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Case in Kiev, a journey from 1958 to 2006

Added Tue, 25/04/2017

As evidence of the existence of time travellers, among others, is often the case with Sergei Ponomarenko. About it it became known thanks to the television show on the TV channel "1+1".

What we learn from this video:

In 2006 on the streets of Kiev, the old fashioned dressed young man with a film camera, which asked passers-by where he is and what year it is.

The local policeman, trained with this unusual case, recorded data of a document, found themselves in a stranger from the past: Ponomarenko Sergey V., 1932 year of birth.

Because the situation was rather strange, and the stranger felt not in the best way, it was decided to send him to a private clinic and to show the psychologist.

At the first appointment with a psychologist, recorded on video, the alien from the past reports that his last memory was flying saucer, which he tried to take his camera, then he was suddenly in unfamiliar surroundings.

The development of film from the camera gave the doctor some pictures, which depicted an alien from the past and his girlfriend, and UFOs. After the second dose the patient, at which he was shown the photo, Ponomarenko left the office, went into his house and disappeared.

The district, engaged in business in 2006, has filed a Ponomarenko Sergey Valentinovich, Dating back to 1978, which States that he left home with a camera and disappeared again. In addition, we give allegedly discovered archival audio recording of 1960, depicting an interview with Sergei Ponomarenko in Kiev radio in which he describes the future.

Found a friend in Kiev of a stranger from the past who reported that he had received from Ponomarenko letter with a photo. Against photo aging Sergei Ponomarenko stands on the banks of the water Park, and behind him, see the Dnieper embankment and the caves of the hill, built a lot of skyscrapers, which in modern Kiev is not observed. On the back of the photo hand Ponomarenko says: "I'm all right, I'll try to come back."

On sites discussing this case, debate. Arguments for cheating are the following:

  • The district says about the stranger from the past, Sergei Ponomarenko in Kiev, calling date Tuesday, 23 April 2006. The calendar says April 23, 2006 - this Sunday.
  • Later, this date appears again in the supposedly documentary footage of a private clinic: when Ponomarenko oversees the work of the microwave oven, the frame is 12:26:18, Wednesday, 23.04.2006. And here's wrong: not Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Sergei Ponomarenko tells the doctor that he was born June 17, 1932, and in the Komsomol ticket is another birth month (March)
  • The patient reports that he is 25, although this showed that "moved" from 23 April 1958 (or 24 years, or he departed from the past in 1957)
  • During the second appointment at the doctor's office on the record indicated the time was 10:39, 25 April 2006, when Ponomarenko out of the office, the footage of the video from the hallway we see an absolutely fantastic date and time - 17:23:13, Friday, 26 April 2006. That is, the patient opened the door more than a day, in addition, on April 26, 2006 - it's not Friday, but Wednesday, if you look at the calendar.
  • In the credits a Manager of casting.

23 APR 2006 do Sunday. The remaining arguments are not meaningful, because in the video it is stated that all photography is staged (reconstruction) is made on the basis of history. Let it suffice slipshod work, but doing it on the basis of conclusions about the veracity of the story is impossible.

Some commentators also indicate that the type and form of the Komsomol ticket do not correspond to those used in those years. To build on this evidence of the authenticity of the story as impossible, as specified in the video the ticket is a fake.

Counterfeiting produces the print photographs. The light areas give a photo montage. For comparison, the Komsomol card with a real stamp on the photo, where clearly visible, as the falls prints on photo:

Other facts also fabricated:

  • Photographer, showed film of Sergei, said: "this is an old Svema on 36 shots, it was discontinued in the 70s". Commentators have argued that this type of film was available for purchase even in the 90s. you Can add that this rarity can now be purchased.
  • The lack of Solomenskiy district until 2002, despite the fact that this district Komsomol Committee issued the ticket in 1956. And such claims to the kind of ticket. But the fact that he is fake, we've already figured out.

Now let's deal with the fact that, in theory, should be true: the interview and pictures of the future.

About radiotapes issued for real, much to say, except that the recording sounds too "clean" for such a long period of storage.

But with the photos all the more interesting.

The video is a picture where Sergey stands in the background "of Kyiv of the future."

This snapshot is compared to the "present Kiev" (2012), filmed from the same point:

Curious on the "picture the future" can be considered, for example, the three homes are:

They are completely identical, except for size. Similar silhouettes are guessed in other buildings. As for silhouettes of houses, then commentators are divided - Shanghai or new York. We haven't managed to find an identical home, but it's a matter of time. It's safe to say that this image is a photomontage.

Thus, all evidence of time travel that men are built on the fakes (probably made for the entertainment of the transmission), so there is no reason to believe that this story of a little can be considered real. And, accordingly, it cannot be regarded as proof of time travel.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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