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The Airship Effect

The "airship effect" is that observers perceive moving lights in the dark sky as connected into a single whole.

Illusions of perception

Illusions are a false or distorted perception of the surrounding reality, which causes the perceiver to experience sensory impressions that do not correspond to reality, and inclines him to erroneo

Hidden images

This is usually the hidden objects in the photo, the dual image along with picture-illusion in the genre of "camouflage" art.

Anamorphically illusion

Anamorph is the picture you need to look at a certain angle or with the help of special devices (mirrors, lenses, etc.) to understand its importance.

The illusion of perspective

Explanation of some of these illusions based on the human tendency to perceive as more major what is next, taking into account the effect of perspective.

The illusion of movement

Our brain, based on the experience of perception, takes the characteristic of approximation / removal of parameters depicted object for real movement.

The illusion of the sudden appearance over obstacles

In some cases, due to the fact that the observer or the camera are at the same point, creating the illusion of the sudden appearance (or disappearance) of the object, closed from the observer in so

Gravity hill

These places are known under the names "the mystic road", "hypnotic hill", "magnetic hill", "gravity road", etc., as in Cycling, the "false plain".


Parallax (from the Greek. parallaxis – evasion) – change in the apparent position of any of the object relative to a background when you change viewing angle.

Sound illusion

Audio illusions can occur in perfectly healthy people under the influence of stress, excitement, unusual conditions. In each case, psychologists find an explanation.

The illusion of uniformity

People peripheral vision notices a mystical creature, object, or image, of which there should be avoided. Or Vice versa, suddenly (mysteriously) there is something from the ordinary world that nebylo seen a man before.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Контрастный объект на однородном фоне

This version can refer to any observation in the contrast of an object on a solid background, both day and night.

Illusions associated with the refraction and reflection of light

Reflection is a physical process of interaction of waves or particles with the surface, changing the direction of the wave front at the boundary of two media with different properties, in which the

Affective illusion

A person who is afraid of ghosts (does not exclude the possibility of their occurrence) while a cemetery at night (or in any other similar situation), be afraid of their appearance, or even an attack, and any stranger and incomprehensible movement, a vague silhouette or, for example, flashing a beam of light will be perceived as a Ghost.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Witness the picture

The illusion of tracking a human or animal (it could be an inanimate object such as a gun barrel) is the result of properties of the brain see and perceive things as he used to.

The Effect Of Purkyne

The phenomenon of changing the color perception by the human eye at lower light objects.

The Effect Of Troxler

The manifestation of the phenomenon lies in the cessation of perception of the visual stimulus, occupying a strictly constant position relative to the retina of the eye.


Integrated spatial information indicating an impending collision with a moving object is called lumigon.

Stroboscopic effect

The occurrence of visual illusions of immobility or apparent movement of the object when it is intermittent (periodically) visual observation.

The effect of perceptual readiness

This effect lies in the fact that the human eye "sees" what the brain is prepared to see, based on the overall context of the image.

Autokinetic illusion

On the background of cloudless sky glowing object seems to be randomly moving.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The aftereffect

The residual effect of strong stimulation is characteristic not only for vision but also for hearing or muscle stress.

Illusion Ponzo

Optical illusion, first demonstrated by Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1913. He suggested that the human brain determines the size of the object to its background.

Pareidolic illusion

A variety of visual illusions (the so-called "sensory illusions additions"); is the formation of illusory images, as a basis which are the details of the real object. Thus, the vague and obscure the visual image is perceived as something distinct and defined — for example, figures of people and animals in the clouds, the image of a man on the moon, "a hidden message", audible when you reverse the audio recordings, the shadows formed by leaves or complexes of objects in certain lighting (sometimes at a certain angle).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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