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The aim of the project is the search for genuine explanations of paranormal facts.

You need to understand that the names of phenomena (UFO, poltergeist, Ghost, Chupacabra, etc.) in relation to a specific fact rather abstract and often identifies the most probable from the point of view of the eyewitness versions of explanations of events, witness to which he has become. At the same time around similar names have formed certain stereotypes that reflect common scientific and cultural performances. For example, it is neutral in its value is called "UFOs" ("unidentified flying object") is now almost always involves a spaceship.

We try to consider each fact independently from the existing stereotypes and emotional coloring, which give the events the witnesses, highlighting them in what actually could prove to be an unexplained phenomenon. At the same time content in the fact unexplained phenomena cannot be established until it is not refuted all rational version to explain it.

If you want to participate in this exciting process, please let us know unexplained facts witnessed you or your friends, extend version, comment, point out errors and omissions, fake news, leaked from specialized resources, offer your ideas for articles, experiments, expeditions and investigations. All of this helps us to develop and move forward to your goal.

Our story began back in 1998. It then emerged the idea of creating a project that gathers enthusiasts of different professions to implement a strictly scientific approach to the study of unexplained facts.

For this it was necessary:

  • collect as much information about all existing phenomena;
  • to organize this information for subsequent analysis and searching.
  • to assemble a team of enthusiasts from various fields of science to provide an integrated approach to learning and the ability to look at the problem from different sides;
  • to provide the ability to track new cases and their follow-up study.

In the spring of 1999 was organized the first project "The Archive FernFlower". It was submitted in paper form and by 2003 consisted of 853 cases recorded worldwide.

From the second quarter of 2006, the archives had been duplicated in electronic form, but on a stationary computer.

In the fall of 2008, we have conducted active promotional activities to attract consultants from different fields of science, but without the creation of a full group.

Soon it became clear that the archive it is necessary to organize shared access and, in addition to consultants, to find a group that would be able to actively engage in research, participate in expeditions, etc. At the end of 2010, work started on the Internet project "Fern Flower group". The project began on the basis of the website fern-flower.ru and was actively developed until 2016 when there is a need to build capacity of hardware resources, and the project moved to a dedicated server at fern-flower.org. Currently, the website materials available in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish.

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The principle of information about paranormal phenomena is given in the General technique.

The rules of the site

  1. The project is not commercial. We do not aim making money. We can not advertise.
  2. All information from third-party resources published on the website are provided for informational order and intended for personal use. Rights belong to the owners listed as the source of an active link.
  3. Responsibility for the content of comments to the published materials lies with the authors. The administration reserves the right to delete comments containing offensive in nature, contain pornography, advertising and propaganda (political, religious, etc.) or otherwise in violation of the principles of the group.
  4. Administration decisions are final and not subject to discussion or appeal.

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