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The Wolf Man


Added Sun, 19/08/2018
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The Wolf Man

"The Wolf Man" (orig. "The Wolf Man") is a classic horror film that defined a number of fundamental features of the genre and had a great influence on the images of werewolves in subsequent films. One of the many horror films created by Universal Pictures and subsequently became classics.

This film had no direct literary source. The screenwriter was inspired by fairy tales and legends about werewolves, bringing his own vivid details.

Thanks to the success of the film and the love of the audience for it, this image of a werewolf has been fixed in people's ideas for a long time. There is still no influence on the werewolf of the full moon in it (although there is a line in the poem "when the moon is full and bright"). Subsequent films in the series add this detail.

It's interesting 

"The Wolf Man" (orig. "The Wolf Man" (1941) is a popular film that defined a number of fundamental features of the genre and had a great influence on the depictions of werewolves in subsequent films

After an 18-year absence, Larry Talbot returns to Wales to the castle of his grandparents. In an antique shop, he meets a girl named Gwen, who sells him a silver cane with a knob in the shape of a wolf's head and reads him a poem according to which everyone who is pure in heart and soul and selflessly reads a spell in the evening can revive the heart of a wolf only when the "wolf flower" blooms.

It all seems funny to Larry, but he still invites the girl for a walk, to which she is with her girlfriend Jenny. They come across a gypsy named Bela, the son of an old gypsy. He predicts an unhappy future for Jenny. The girl runs away in fear, and a wolf attacks her in the forest. Larry comes to the rescue and kills the wolf, but first he bites.

When Larry wakes up, he sees in front of him not a dead wolf, but a dead man. Soon he finds himself in the forest - already as a werewolf. After Gwen becomes his victim, he is killed by his father with a silver cane. Before his eyes, Larry turns into a human. The police assume that Larry died in a fight with a wolf that attacked Gwen.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

In the film there are two werewolves: the Gypsy Bela and bitten them Larry. They both turn at night and attack people. If Roma turns into a full wolf (more like a shepherd), then Larry just overgrown with hair and loses his mind, keeping the anthropomorphic body.

A werewolf is a person who survived being bitten by another werewolf. The bite quickly (over night) heals and leaves a scar in the form of a five-pointed star. The werewolf turns into a wolf every night, and only at certain times of the year when blooms, the grass fighter (another name for Aconite, "wolfsbane root", "volkovoy", "dog's death"). Historically, hunters used the extract of this poisonous plants for lubrication of arrowheads and spears when hunting predators, and its connection with ideas about the werewolves appeared in the twentieth century. This film is one of the first in which it is mentioned about.

Five-pointed star in General for some reason considered to be in this film, the sign of the werewolf. So, a silver cane in the form of a wolf has a relief image in the shape of a star; the werewolf sees a star in the palm of his future victims.

To kill a werewolf only by using silver: the silver bullet to shoot, to stab a silver knife, or score the subject of silver.

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