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UFO. Russia

ID #1712058536
Added Tue, 02/04/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
23.08.1978 02:30
ул. Пришвина
Moskovskaya oblast

Geological Department of the Central regions, Central Laboratory. By Lidiya Nikolaevna Tushina (geophysicist engineer).

August 23, 1978, at 2:30 a.m. I observed a strange body in the sky. I will describe everything in detail.

Well, first of all, why couldn't I sleep at that time. My husband works as a bus driver. I didn't come home to spend the night that day. Naturally, I was very worried, I didn't sleep for a long time, and then I dozed off. Mukh returned home at half past two in the morning. You know, I looked at my watch, so I can vouch for the time. While I was opening the door for him, while we exchanged a few phrases, five minutes passed. He went to wash his face, I went to the kitchen. I remember climbing into the refrigerator, putting a pan on the burner and turning to the window. Our windows are not curtained. We live on the 7th floor in a new apartment. We used to live on the 1st floor, we didn't see the sky. There is a lot of sky here, the view from our windows is extensive, you can see far away (the ring road is visible), and most importantly, a large section of the sky is visible. And somehow you always involuntarily look at the sky.

So at this moment I looked at the sky and actually, I was probably stunned. I couldn't immediately figure out what struck me. It's not even that I saw a ball floating across the sky, but some kind of strong illumination of the sky in front of my eyes.

That is, of course, I saw the ball cut off. But the first moment is a strong illumination.

I called my husband, said: "Val! Go look, something is floating in the sky."

He grumbled because he was tired (his bus broke down, so he came late), said something about a satellite, but went to the window and gasped, because the sight is really stunning. 

Our windows face north. I can't say for sure, but the sun is setting now at an angle of about 150 degrees to our windows (In general, of course, my eyesight is very bad). Opposite, in front of the windows, there is a large wasteland not yet built up by a house, and then Prishvina Street, behind the houses of which we can no longer see anything from the height of our windows. There are two neighborhoods wrong to the Ring Road and a small forest. I'm doing everything in order to somehow show the distance and direction of the object in question.

In general, of course, it would be better if one of you with a good glozmer visited us, because I'm just afraid to give inaccurate information about distance and altitude.

Well, a ball of yellow color, not saturated, but yellow, floated slowly across a very dark sky. It looks like the moon, sometimes it hangs in the sky like a yellow ball (Not an orange large ball, as it hung a week ago, but a yellow ball). There was no light in front of him, nothing was being cast, also only the dark sky, but behind!

Or rather, its left half, it is not even visible, it all turned into a bright light. It is very difficult to describe it. Well, like the headlight that shines in front, and this is behind. Only the light at the headlight diverges at an acute angle between straight lines, but here the light diverged in an oval and it illuminated some kind of nebula. I still see the ball in front of my eyes, but this nebula is certainly more difficult to describe.

Well, what can I compare it with? Well, here's the track after the plane. Only this is a huge pear-shaped, some more saturated mass floated behind the ball. I say the ball because it was small compared to this nebula. I keep thinking about what to compare it with. With a cone of about 17-18 cm. The ball was floating from left to right. Of course, I didn't see where he came from. I saw him at the moment when he was in front of my eyes, a little to the left of the direct direction of the eyes. So he was flying from west To east, at the height of a low-flying plane. Of course, it is important to specify the height, but I do not know how. I can only say the following.

Opposite us, on Prishvina Street, a 16-storey building is being built, it is almost finished and here is the crane that builds it, its height, the highest point of its boom, that's probably the height of the flying object. Where he was flying, his distance from us, of course, is also difficult to determine. It seemed that he was flying over the houses, but this, of course, is not the case. It was something in the area of the Ring Line, or maybe further, but still not further, otherwise we would not have seen. The balloon flew from left to right, then turned north, or rather north-northeast. In general, he maintained (as it seemed from our windows) the direction of the streets opposite, he turned in the direction of Muranovskaya St. and walked slowly behind the houses.

It seemed that he was setting down, but he just disappeared over the horizon. For ness, the horizon is at home. The ball disappeared on the right side of Muranovskaya St. The whole nebula was also moving behind the ball.Only some light part of it flowed away when turning in our direction, and everything else was so dense and luminous clearly moving behind the ball. And then, when the balloon disappeared, there was such a reddish illumination on the horizon for a long time. Well, when the Sun goes down into the clouds.

The lighting was round, as if when a lamp casts light on the ceiling, there is a dark spot in the middle, and a yellow round spot around, so here, only here it is reddish.

Actually, it's a terrible impression. Night, no sun, and suddenly for a very long time such an almost sunny sunset. But not so bright, of course, but still. Brighter at first, and then paler, paler.

Yes, the ball disappeared from the eyes at five minutes to three (2 hours 55 minutes) They also looked at the clock. I stood by the window until half past three, then I lay down. The sky was dark that night, only occasionally the stars shone, somehow dimly. The Big dipper was almost overhead, a little to the left of our windows. In general, when the balloon flew away, the darkness of the sky was somehow startled by contrast. So this ball, or rather, what was behind it, illuminated that part of the sky very much.

About ten minutes after four, I went back to the window. The whole horizon was already clear, the whole sky lightened a little and the whole northeast was slightly illuminated with a slightly pinkish light, but this was from the sun, and above our wasteland very high, there were such silvery clouds in the clear sky 'very elongated' like this.

Of course, it was difficult to fall asleep after that. We went over everything about this facility; from jokes that the Chinese attacked (I even sniffed the air), to the serious that some kind of military facility might be. We thought that this could not be. And, of course, UFOs. It was hard not to remember them, because, to be honest, the impression was still that we were being surveilled. We also thought that there might be a ball lightning. But lightning, it seems to me, is something light, subject to the movement of the air. And this ball was flying too much in a directional way, parallel to the ground, so its turn is so clear.

About the noise. At first it seemed to us that it was making noise. Even the husband said, "Oh! Yes, it also makes noise." But when we opened the window, the noise was coming from ground transport. A bus passed along the Altufyevsky highway, something also passed on Muranovskaya, and the noise at night is getting louder, so it seems to him that the balloon was not making noise.

That's probably all. The drawings I drew are terrible, but at least the location of his movement.

It would be better, of course, to come and see the area.

Also, when I looked at the ball, a comparison came up. As a satellite, they draw a ball with antennas extending from behind. So, if you draw a line around these rays, then it will probably resemble a ball.

Maybe I'm writing nonsense, but it all came to mind when I looked at him.

On August 23, at 2:30 a.m. I saw a glowing ball in the sky, flying from west to east. A bright, bluish glow in the shape of a pear emanated from the ball, right behind it. The ball turned to the northeast and disappeared over the horizon, and the glow remained in the sky for a while. Then the glow disappeared, and a bright orange cloud remained in the sky. The sky was dark that night. The cloud remained in the sky for about an hour. The balloon disappeared over the horizon at 2:55 a.m.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Booster, the rocket and tracks

For UFOs often take stages of rockets, parts of space ships burning in the atmosphere, the launches of various missile technology for military purposes, etc., and traces from them. They attract attention mostly in the dark, but in the day time have a greater aura of mystery.

Formation of the track of the launch vehicle occurs in the tropopause (the layer between the troposphere and stratosphere), which sharply reduced the vertical temperature gradient. The emergence of the so-called "jellyfish" influenced by water vapor, which are subject to enhanced condensation.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials
Not enough information


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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