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House of Dracula


Added Sun, 19/12/2021
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House of Dracula

"House of Dracula" (English: "House of Dracula"– is a horror film from the Classic Universal Studio series. The film is a sequel to three cycles at once: about Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster. At the same time, the storylines of the cycles converge in it and find their logical conclusion: Dracula and Frankenstein's monster die, Lawrence Talbot is healed.

A bat arrives at Dr. Edelman's castle, which turns into a stranger in a black tailcoat. The stranger looks with lust at the peacefully sleeping beauty - Miss Melissa Morrell. Then he goes to the owner of the castle and introduces himself as Baron Latos ("Baron Latos"). Latos asks the owner to let him into the basement of the castle. On the way, the baron starts a conversation with the doctor about vampires. In the basement, he shows Edelman the coffin with the Dracula coat of arms and confesses that he is Count Dracula. The count asks the doctor to cure him of vampirism. In the name of the interests of science, the doctor agrees.

In the morning, the doctor offers one of his assistants, Nina the hunchback, to prepare Dracula's blood for research. In the microscope, Edelman sees a strange picture: there are strange parasites in Dracula's blood around red blood cells.

In the evening, Dracula wakes up and comes to the doctor, where he meets Miss Morrell. The doctor suggests creating an antitoxin to destroy the parasites in the vampire's blood. The count is being given a blood transfusion. At this time, Lawrence Talbot comes to the castle, who also hopes for the doctor's help. However, after learning that the doctor is busy, Talbot runs away. He goes straight to the police station and demands to be locked in a cell. The inspector invites the doctor there. Talbot asks the doctor to help him. The full moon comes, Lawrence transforms and tries to attack those present, but the bars of the camera prevent this.

Talbot comes to the doctor in the morning. He finds the cause of the disease and suggests a treatment plan based on the use of essence from the spores of an exotic plant. It will take time to collect the essence, and before that, Edelman suggests that Talbot be under police guard. However, Lawrence is unhappy with this and tries to commit suicide by throwing himself off a cliff into the sea.

In the hope that Talbot did not die, the doctor goes down at night on a special device to inspect the coastal grottoes. Lawrence is really there; he pounces on the doctor, but does not kill, in despair at what is happening. Edelman convinces Talbot that he can help him. While wandering around the grotto, they stumble upon the unconscious Frankenstein monster, and also find out that you can go from the grotto to the castle.

The doctor takes the monster to the castle and at first thinks to revive it, but then changes the plan. At night, Dracula comes to the castle and tries to take control of Melissa's consciousness. She is temporarily saved by a cross around her neck, but in the end Dracula forces Melissa to leave the castle with him. This is seen by Nina, who informs Edelman about it. The doctor finds the count in the garden and offers to immediately make a new blood transfusion. During the transfusion, the doctor loses consciousness, after which the count puts Nina to sleep and changes the direction of blood flow – as a result, vampire blood enters the doctor's body.

While the doctor is unconscious, Dracula tries to get to Melissa again. However, Edelman manages to wake up and expels the vampire with the help of a crucifix. Talbot also comes to the doctor's aid. As morning approaches, the count hides in his coffin. During sunrise, the doctor opens the coffin, and Dracula's body decays. However, there are changes with the doctor himself: the cat is afraid of him, his reflection in the mirror disappears. Dracula invades the doctor's mind and demands to revive Frankenstein's monster.

The distraught doctor tries to put his plan into execution. However, his bright side still exists and temporarily prevails. Edelman wants to operate on Nina, with whom he is secretly in love, but Nina persuades the doctor to operate on Mr. Talbot first.

The operation is successful, but at night the next stage of the transformation of the doctor into a vampire takes place. Edelman goes to town with a coachman and kills him on the way. The townspeople organize a raid on the doctor, from which he takes refuge in his castle. Talbot sees his strange behavior. The police come to the castle, but Lawrence is suspected of murder. The same one, although he suspects the doctor, is silent. Then he talks to Edelman and offers him his help. The doctor asks Talbot not to do anything until he has operated on Nina, and after that he allows himself to be killed.

The brother of the murdered coachman finds Edelman's medical badge on the corpse and incites the townspeople to attack the doctor's castle. At this time, the full moon comes, and Talbot decides to check if the operation helped him. Indeed, the full moon has no effect on him. Meanwhile, Edelman is experimenting with the body of Frankenstein's monster. Nina tries to stop the doctor, but he kills her. At this moment, the police come, but the revived monster easily scatters the guards. Talbot has to kill the doctor with a pistol shot. During Lawrence's fight with the monster, the castle catches fire, and the doctor's body remains on fire along with the monster he revived. Talbot and Melissa leave the castle.

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

Count Dracula acts as the main vampire in the film. In accordance with classical ideas, he moves at night and is afraid of daylight. During the day, Dracula sleeps in a coffin filled with earth from his homeland. He is able to turn into a bat and can enter the house without the invitation of his owners.

Dracula can hypnotize people. One of the victims under hypnosis plays a melody on the piano, "born in the world of Dracula." At the same time, the woman sees "the dead who live." The vision passes when the victim touches the crucifix on his neck. Dracula is afraid of the cross, but can force a person to remove it from his body.

A single ray of daylight kills Dracula, turning him into a skeleton. Immediately after that, the vampire's influence on people disappears, and the victim hypnotized by him comes to his senses.

A parasite is found in Dracula's blood, which makes him a vampire. A person infected with this parasite during a blood transfusion becomes a vampire himself. His appearance changes: there are bruises under his eyes, his skin turns pale, his hairstyle becomes disheveled. Over time, he ceases to be reflected in the mirror. The infected person periodically wakes up and behaves reasonably, but soon loses control of himself again and attacks people, tearing their throats. He is killed by a shot from an ordinary pistol.

The film shows that cats are afraid of vampires (both Dracula himself and the person infected with him) and run away as soon as they see them.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

As in the previous films, Lawrence Talbot turns into a humanoid wolf on a full moon. The reason for the werewolf is determined by the doctor as a result of the examination of Talbot using X-rays:

Research has shown that certain parts of your brain are under pressure, as it were. There is also the conviction that you are influenced by the moon. Hence the result: at the moment when your consciousness undergoes self-hypnosis, the main glands get out of control. It's like a ship without a steering wheel: the glands begin to produce excessive amounts of hormones, and as a result, your physiology is transformed.

To get rid of the curse, the doctor suggests easing the pressure on the brain by softening the patient's skull with a special composition made from mold, which is secreted by the tropical plant Clavaria Formosa. The treatment works, and already in the next full moon Talbot does not undergo transformation and remains himself.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The phenomenon of the living dead in the film is represented by Frankenstein's monster. His body is found in a grotto, on the seashore. He turns out to be alive (according to the scientist, he cannot be killed) and even breathes and moves his fingers, but is significantly weakened. The doctor restores his strength with an electric current by connecting wires to electrodes on the neck of the monster. At the end of the movie, the monster dies in a fire.

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