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This section includes information about possible versions explaining the true nature of the event described in the fact.

Objects of artificial origin

Experimental aircraft

Experimental aircraft are used for flight research of the most important scientific and technical problems that open up new directions in the development of aviation, testing new scientific and tec


A diver is a specialist who knows how to perform work under water in diving equipment.

Diving is scuba diving with special equipment.

Ghost Island

Ghost Island — islands depicted on maps at various times that do not actually exist.


Lightcraft (Lightcraft) is a space or airship driven by a beam propulsion system, the energy source powering the ship is external.

Devices and structures

This version includes all things, structures, devices used in everyday life.

The signal strip

Rattling strip, also known as warning strips, Audible lines, Growling lines - are the device for road safety by alerting inattentive drivers of potential danger by causing a tactile vibration and a

The waste industry

This category may include the remains of materials, raw materials, semi-finished products formed in the process of production.

Traces of medical manipulations

There are a huge number of medical manipulations, traces of which can be taken randomly or specially issued for the impact of the poltergeist or the consequences of abduction by aliens.

A target for clay pigeon shooting

Trap shooting - one of the subspecies of the shooting sports. Competitions in clay pigeon shooting are conducted on the open range.


Submarine (submarine, submarine) class of ships able to take and long time to act in a submerged position.

Ritual, rite, custom

Ritual (Latin ritualis – ceremonial, from Latin ritus, "solemn ceremony, cult rite") is a set of rituals accompanying a religious act, or a custom—developed or established procedure for doing somet

Seismic profile

Geological dictionary defines the seismic profile as a straight line, rarely broken line on the Earth's surface along which the seismic receivers are arranged for the study of elas


Not infrequently it happens that the trash accidentally or intentionally left by the person, may be something abnormal: signs of alien eggs alien, unknown water and land creatures, etc..

Body modification

A modification of the body is a biological and physical alteration of the human body, in violation of the established structure of the body, through surgical, genetic, aesthetic, biological correct

Holes from bullets, stones and metal balls

On the windows of houses, regardless of the floor, there are holes of unknown nature and characteristic shape. Very often, if there are several glasses, only one is broken.

The spires of the skyscrapers, the mountains, the pipe above the clouds

Part of skyscrapers, pipes, which they smoke, the high parts of mountains and other high areas of the landscape and buildings towering above the clouds or mist, may be mistaken for UFOs or ghosts.

Boat (watercraft)

Any watercraft, particularly of unusual shape, can be made for NGOs.

Turn tractor

In the boom period of observation "Circles" around the world, the witnesses, yielding to the excitement, took them for a lot of ordinary things, like the antics of a wind, Pets on a leash or myceli

Cable car

Cable car is a mode of transport to move passengers and cargo in which to move carriages, carts, booths or chairs or serves as a traction carrier traction rope (cable) stretched between the support

Space debris

By space junk refers to all manmade objects and their fragments in space, which is already faulty, not functioning, and will never be able to serve any useful purpose.


Ordinary satellites, which often look like single, not very bright luminous dots moving smoothly in the night sky, are quite often mistaken for UFOs.

A solar sail

A solar sail is a device that uses the pressure of sunlight on the mirror surface for propulsion of the spacecraft.


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs, also sometimes shortened as BLAH; colloquially sometimes referred to as "drone" or "drone" (from the English. drone — drone)) — aircraft without crew on Board.


Tethered flying machine heavier than air. Supported in the air by wind pressure on a surface set at an angle to the direction of movement of the wind and held by the guard rails from the ground.

Parachutist/delta glider

Parachute - a device made of fabric to slow down the movement of the object in the air. Parachutes are used for safe descent and landing of cargo and people, braking aircraft during landing.

Airplane / Helicopter

An aircraft heavier than air for flights in the atmosphere (and outer space (e.g.

Balloons and balls

Balloon — aircraft (balloon), which is used for the flight gas, which is lighter than air.

Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern (Chinese flashlight, Thai flashlight) - paper flying luminous structure made of rice paper stretched on a light wooden frame, bamboo ring, burner.

Balloon/Weather Balloon

The balloon (simplified is a balloon) — an aircraft lighter than air, where the lift force is used

The airship

The aircraft lighter than air, which is a combination of the balloon with the mover (usually a screw with an electric motor or internal combustion engine) and the system of the orientation control

Light sources on clouds

Lasers, searchlights, car headlights and other light sources of sufficient power can form a column of light in a dusty or foggy atmosphere, various patterns on low clouds, fog or h

Искусственная комета

Rocket in the troposphere emits a cloud of sodium vapor or barium, which glow intensely under the influence of sunlight.

Debris picked up by the wind

For UFOs often take empty plastic bags, bags from waste paper, Newspapers and other debris picked up by the wind. These objects can travel at different speeds, in different shades and shapes.

Foamy clouds

At festivals and presentations occasionally used apparatus for producing artificial clouds of different shapes. Clouds consist of "foam fluid + water + gas" (helium).

Effect Kopp-Etchells

This effect is observed during the motion of the helicopter in a sandy cloud (E.g., during landing or takeoff in the desert).


Led toy, run at night or in the evening, can be taken for UFOs at random when shooting from afar.

Уличный фонарь

In many cities (especially European) are widely distributed street lights, weighing on an extension wire.

Rear light reflector

The device with the surface properties of retroreflection. In the cat's optic is a simple process of retroreflection.

Animals on a leash

In a meadow or other area with sufficient grass cover is tied cows, goats, horses and other herbivorous animals, providing them food and some opportunity to move freely.

The cigarette butt

In a random survey of the landscape from the Windows of flats at night, pictures can appear bright red-orange stain.

Booster, the rocket and tracks

For UFOs often take stages of rockets, parts of space ships burning in the atmosphere, the launches of various missile technology for military purposes, etc., and traces from them.


Means of navigation equipment of the coast of large reservoirs in the form of a capital construction, quite often tower type, is used to map observed by the skipper of the painting with a specific

The lights of cranes, pipes and skyscrapers

Most often, this category can be attributed to the lights of a crane, high-rise buildings, boiler pipes, etc., equipped with nighttime lighting that is visible through the haze, fog, or when the co


The bubble film consists of a thin layer of water enclosed between two layers of molecules, often soap. These layers contain molecules, one of which is hydrophilic and the other hydrophobic.

Marker wire

Used to make the wire visible, and prevent Christiania wires. Installed at the intersections of waterways, roads, places of migratory birds near airports, etc.


This category includes not only pyrotechnic projectiles visible in the sky, but also traces of exploded projectiles, their fragments and other similar activities. 

Method of mowing the grass "in acceleration"

The most gentle when mowing on an industrial scale (with farm equipment) is a method for mowing crop circles from the center of the field to its periphery (method, "acceleration").

Buildings and structures of unusual construction

There are residential and non-residential buildings and structures, the design of which can resemble a landed flying saucer.

The art of the action

Various promotions advertising and art can be priniti randomly for the paranormal or issued for them intentionally.

Plume of engine combustion products

The plume of engine combustion products is visible only when it turns out to be "sufficiently dense"according to the beam of vision.

Cocurrent stream (cocurrent track)

Limited the scope of the perturbed gaseous environment arising from the movement in her body.

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