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According to the expert, methane could kill seals in the Caspian Sea

The mass death of seals in the Caspian Sea could have been triggered by the release of methane due to seismic activity.

Amazing solar halo in the mountains of Sheregesh caught on video

An unusual optical phenomenon that Russians noticed in the mountains of Sheregesh caught on camera and surprised users on the network. The video was published by the group "Instructors.

The shock wave and "eerie roar" in Gran Canaria were caused by a meteorite

First, it tore the sky over La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife at great speed, like lightning, emitting colors with shades of green and red, and then caused such a roar over Gran Canaria that it coul

The fall of the meteorite was observed over the northeastern United States

There were 847 reports of a fireball spotted over the states of many US states on Friday, December 2, 2022 at about 00:33 UT.

Residents of Dzerzhinsk observed bright light poles in the sky

The light poles could be observed again tonight by residents of Dzerzhinsk. They shared footage of "lanterns" aiming for the sky on social networks.

Rainbow corridor in the US sky

After Hurricane Florence left the coast of the US state of New Jersey four years ago, the sun appeared in the sky on one side, and something amazing appeared on the opposite side: a rainbow corrido

A UFO was spotted over Mars, but it turned out to be a speck on the rover's camera

In one of the images of Mars sent by the Perseverance rover, a strange black object was found in the sky.

Due to global warming, new animal hybrids are emerging

According to the researchers, climate change will make significant adjustments to the species diversity of fauna.

Dates of lunar and solar eclipses in 2023

The population of our planet will be able to observe such unique natural phenomena as solar and lunar eclipses in the coming year.

Astronomers have collected data on cosmic bodies into an interactive map of the observable universe

Astronomers have collected data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey for 15 years into an interactive map of the observable Universe.

Geminids and Ursids meteor shower will reach peak activity in December

The Geminid and Ursid meteor showers will reach their maximum activity on the night of December 14 and December 22, respectively.

In Canada, the All-Sky camera network recorded the fall of a meteorite

The space drama unfolded over southern Ontario on the night of Friday, November 18.


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