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Launch of a three-stage rocket from the NASA flight complex in Wallops

The three-stage suborbital sounding rocket was launched on the afternoon of March 3, 2021, commissioned by the Department of Defense from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

Because of the accident on the product pipeline, the Ob River is burning

On Saturday, March 6, the Ob River literally caught fire — the flames began to break right through the ice. The incident was reported by local residents.

Green Ray: a natural phenomenon that brings happiness

On February 28, Mike Kelly watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean while west of Redwood National Park in California. Suddenly, an unusual green fragment seemed to separate from the sun.

The invasion of spiders in Anapa: everything is shrouded in cobwebs

Residents of Anapa have received complaints about a strange web covering many trees and shrubs in the city.

The glowing ribbon over the icy lake: another observation of the mysterious Steve

On February 24, Matt Quiring noticed a purple ribbon in the sky over Jasper Lake in Alberta. According to him, he had planned to observe the northern lights, but instead he saw Steve.

Crazy Moon over New York

When photographer Barbara Martens photographed Upper New York Bay in the early hours of February 24, she couldn't believe her eyes, despite her extensive shooting experience.

Sharks found that glow in the dark

Belgian scientists have discovered a new species of deep-sea shark off the coast of New Zealand that has an unexpected ability — they glow in the dark.

Geomagnetic storm led to the appearance of the northern lights

The solar wind stream hits the Earth's magnetic field at a speed of more than 600 km/s. This causes small geomagnetic storms of class G1.

A resident of Scotland was shocked when he saw a ship floating in the sky

You'd think a Scot would go crazy when he saw a ship floating in the sky. In fact, there is nothing strange about the incident: the man encountered an illusion.

Siberia: NASA's strange satellite images amaze experts

Erosion or cryoturbation? What caused the mysterious broken patterns on the soil surface in the Arctic zone of Siberia? And why do they disappear along the riverbanks?

The secret of the mysterious ball with Russian inscriptions has been revealed

An unusual incident occurred on February 24 on the island of Harbor.

In Buenos Aires, a giant swarm of mosquitoes formed a " tornado»

Residents of the Argentine province of Buenos Aires witnessed an unusual "tornado", in fact, they turned out to be a huge swarm of mosquitoes, which flew into the sky, forming a funnel, reports &lt


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