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Photograph Of Nessie George Edwards (2012)

Added Thu, 15/02/2018

In August 2012 the captain of the boat George Edwards (61) took a picture of the Loch ness monster, which is considered the most compelling photography in recent years. Many experts have confirmed that the photo is genuine, and some researchers have argued that it depicts someone obviously animate.

Despite the hype around the photo, in 2013, George Edwards admitted that it was a forgery, which he did for fun.

In 2011 he participated in the filming of the documentary of National Geographic about the famous Nessie. For obtaining beautiful shots in the film were used sham hump of fiberglass. George Edwards had access to the props and decided to have some fun, took a picture.

In his confession he said that criticizing the scientific approach to Nessie and recognizes entertainment. He believes that the beast attracts large number of tourists to the lake. With this point of view and agree to the representatives of the chamber of Commerce Drumnadrochit (city, standing on the shore of Loch ness), which considers the monster as a "myth", which brings the profit of the tourism industry.

There are people who disagree with this point of view. For example, Steve Flaten suggested that these fakes not only hurting the reputation of their creators, but the brand "Loch Ness Monster", reducing the flow of tourists.

When you read things in Newspapers, but starting to think it's just a story. But if you read the reports and books you likely will realize that there is something still there, and it demands an explanation, said Steve Flaten.

Thus, this photo joined the many fake images of Nessie, such as, for example, the famous "photography surgeon". However, this does not bother the researchers of this phenomenon, which firmly believe that Nessie exists, and speculation with this myth should not influence the course of its study, based on the testimonies, which are considered authentic.

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