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Don't miss it! On June 10, an annular solar eclipse will take place

On June 10, an annular eclipse of the Sun will take place.

In Argentina, for the first time in 30 years, discovered the" extinct " giant river otter

A giant river otter has been spotted in the waters of El Impenetrable Chaqueño National Park in northeastern Argentina for the first time in at least 100 years.

Immediately 3 tornadoes appeared over the sea in Sochi

In the Black Sea, the season of tornadoes began, and it happened much earlier than usual. As a rule, it begins in August — September, when the water temperature reaches 25 degrees.

SpaceX successfully launches SXM-8 satellite into orbit

The American company SpaceX on Sunday carried out the launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket with the SXM-8 relay satellite.

A giant piece of ice broke through the roof of a house in Wisconsin

A piece of ice the size of a cannonball pierced the roof of a house in Wisconsin, USA, reports KTIV.

The Loch Ness monster is just a whale's penis

Comedian and author of a book about penises, James Felton, said in a Twitter thread that people who thought they were watching legendary monsters in the seas and oceans were actually looking at the

Storm chasers capture giant "sky columns" in Texas»

During a thunderstorm that hit the US state of Texas on June 1, a team of storm hunters filmed a rare phenomenon of a four-fold microburst: four atmospheric formations resembling columns stretched

A deep sinkhole more than 90 m wide has formed in Mexico

In the state of Puebla, located in the central part of Mexico, there was a massive sinkhole.

A man came across a" bad-smelling " mysterious creature during a hike

A man came across a mysterious creature during a hike and asked netizens to identify it. This is reported by the Daily Star.

In June, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the solar eclipse " ring of fire»

The Sun, Earth, and Moon will align on June 10 to create a solar eclipse. This event will also be an annular solar eclipse, which is also called the "ring of fire".

Residents of the United States are afraid of cicadas that got out of the ground

Residents of different regions of the United States have witnessed the appearance of huge clusters of cicadas.

The inhabitants of the Earth expect a total lunar eclipse on May 26

Total lunar eclipse visible from East Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Americas, is expected on May 26 this year.


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