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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Local anomalies

Added Mon, 10/02/2020
Область распространения All over the world

This section of phenomena, which includes anomalies, peculiar only to certain places and not beyond their limits. Manifestations of such phenomena may be a single (in this case, we can assume that the frequency has not been established), and regularly recurring.

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Phenomenon in mass culture


Anomalous zone

Phenomena count: 2

"Anomalous zone" means an area with physical characteristics deviating from the norm, where the observed phenomena go beyond the concept of "norm".


A character of Ukrainian, Russian and Polish mythology. Some kind of force that knocks you off the road and makes you lose your way, walk in circles. Often he was presented as something invisible, but sometimes he could appear in the form of an animal or a person.

Often fornication was presented as something invisible and non-personalized, but at the same time real, but sometimes it could appear in the form of an animal or a person.

The hum of the Earth

"Sounds of the apocalypse", as well as "creaking of the earth", "groan of the earth", "hum of the earth", "noise of the earth", etc. are terms denoting a kind of sound anomaly recorded in different parts of the Earth. These sounds are recorded by audio equipment and heard by most people.

Kane no kami no hee

In the legends on Nuwa Island, in Ehime Prefecture and in the folklore publication Sōgō Nippon Minzoku Goi, legends about a mysterious atmospheric light are indicated. 

This fire occurs at night on New Year's Eve behind the shrine of the patron saint of the Shinto god on Nuwa Island. His appearance is accompanied by sounds similar to human screams, and is interpreted by locals as a sign of the appearance of the goddess of luck.

Circles on the field and other formations

Crop circles is a term denoting drawings in the form of rings, circles and other geometric shapes formed by dead plants in the fields. These drawings can be small or have such a large size that they can only be seen in their entirety from an airplane.

In addition to the classic crushed ears of corn on the field, this phenomenon includes burnt grass, geometric traces on the ground, snow, and other surfaces, including water.

This phenomenon refers to the fact that the above-mentioned traces were found at the scene of the incident, regardless of the presence of other phenomena (UFO landing site, fairy sightings, etc.).


Kumobi (蜘蛛 火, lit. "spider fire").

In the legend in the village of Tenko (Shiki District, Nara Prefecture (now Sakurai)), hundreds of spiders turned into a fireball in the air. Similarly, in Tamashimayashima (Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture). When a red fireball appears over the forest near the Inari temple on the island, it is said that it dances over the mountains and forest, and then disappears.


In South Italian folklore, a small anthropomorphic creature in monastic attire, whose appearance can promise both misfortune and bring good luck and wealth.

It can also behave like a poltergeist: throw things around, spoil them, or on the contrary, help with the housework.

Incredible precipitation

In the folklore of almost every nation, you can find references to unusual precipitation. This is rain or snow of an unusual color, objects or animals that fell together with or instead of precipitation. It can be fish, frogs, coins, snakes. As a rule, all these events find a logical explanation in the aftermath.

Also, such phenomena as "Star jelly" and "Angel Hair" can be attributed to unusual precipitation.


A legend from the area of Nagaoka (province of Tosa, now Kochi Prefecture). Fire size with umbrella flared, torn into smaller lights that spread from four or five to several hundred meters from each other. They say that if you call her, she would be brilliant to dance in the sky overhead.

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Fire Poltergeist

A phenomenon in which flames flare up instantly, for no reason and in various, sometimes the strangest places.

Parallel world

Phenomena count: 4

Parallel universe - a world that exists simultaneously with ours, but independently of him.

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This phenomenon expresses itself in various actions: noise, knocking, footsteps, spontaneous movement of objects, their spontaneous combustion and similar actions that emphasize the presence of some invisible entity.


A little-known monster from Japanese folklore, which is much more often heard than seen. It got its name from the characteristic cry "Uvan!", which comes from the darkness of abandoned buildings.

There is no record of his appearance, and the creature has been considered disembodied and formless for centuries.


Anomalies in the flow of time can be divided into three types: time travel; the speed change its flow until it stops; messages from a different time.

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