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Scientists have discovered that the Earth's atmosphere rings like a bell

A group of researchers from the University of Hawaii and Kyoto University found that the atmosphere of our planet rings like a giant bell.

A sudden increase in the number of silvery clouds has been recorded, the most significant in the last 15 years

Something unusual has just happened in the mesosphere.

An unusual cloud over the Caspian Sea interested scientists

Unusual cloud cover was observed over the Caspian Sea at the end of May.

Secrets of the night oken: strange creatures and mystical glow

When night falls, strange creatures rise from the depths, and the water begins to glow blue. Some phenomena in the ocean can only be seen after dark.

A meteorite flew in the sky over Japan

The meteorite flew over several areas of Honshu Island on Tuesday night. The celestial body was recorded by stationary cameras of the NHK TV channel.

A large comet is approaching the Earth and is getting brighter

For the past 3 million years, comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) has been approaching the Sun, making a long, slow journey from the outer Solar system. Finally, she's here. 

Three rare atmospheric phenomena were discovered after analyzing 2015 data

(a) A wide stable auroral arc of red color (SAR) is observed at 09:27 UT (left), a strong increase in the rate of thermal radiation (STEVE) at 09:51 UT (center), and a partial arc with green picket

"Mosquito tornado" hit the village of Sichuan in China

A tornado of mosquitoes appeared over the agricultural land of a village in Favanxi City, Hejiang County, Luzhou, Sichuan. Locals flock to see this phenomenon.

For the first time in 18 years, 5 planets and the Moon will line up in the sky

During June, skywatchers had the pleasure of watching all five planets that we can see with the naked eye-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn-line up in the sky.

China's space debris burned over Spain

Slow-moving fireballs were spotted in the dawn sky of Spain. Many people posted their photos and videos of this phenomenon on social networks, suggesting that it could be a meteor shower.

The explosion of a meteorite lit up the sky in the northeast of Brazil

Fourteen cameras from Clima ao Vivo recorded a super meteor that crossed the skies of Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Ceara.

Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket was mistaken for an "alien spaceship" in the sky

Strange blue light spirals traveling through the night sky in New Zealand have made observers wonder if it could be an alien spaceship.


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