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In the Yalchik district, they met an unprecedented half-meter creature

Residents of Chuvashia found a half-meter creature at the bus station. The creature was alive. Honored Ecologist of Russia Albert Lastukhin commented on the find.

The black ring appeared over Moscow

In Moscow, the Sputnik residential complex in Strogina, residents filmed a strange black ring of smoke that hovered over the houses, slowly dissolving into the air.

Amazing Northern lights observed over Tasmania

Over Tasmania, Australia, on the night of March 23, eyewitnesses observed an incredible northern lights.

Five amazing astronomical phenomena that you can see with your own eyes from March to April

From March to April, you will have the opportunity to see a number of amazing astronomical phenomena. You won't need telescopes and binoculars for this.

A strong geomagnetic storm hit the Earth

Forecasters did not foresee its approach.

Space debris from the ISS almost fell on the heads of Californians

The sky over Northern California recently lit up with streaks of fire. The astonishing sight caused equally bewilderment, surprise and new conspiracy theories.

A strange phenomenon in Canada is a "breathing" forest!

In the Canadian province of Quebec, a strange phenomenon was observed in one of the forests. The undergrowth rises and falls as if the forest is breathing.

The Lyrida meteor shower will reach its maximum activity on the night of April 23

The peak activity of the Lyrida meteor shower is expected on the night of April 23.

The medieval mystery of the disappearance of the Moon has been solved

In 1110, the moon suddenly disappeared from the night sky, leaving people in total darkness for several months. After 910 years, researchers from the University of Geneva in Switzerland believe tha

Astronomer recorded on video as a meteorite crashes into the moon

The head of the astronomy department at the Hiratsuka City Museum (Japan), Daichi Fuji, filmed the moment of the meteorite impact on the lunar surface. The man did it right from his own house.

The creature from Corsican legends turned out to be a new kind of cat

For a long time, scientists believed that the mysterious "fox cat" from Corsica was a descendant of wild domestic cats. But now geneticists have discovered that this is a separate species of cats.

Is the mystery of the Calvin UFO in Scotland finally solved?

Simon Holland, a former BBC producer, believes he has found an explanation for the famous 1990 UFO photo.


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