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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

UFO. Russia

ID #1715248624
Added Thu, 09/05/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
02.12.1983 22:00
Белгород, Октябрьский
Belgorodskaya oblast

About 22-00 (=\- 1 minutes), from the territory of Belgorod airport at azimuth 1 (about 110 degrees) At an altitude of about 7.9 degrees above the horizon, a reddish ball suddenly flashed. The moment of the flash is similar to the flash of a red rocket fired from a rocket launcher. The balloon began to descend smoothly towards the horizon, like an airplane coming in for landing. Behind him stretched a reddish conical, apparently smoky trail, at a distance of 2-3 diameters. Flames flickered on the surface of the ball, but inside it looked like it was solid. He covered the entire visible distance in 8-10 seconds. I estimated the diameter of the ball at 1\3-1\4 of the diameter of the moon's disk at the full moon at the zenith.\I didn't hear any acoustic phenomena.

The second guard informed me that when approaching the horizon (and at that moment the object was covered by a building), 2 small fragments separated from the ball and went ahead of it on the sides.

In addition, 2 jet planes were heard in the sky. I saw one light, but not the other.

The guard, who observed the object with an unprotected eye, as well as the head of the guard, who went out to check the posts and saw the object for about half an hour, had a sore eye. I was watching through a double window - there was nothing like that.

Perhaps the cut was from the frost, or perhaps the object was to blame (its bright glow). The guard said that the ball was so bright that it blinded the eyes. Dozens of people saw the balloon's flight in Belgorod.

In the area of the village. Oktyabrsky, according to eyewitnesses, around 21-45, i.e. before the flight of the balloon, in the direction of Kharkov, from west to east, a group of small-diameter balloons crossed the sky, maintaining a certain formation. It seemed that they were walking parallel to the earth's surface. There was no sound. After the sound of rockets and planes without lights.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence


This category includes not only pyrotechnic projectiles visible in the sky, but also traces of exploded projectiles, their fragments and other similar activities. 

Pyrotechnics is a branch of technology related to the technology of preparing combustible compounds and burning them to obtain a certain signal or effect.

Divided into:

Booster, the rocket and tracks

For UFOs often take stages of rockets, parts of space ships burning in the atmosphere, the launches of various missile technology for military purposes, etc., and traces from them. They attract attention mostly in the dark, but in the day time have a greater aura of mystery.

Formation of the track of the launch vehicle occurs in the tropopause (the layer between the troposphere and stratosphere), which sharply reduced the vertical temperature gradient. The emergence of the so-called "jellyfish" influenced by water vapor, which are subject to enhanced condensation.

Airplane / Helicopter

An aircraft heavier than air for flights in the atmosphere (and outer space (e.g. An orbital aircraft)), using the aerodynamic lift of a glider to keep itself in the air (when flying within the atmosphere) and the thrust of a power (propulsion) installation for maneuvering and compensating for the loss of total mechanical energy to drag. 

A rotorcraft in which the lift and thrust required for flight are created by one or more main rotors powered by an engine or several engines. They differ in maneuverability, the ability to hover and almost vertical takeoff.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials
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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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