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Winter in Bishkek: why black snow falls

The air in Bishkek is among the dirtiest on the planet. In February, the UN Environment Program put him in second position.

Zebra foal was born not in stripes, but in polka dots

Wildlife photographer Frank Liu was looking for a herd of rhinos in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve. He was accompanied by a guide, a local resident, who noticed an unusual zebra foal.

Rare rising lightning spotted in Kansas

One of the residents of the city of Wichita in the US state of Kansas captured on video a rare rising lightning.

Deer in the Sami village staged an impressive "dance show"

Murmansk resident Grigory Paramonov, a professional photographer, who also takes pictures of the life of fauna, managed to capture an amazing "round dance" arranged by deer.

Why do the stars twinkle, but the planets and the Sun do not

If you look at the night sky, you can see a lot of twinkling stars! But why do some blink, but, for example, Mars or the Sun — not?

Why did the mysterious rock in Saudi Arabia split exactly in two?

The rocks of Al-Naslaa, 6 meters high, stand on two natural pedestals, which makes it seem that the stones almost float in the air in perfect balance with each other.

On the river in St. Petersburg, scientists have recorded the phenomenon of "snezhura"

A photo of the natural phenomenon "snezhura" on the Ekateringofka River was published in the Telegram channel The Research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic (St.

Psychologists have discovered a new visual illusion that gives an idea of the nature of time perception

Psychologists have discovered a new visual illusion that gives an idea of the nature of time perception

New study shows that vision reconstructs time

Meteorite fall observed in Manitoba, USA

Residents of Manitoba again received a surprise in the form of fireballs that swept across the night sky.

The US government has published a classified UFO report with huge cuts

Although in recent years the Pentagon has begun releasing documents acknowledging its interest in unidentified aerial phenomena (NWS) - its rebranded term for the good old "UFO" - most of these doc

The fall of the meteorite was observed over Alberta, Manitoba, North Dakota and Saskatchewan

From eyewitnesses, 45 reports were received about a fireball spotted over Alberta, Manitoba, North Dakota and Saskatchewan on March 23 on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at about 02:49 UT.

The fall of a meteorite was observed in Hungary over Lake Balaton

The fireball was visible from Balatonsemes flying to the northeast. A large fireball flew across the sky at 00:29 on Tuesday morning.


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