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Mobile phone in 1938

Added Thu, 13/04/2017

Many are interested in questions of time travel known video, recorded in 1938. On black-and-white footage seen a crowd of people emerging from the plant. Of all stands a young girl in a dress and with a mobile phone in his hand.

Most viewed video or photo, a common question is: how does the mobile phone was in 1938? It is natural that the Internet was an assumption that she is a time traveler.

Indeed, the first prototype of a portable cell phone (Motorola DynaTAC) was only released in 1973 and did not look quite as compact. Yes, and who could talk a woman, if at that time there were no cell towers?

In fact, everything was quite prosaic. According to official sources, seventeen-year-old girl in the picture is Gertrude Jones, employee of the us company DuPont, in scientific and technological developments.

She was one of five people who were assigned to test an experimental device for wireless communication developed by the company in the city of Leominster (mA). At the time of the shooting the girl was talking with another participant of the experiment - the scientist-developer is on the right. In his hands was exactly the same device to communicate.

Thus, this entry is not proof of the existence of time travelers. However, this does not prevent many people to believe in this phenomenon and continue to look further.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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Artie's picture
26.08.2017 09:42:02

Не знаю куда еще написать, поэтому напишу сюда.

Итальянский абстракционист Умберто Романо в 1937 году закончил картину «Мистер Пинчон и поселение Спрингфилд». На ней изображен английский колонист Уильям Пинчон в Северной Америке. Рядом с Пинчоном — индеец в традиционной одежде и с перьями в волосах, который смотрит в айфон.

Из статьи на Медузе

Скорее всего, индеец смотрит в зеркало, но наш мозг однозначно идентифицирует предмет как айфон.

Оригинальная статья на английском языке

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