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This section contains articles on phenomena or versions that may be interesting or useful to researchers of the unexplained facts in one way or another.

Image analysis on the subject of installation

Added Tue, 29/11/2016

Photography and videography are among the most common material evidence to substantiate the eyewitness account of an unexplained fact. Sometimes it's the only thing that confirms the words of the witness, so it is very important to be sure of the authenticity of footage.

The study of images with NOF is a bit more complicated than the definition of counterfeits among household photos, as these objects do not have well-defined properties. Based on the descriptions of eyewitnesses and photos and video footage, unexplained phenomena can be, both conventional density and translucent, have unnatural shades or glow, unusual speed and trajectory. In fact, it is their unusualness and unnaturalness and features paranormal from the normal. However, since they interact with our "normal" world (at least through the appearance in the pictures), they should obey its laws - to cast shadows, glare, to react with surrounding objects, etc. Because with this, such photos quite primenimy detection methods are fake, and used for normal photos and videos.

There are a number of ideas to recognize a fake. In this article, we will discuss the simplest and common methods used both in photo and video editing.

The simplest and least expensive fake is to overlay one image onto another without additional correction. Most often it is two images found in the Internet or the mystical phenomena imposed on personal photos or videos. For example, a photo cover from the tank of the BMW found on the Internet, adding to the landscape turns into a UFO.

However, the rendered image is easy to vary the installation. Let us examine for a visual example of why this is so.

The first is to pay attention to how the image was inserted. There are clearly visible sharp edges crop the image with a lid and a mismatch of the permissions of the two images.

In order to avoid this, often in use as a mystical phenomenon, the cloned part of the background image. Especially often this method is used when editing. For example, cut out a bright star from clone background video and animesouth its movement.

Following the attention the contrast between the images. The background is much more faded compared to the cover. Since the cover was photographed in different terms, reflecting on it more dramatic than in other subjects of photography. Also, when adding objects to the picture, it is necessary to consider how far it is relative to the scene. The photograph clearly shows that the farther are the objects of a landscape, so they are lighter.

To adjust such an image to the surroundings quite easily. For this there are two methods - changing the balance of brightness/contrast and reduce transparency. To add to the frame of the UFO to change the transparency is rarely used because through it will Shine through the background, but for adding ghosts this technique is used quite often.

Change these settings and view the image. Right just changed the brightness and contrast, and the left - only transparency.


Often also needed for color correction of image overlays.

However, in this case, the cap looks like an alien. This is due to differences in the illumination of objects. The sharp highlight on the lid must not be specified in landscape shooting situations.

It was a simple example, because there is a UFO does not interact with neither clouds, nor trees, no shadows, not reflected in the water, etc.

Thus, even the simplest image manipulation require a lot of attention, but does not guarantee results.

To make a perfect forgery, you need to be, if not an artist, have knowledge and intuition to correctly position the reflections, shadows, reflexes and reflection of how the unexplained object and the surrounding space from him. Since this requires rather more time and skill, so they often hide such flaws by superimposing on the image of various filters and effects (interlacing, fog, antique photographs, scuffs, etc.), but since in normal mode, no phone, no photo and video camera, such electrow does not impose, for the researcher it is only reason to suspect forgery and explore the image with greater care.


Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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