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Stunning optical illusion with "creepy" details

The last image to go viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows a black and white image of two young girls sitting next to each other in a park. Those with 20/20 vision may just see something els

Mysterious creatures resembling aliens have appeared on the beaches of Australia

Mysterious creatures have recently begun to appear on the beaches of Australia, causing a real stir among locals and the Internet community.

In Russia, the Northern lights could be observed at night — even in Moscow

In recent days, magnetic storms have been observed on Earth, which cause disturbances in the planet's magnetosphere.

In Tasmania, a strange fish with hands was found, which was considered extinct

Running enthusiast Kerry Yar from Primrose Sands (Tasmania, Australia) witnessed an amazing event that shocked scientists.

The world's first hybrid of a fox and a dog was accidentally discovered in Brazil

Foxes belong to the genus of canids, but it is believed that they are so different from dogs that there can be no hybridization between foxes and dogs, that is, they do not produce offspring.

"Alien Mummies" shown at UFO hearings in Mexico

Two mummified specimens of unknown creatures, which, according to experts, are at least 1000 years old, were extracted from Cuzco (Peru) and delivered to the capital of Mexico.

A penguin with the rarest coloring was found in Antarctica

Argentine scientists have identified melanism in a gentoo penguin that lives in Antarctica. This is expressed in the original color: black feathers on a snow-white belly.

The creature scared a resident of Australia

A Reddit user was "scared" by an "alien" animal they found at home.

Uncovering Australia's Hidden Treasure: "Fairy circles" emit hydrogen

Australia's North Perth basin has become the focus of attention in the search for alternative energy sources thanks to the discovery of natural hydrogen sources emerging from mysterious formations

The man told how 50 years ago he scared the whole city with the "appearance of a snowman"

One day Eugene Hendrick decided to deceive his city by making it think that a Bigfoot had appeared in the neighborhood. This prank has been going on for decades.

Strange "golden egg" found on the seabed off the coast of Alaska

During a recent expedition to study the ocean depths off the coast of Alaska, scientists made an amazing discovery.


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