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Launching a Space Force satellite can create a glowing cloud in the evening sky

If you watch the stars in the western hemisphere tonight and look up at just the right time, you may see something that will seem quite strange: a small round cloud of light that will quickly incre

Scientists have found the earliest description of ball lightning

The oldest description of ball lightning in England and one of the earliest in the world was discovered in the writings of a monk by researchers from Durham University.

Flying transformer car will go on sale soon

The Slovak company KleinVision has developed an AirCar transformer car, which literally spreads its wings in a couple of minutes and turns from a sports car into an airplane.

A lake in the US state of New Hampshire was covered with "alien" rings

Photographer Carl Ramsdell captured a rare ice pattern on Mirror Lake in New Hampshire, USA.

Scientists are surprised by a powerful flash of "Silver clouds"

Researchers from Germany were surprised yesterday, January 24, when the cameras they installed in Argentina recorded a bright flash of noctilucent clouds (NLC) in Rio Gallegos in Patagonia.

The glow from the eruption of the Tonga volcano is visible even from Europe

When the sun sets tonight, look at the fading sky. If twilight turns purple, you may have noticed a "Tonga sunset". Heiko Ulbricht photographed this glow on January 21 in Grossopitz, Germany.

A solar column appeared over the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory were lucky enough to observe a beautiful atmospheric phenomenon at sunset today — a light (or solar) column.

A new sound gun against smog is being tested in Poland

Scientists from the Mining and Metallurgical Academy in Krakow, Poland, are testing a new invention - a sonic cannon that lifts toxic smog particles high into the atmosphere, purifying the lower la

Cloud geysers in St. Petersburg

A short video was shot from the top of the tower of the Gazprom multifunctional complex.

In Scotland, a portrait of an "Alien" was found on the bark of a tree

The Loch Ness monster, which lives in Scotland, seems to have a rival.

UFO while shooting a movie

One day a mystery happened to the painting. In Suzdal, an episode was filmed of Ivan walking through walls and the film crew was expecting a starry night.

Very rare polar stratospheric clouds of type II are observed over Scandinavia

The northern regions of Scandinavia on January 17, 2022 witnessed a rare high-altitude spectacle, according to photographer Adrien Moduy.


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