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Objects of natural origin

Sea snail eggs

Question: "We found a strange sand spiral in Puerto Rico. I was scuba diving on the coast of Puerto Rico and saw, as it seemed to me, algae or corals covered with sand.

Mach Discs

A pattern of evenly spaced rings, sometimes visible in the exhaust of an engine, is usually called impact diamonds or Mach discs or even Mach Rings.


Earthquake — tremors and vibrations of the Earth's surface, the shift of tectonic plates.


A spring (spring, spring, krinitsa) is a natural outlet of groundwater to the earth's surface on land or under water (underwater source). According to temperature, springs are divided into cold, wa


Hail is a type of heavy rainfall in the form of ice particles of predominantly rounded shape (hailstones).

Finger rafting

"Finger rafting process" or Finger rafting it develops in the ice cover as a result of the compression regime established in the ice plane. 


One of the main groups of multicellular organisms, the distinctive feature of whose representatives is the ability to photosynthesis, including mosses, ferns, horsetails, plauns, gymnosperms and fl


When the moon or Sun is covered by clouds, buildings and other objects, a bizarre shadow can appear. It can be mistaken for a UFO, a ghost, and the like.


Tektites (other-Greek.

Non-mixing water layers

Sometimes, due to the different properties of water, it is possible to visually determine the border of the joints of reservoirs and different water masses.

Needle Ice

"Needle ice" is a needle-shaped column of ice formed by ground water. It is formed when the temperature in the soil is above 0°C (32°F), and the air surface temperature is below 0°C (32°F).


When a very powerful lightning strikes the Earth's surface in the thickness of the soil from the sleeping SiO2 (sand, quartz, silica) formed

Взрывающиеся жабы

Such mass death of frogs is well known and documented. The phenomenon is officially registered in Germany in 1968 and in Belgium, Denmark and America.

Видманштеттенова структура

Widmanstatten structure or structure Thomson - a kind of metallographic structure of alloys in metallurgy and meteoritika, wherein the geometrically correct arrangement of the structure elements in

Poplar fluff

Poplar (Populus) belong to the genus of deciduous trees of the family Salicaceae.


Fungi is a Kingdom of wildlife that combines eukaryotic organisms that combine some of the characteristics of both plants and animals.


The Latin name of the dualistic – defilee (Diphylleia) comes from Greek. dio — two and phillon. This is due to the fact that the plant has only two leaves with long (to 20 cm) petioles.

Sodden toad eggs

"The Glagow naturalist is" in 2014 published a study, "Recent observations of a “mystery star jelly” in Scotland appear to confirm one origin as spawn jelly from frogs or toads," explains the pheno

Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica (lat. Mimosa pudica) is a perennial herbaceous plant of the plants of the genus Mimosa, of the Legume family (Fabaceae).


Fungi or mold is a variety of fungithat form branched mycelium without large, easily visible to the naked eye, the fruiting bodies.

The electromagnetic field

The electromagnetic field is a force field generated around the moving electric charges equivalent to the amount of electric and magnetic fields, the vectors of which are located at right angles to


The vortex - a circular movement in the surface water layer, developing portions of the reservoirs or run-of-river flows as a result of the merger of two currents in the flow over the ledges of the

Cloud Kordylevskogo

Clusters small cosmic dust in the Lagrange points L4 and L5 of the Earth—the Moon.


Crystallization is the process of formation of crystals from gases, solutions, melts or glasses.

Singing dunes

The sound of the singing Sands of the desert has become part of legends and folklore of many countries, as well as literary works.

"Heavenly earthquake" or cielomoto

The phenomenon of "Ground hum" is known in the scientific community under a slightly different name.

Hair Pele

Pele's hair (eng.

The eruption of the volcano and geysers

Volcano eruption — the process of emission of a volcano to the earth's surface hot debris, ash, outpouring of magma, which islevsel on the surface, it becomes lava.


If the sound waves caused by our own voice or others in any sound source,while spreading an obstacle(wall,steep cliff,forest,they are reflected and can reach the again of the ear of the observer, s

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide gets into the air in all types of combustion.

Burrows and nests

Sometimes the holes that they dig for themselves the various merits and socket of unusual design, could be mistaken for something unusual.

For example:


Smoke is a stable disperse system consisting of small solid particles suspended in gases produced by the combustion of anything.

Standing waves

Standing wave — interference phenomena of waves propagating in opposite directions, in which the energy transfer is weakened or absent.


Luminescence is a non-thermal glow of substance that occurs after absorption of the excitation energy.

Luminescence of solids can be divided into the following types:

Thermal stress

Witness hears sounds similar to falling on a flat surface of the metal ball, which then bounces a few times lightly and rolls over. Most often this happens in the old panel, and very rarely in brick houses.

Sometimes similar phenomenon occurs in wooden houses. Usually sounds more like loud squeaks, sighs, steps.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


Fog — atmospheric phenomenon, the accumulation of water in the air, formed of minute particles of water vapor.

Famous sounds

This version includes all known sounds that for some reason were mistaken for something paranormal.

The mechanical effect

Mechanical effects on objects of various natural factors may be something mystical (e.g., poltergeist).

Lodging of plants on the field

It is believed that the phenomenon of "circles" has been known for about 400 years. All formations are known for this period, by origin can be divided into two types: natural and artificial.

Famous creatures

There are a huge number of different living organisms on our planet. According to recent estimates, the number of species of organisms on our planet is approximately 7-10 million.

The wind

Wind — flow of air, which quickly moves parallel to the earth's surface.

A chemical reaction

Chemical reaction - transformation of one or more original substances (reactants) to other substances in which the nuclei of atoms do not change, thus there is a redistribution of electrons and nuc

Raccoon dog

Predatory omnivorous mammal of the family Canidae.


Meteor, "shooting star" is a phenomenon that occurs when small meteor bodies (for example, fragments of comets or asteroids) burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Uneven melting and evaporation

Unevenly rustavshi snow, ice or patches may form traces that can be mistaken for anomalous effects.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


The common vole is the size of the print the front paw of 0.9×0.7 cm, rear and 1.6×1.1 cm In this case, if the animal jumps, the traces of the legs lie in pairs (track length 3-4 cm) and the distan

The reflection on the glass

The object may be reflected light or any light source.

Flights web

In the fall, in late August and early September, flying in the air web. So the little spiders migrate to a hundred, thousand, or even tens of thousands of meters.

Flying without wings

As a result of evolution of different species of animals have developed the ability to plan, parachutiste and even fly through the air by arbitrarily changing the trajectory.

The wick effect or human candles

The theory that attempts to scientifically explain the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of person.

Self-heating and spontaneous combustion

Combustion is a complex physico-chemical process of transformation of the components of the combustible mixture in the combustion products with the release of thermal radiation, li

Post-mortem changes

Because ordinary people are rarely familiar with the nuances of postmortem changes in organisms, it can often take them for something mystical.


Spherical (sometimes flattened as if, correctly rounded) mineral aggregate radial-rayed structure.

Hardened lava

Lava falling on the surface usually cools the air. Small fragments (resulting from the spray) may be in different form which can vary from very elongated or bizarre to the absolutely round.

Кладка яиц кальмара

Laying eggs of the Humboldt squid is like a giant transparent sphere floating in the water. They are quite large (about a meter in diameter).

Hubs moisture from termites

The reasons for their occurrence are not yet fully understood, but there is a theory, which is supported by most researchers.

Colored fire

During the combustion of various chemicals, fire may have different color shade.

Ice Flowers

Often you can find articles (for example, [3]) about the well – known phenomenon of "Angel Hair", which is illustrated by photos of another relatively rare phenomenon - "Ice Flowers".


A genus of perennial monocotyledonous herbaceous plants of the family Gramineae or Grasses.


Iceberg (Eisberg, "ice mountain") — a large floating chunk of ice in the ocean or sea.


The meaning of the word "fossil" – turned to stone, which became like a stone. It usually understand fossils (fossils) – the remains and traces of organisms of past geological epochs.

Bloody tree

Deciduous tree with dark bark with sweeping crown and reaching 15 meters high. The juice of this tree has a blood-red hue, which is why it is called "bloody" (bloodwood tree).

Singing whales

Quaker (or wah) — unknown suspected source of underwater sound vibrations of low frequency range, sometimes fixed sonar installations of marine vessels. The name of the phenomenon comes from the similarity of some recorded signals with the sounds of frogs (however, in addition to the "croaking" register and many other sounds).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The bug-grinder

"The death clock" — so many peoples called "ticking" sounds of furniture and some household grinders/

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Sand drawings of crabs soldiers

Crab soldier living in Australia and Malaysia, creates whimsical drawings of sand balls. Experts believe that it is necessary to clear their own homes of excess sand.

Dairy goat

For those familiar with the goats, "dairy goats" are not something rare, weird and wonderful. The beginnings of the Breasts there are all the other mammals.

Rock burst

I heard that began to crackle. We stopped working hammers, but the buzz is a growing. Sounds like it's on the ceiling someone stomps. We say that is Shubin (the guardian spirit of the coal mines) runs and warns of trouble. Realizing that now everything will collapse, we rushed to the exit. And here we are crushed.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Imitation of sounds by birds

In a deserted place in the middle of the forest, a man suddenly hears a child dancing somewhere very close by. No matter how hard he tries to find the unfortunate person, he finds no one around.

Couple of essential oils of poisonous plants and gases from the bowels of the earth

When hit in a certain place, a feeling of someone's presence, starts the headaches, confusion. Can you hear some voices. Such a place can act selectively, killing only birds, only small animals, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Vortex ring

Toroidal vortex (also vortex ring) is a phenomenon in which the region of rotating fluid moving through the same or a different area of a fluid when the flow pattern takes the shape of a toroid (do


The mystical explanation is often given in such simple physical manifestations of burning candles such as crackling flames, hissing, "howl", uneven burning, and the appearance of soot.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish draws circles in the sand in the process of courtship: to attract a partner, protection of laying eggs.


The poltergeist activity is often inclined to accept the condensate and its consequences.

Defects materials

Defecto and the presence of internal stresses is characteristic for many materials. In particular glass objects suddenly fly into pieces, are cracked, they are chipped, etc.

White fraxinella (burning Bush)

In very hot weather perennial Bush can spontaneously ignite.

The formation of ice and snow over the pond

On the ice surface of the reservoir formed circles of different diameters.


The eelgrass, or Zostera or Sea grass (lat.


Usually, this phenomenon, in addition to crop circles, is called Fairy circles, the circles of the fairies, the witches ' ring. In Germany, for example, they claimed that such circles were trampled

Karst, Karst holes, sinkholes

Dissolution (leaching) of certain rocks causes a number of phenomena which are called karst or, in a word, karst.


For the illumination of rotten needed oxygen, so in a stuffy room and punk will not be illuminated because there is not enough oxygen.

Colorful clouds and precipitation is unusual

Often colored cloud connected with suspended in the air, coloring substances, such as pollen of trees, flowers, or particles of clay.

Microbes, single-celled algae, phytoplankton, etc.

Most of the microbes produces a white or grayish - white colony, but there are types of microbes that are capable of releasing dyes or pigments of different colors and shades (red, orange, green, y

Beetles and other insects

Flying insects in photos and videos can be mistaken for UFOs.

Bush "tumbleweed"

The weed grows surround Bush, when it dries, it becomes very easy. When dry the plant, it breaks down near the ground, and interwoven branches rise in the air.

The passage or astronomical transit

Astronomical phenomenon, during which from the point of view of an observer of one celestial body passes in front of another celestial body, obscuring part of it.

Eclipse solar/lunar

An Eclipse is an astronomical situation where one celestial body blocks the light from another celestial body. The most famous lunar and solar eclipses.

The heavenly bodies

The brightest heavenly bodies in the sky are Venus, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars and, of course, the Moon.


Due to the peculiarities of the bird's flight, it is possible to capture a moment in the photo when an ordinary bird will resemble a "classic" UFO in shape.


Suddenly start ringing the bells in the Church, the house is shaking, furniture, animals become restless, hanging objects swing, creaking floors, rattling Windows, crumbling whitewash, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Feral dogs

The Chupacabra attacks often take the usual forays of feral dogs. These animals alone or in a flock climbs into the yards and attacking chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, etc.

Vampirov bats

Vampirov are found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas from Northern Mexico to the Central regions of Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and on the island of Trinidad.

Mustelids are mammals of the family Carnivora

Most often it is the antics of a ferret on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries are victims of the Chupacabra.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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