the 28th, returning to the tent, and in such darkness, in order to find it faster, we left the fire burning in the hearth, we also added wood, because we wanted to sit by the campfire longer - it was my last day in the mountains, we wanted to sit by the campfire and wait for the moon to rise.

But about 24 hours I somehow felt creepy, I had a feeling that someone was watching us (not for the first time in the mountains, this has not happened to me).

I did not tell my friend about my feelings, but suggested not waiting for the moon and going to bed, to which he immediately agreed.

The strangest thing happened afterwards. We fell asleep immediately, after 30 minutes. (I looked at my watch at that time), we woke up at the same time, because we heard heavy footsteps around the tent; a friend looked out - a fire was burning, but there was no one, everything was quiet.

Then we exchanged who could be, but the desire to leave the tent and look around was not even in our thoughts, the unaccountable fear disappeared and we immediately fell asleep again.

When we woke up in the morning, we did not remember this night incident, because we were thinking how to get to the hangar faster, and we remembered about the night incident when we arrived in Tashkent. I left on July 30th, and on August 2nd I howled in Moscow. On August 2, I went to work on the night shift, met with colleagues - I was elated, excited, practically did not work, we went to bed at 2-30 at night. I lay down on chairs in a room with a colleague, he is on one wall, I am on the opposite.

The room was completely empty, it was freed from the equipment, the door was closed, but not tightly, there was a gap through which electric light from the control room penetrated. The lights went out in the room.

Waking up after a while, I got up from the chairs and walked to the center of the room. Walking to the exit, he stopped dead in his tracks. Suddenly I found myself back in the mountains by the tent, the feeling of reality is so amazing that I couldn't even resist exclaiming. Then, without leaving his place, he began to turn around and saw everything as if in reality - mountains, stars, night - very clearly.

Somehow I decided to calm down, collect my thoughts, and I thought that this could not be, how could I find myself back in the mountains. My thoughts were suddenly distracted by the thought: "I wonder why we have a bright light in our tent, because neither a lantern nor a candle was beating in our mountains, but besides, clear voices were heard there, someone was talking to someone.

I take a few more steps, pushing open the door, cross the threshold and get into the control room at work. It's empty. I look back once more into the room I came out of; everything is in place, a colleague is sleeping against the wall. I wondered if I was going crazy, but to be honest, my brain somehow calmly responded to this story, did not panic.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

The heavenly bodies

The brightest heavenly bodies in the sky are Venus, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars and, of course, the Moon.

Venus is the bright yellow of the evening or morning star, shining in the sky on the background of evening or dawn. Maximum brightness of Venus can reach up to 4.3 m, and she is the third brightness of the sun in earth's sky after the sun and the moon. It so well reflects the light of the Sun that it is relatively easy to see and day, especially if you know the location. It manifests itself in the form of tiny blinking white dots.

Airplane / Helicopter

An aircraft heavier than air for flights in the atmosphere (and outer space (e.g. An orbital aircraft)), using the aerodynamic lift of a glider to keep itself in the air (when flying within the atmosphere) and the thrust of a power (propulsion) installation for maneuvering and compensating for the loss of total mechanical energy to drag. 

A rotorcraft in which the lift and thrust required for flight are created by one or more main rotors powered by an engine or several engines. They differ in maneuverability, the ability to hover and almost vertical takeoff.

The state of sleep and dreams

Sleep is a natural physiological process of stay in a condition with minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction to the world around us.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials
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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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