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Mysterious Venice

On the Adriatic coast is a city located on Islands and channels. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in Italy. This city is not only unique in its architecture and location and is one of the most romantic places in the world, but also has a unique mystical atmosphere.

For many centuries the city's appearance has varied a little, many homes here have remained almost since its inception. Most of the streets are channels of different sizes, and the remaining space is a small plots of land, connected by bridges. It is often small courtyards, paved with stone, but more often just a narrow space between the houses. There are also quite indoor areas like small tunnels and sometimes the whole maze through which represent that he was in some parallel world or dream.

Not surprisingly, with this arrangement, Venice is a city with a huge variety of legends. They have been accumulating here for centuries and continue to be born now. We have seen this in my own experience, and now offer to share it with us.

Mystical legends

Almost every square meter of Venice boasts of an interesting legend. To cover them all is not enough, and years of living in this city. Therefore, we select only a number of places that were iconic and that we were able to visit.

CA’ Dario

Kicking off with the home CA’ Dario located at Dorsoduro 352.

Palazzo Dario (CA’ Dario) on the Grand canal in Dorsoduro kind of hard to miss: exotic mosaics, unusual Renaissance facade, chimneys Palazzo doesn't fit in a number of buildings around.

Built in 1487 for Giovanni Dario, the building remained in the ownership of his descendants until the XIX century. No scary stories in the construction of the Palazzo is not accompanied, but the trouble began immediately after the lawful owner has crossed the threshold of the house. The events around the Palace even formed the basis of the novel of Petra Reske.

The daughter of Giovanni Dario, committed suicide, and later was killed by the son of Giovanni Vincenzo. In the twentieth century Palazzo owned by different people, and each new owner was chasing trouble: the crash of the tenor Mario Del Monaco in 1964, the murder of count del Lanz in the 70's, the strange death of the Manager of the band the Who Christopher Lambert (he committed suicide, turning the neck on the stairs), the list goes on. [1,2]


Palazzo Dario (CA’ Dario) on the Grand canal in Dorsoduro

For a long time the house was for sale, but the buyer was not. Currently CA’ Dario was someone purchased, and there are repairs. Well, good luck to the new owners.

The lagoon near the cemetery of San Michele

This story took place November 29, 1904 in waters of the Venetian lagoon, near the cemetery of San Michele. Francesco Quintavalle, the captain of the ship "Pellestrina" coming from the Fondamenta Nove to Burano, decided to continue the voyage, despite zero visibility. The lagoon was enveloped in a thick fog, dusk arrived, but the team, tired after a hard day, wanted at all costs to get to Burano. Ten minutes after "Pellestrina" in the same direction sailed two boats, returning from Venice.

Further, according to the reports, the following happened. Moving away from the cemetery, Quintavalle decided to change course and gave the order to slowly take back. Gondola was right behind the ship, and noticed it too late. "Pellestrina" split the boat gondolier Antonio "Red landslide" in two: a few people managed to cling to the wreckage and climb aboard "Pellestrina", but five passengers, all women, disappeared for a few seconds. The search began immediately and lasted all night, despite the fog. After a few hours one of the search boats came across the body of Thoso Mary bull, which died of hypothermia in a few minutes after the detection. In the morning were found the bodies of the other passengers: Lei, Thoso of Borelli and Amalia Padovan Vistosi. However, the bodies of two girls, Teresa Sandon and Josephine Gabriel Carmelo, literally sunk into the water.

Ten months later, in September 1905, Teresa Sandon saw in a dream her sister. Ghost asked me to pray for her, "as her body remained a prisoner at the bottom of the channel, but the prayer had to free her soul." Awakened sister immediately went to the Church; and that, ten days in the channel of the Bissa, in front of the island Vignola, two fishermen found the mutilated long stay in the water the body Sandon.

Josephine Gabriel Carmelo was less fortunate, it never found: the bones of girls lie at the bottom of the lagoon, but her soul, according to gondoliers and the Venetian vaporetto drivers, found buried in a small coffin floating down the lagoon on a foggy night. According to the seafarers themselves, the coffin lit four candles, so that it was noticeable with the passing ship. [1]


The lagoon in front of the cemetery of San Michele

During our visit to foggy nights did not happen, however, the cemetery island from afar we looked. It is nothing unusual noticeable, but the movement on the channel between the Islands very busy. Apparently, a small coffin, Gabriel Carmelo't been very long, otherwise the Internet would be full of photos and videos this is undoubtedly a terrible phenomenon.

A mother's heart

On the square near the Scuola di San Marco (now community hospital) in the early 16th century, played out a tragic story. Near Scuola lived a woman who had a child from a Levantine merchant. The Levant belonged to Turkey, and seventies, using the privileges of merchants, comfortably settled in the Giudecca. With him lived his son. Nevertheless, he periodically visited the mother and usually beat her, tormented her own nature of provenience-paulianity, rejected by both societies. The woman dutifully endured his violence: she took son for who he is.

But one evening everything changed. In a fit of anger, what it has not happened before, the young man stabbed his mother and literally ripped the heart out of her chest. Blinded by fury and terror of offense, he ran like a man possessed, clutching his mother's heart. When he reached the bridge in front of Skwalas, he stumbled and dropped his heart. Heart fell to the ground and suddenly turned to his mother's voice: "my Son, is something wrong?"

In desperation, the young man suddenly realized what he had done, ran to the Bay in front of the cemetery and rushed along with a mother's heart in the icy waters. Hospital employees say that the cold winter nights it is still possible to hear his cry, when the soul of a young man looking for a mother's heart, yearning for the warmth of love. [1]


The square of San Giovanni e Paolo, Ospedale Civile di Venezia


Bialitski the hunchback

Opposite the Church of St. Giacomo is a small marble "ladder" supports the figure of a hunchback. This design was intended for the reading of the decrees of the Republic, as well as the announcement of the names of the criminals. There was a simple but fairly effective way of punishment have committed minor transgressions: in the Central square of Saint Mark they were stripped naked and forced to run through the crowd of citizens in the area of San Giacomo, where the humiliation of the guilty stopped once he was kissing a statue of a hunchback. [2]


Il Gobbo di Rialto [2]

When looking for this sights with us played a trick on fate. I must say that most of the places we planned to visit on this trip, was on the restoration. So it was with a hunchback. The area around the bridge is repaired, and she was decorated with special paintings. We had to roll every inch of the bridge and the area around it, we even went under the bridge, but the hunchback is not found, so whatever is said about him is legend now he's cursed us.

The results

To bring some kind of end to our journey, tell a story that happened to me during a stay in this mysterious and enigmatic city.

Near Venice is the island of Murano, famous for its glass-blowing workshops, so the town is filled with shops selling glass Souvenirs and ornaments. Popular glass beads of different colors from which you can dial the bracelet in your own style. After passing through another low and narrow maze of streets, I decided to succumb to the General rush and to buy a souvenir like this bracelet (in the colors of the website, of course). I immediately turned to a nearby shop and began to examine the beads. On display was not needed, but as soon as I was about to leave, meet me came a tall, thin man of about forty or fifty, with dark, with light streaks of gray hair. Seeing that I was looking at the beads and was about to leave he said "O! No!" and symbolically put my arm rack. And from somewhere got a small layout with the beads. There were hanging beads not just my desired colors, and the ones that I imagined when decided to buy.

Then I what for began to doubt, do I need a bracelet at all, is it worth buying it in the first shop that I went. I thanked the man and left, keeping the coordinates of the shop in phone in case you change your mind or find something better.


Shop glass Souvenirs

Of course, nothing better I have found. But the coordinates turned out to be a small restaurant. And even after going once around the route, that store I never met.

The fact that I then bought this bracelet, I have no regrets and the story that I was telling quite another. Among the ancient and mysterious atmosphere you can believe anything, and legends never cease to be born. Suddenly, this story will mark the beginning of the legend of the Venetian merchant-the Ghost who offers you the ideal item, but only once?

Modern facts of the collision with unexplained rarely unique. As a rule, this happened, and even was listed in the category of urban legends. Often these legends originated far from the modern scene, and it's been years that a new round of famous stories were developed in a new place (as happened, for example, chupacabras), and sometimes descriptions of different phenomena are extremely similar and differ only in the local name. I like the idea of visiting different localities not only in Russia but also in countries around the world, with the purpose of studying a particular history, and collection of local legends and attempts to feel the atmosphere of their birth, to understand their origins and what is reflected from them in modern life, and finding various rare and local literature in our field. Well, I hope we will continue.

I Express my gratitude to all the participants-the partners of this trip, to save energy, NDS, Artie

We Express our gratitude to everyone who helped with the collection of information, but who asked not to advertise their data.

Also we would like to thank everyone who helped with the collection of information, but wished not to publicize their personal data

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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