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Known misconceptions

Pictures of UFOs Walters, 1987

The story began with the fact that on the evening of 11 November 1987, ed Walters saw in the window of his house a strange light in the sky. In order to photograph the light source, Walters hurried to his room, took his Polaroid camera and ran outside. He took four pictures, and then, according to him, was paralysed by a ray of blue light.

One of the many similar UFO photos taken by ed

17 November ed Walters published their photos in the newspaper.

In the following weeks ed Walters has photographed many of the same UFO.

When all these images became public, they took up issledovateli. They suggested that the images were obtained by double exposure, as this effect is easily reproduced in are used by the author of the model Polaroid camera. For the final proof could only find a model UFO that he used for filming.

Walters sold his home and moved to another location. New resident of the house, making repairs in the attic of the house found a model UFO.

The model found in the attic of ed

The model was wrapped in drawings marks made by handwriting Walters.

Walters denied prichastnosti to this model and copied it on the enemies or journalists hungry for sensation.

Using the same camera, the researchers vosproizvel a few pictures of ed in the model by placing the light source.

Attempt Craig Meyers make a similar photo

After some time, the story will be continued.Teenager Tom Smith told them that he saw a UFO and made a series of photos. But the next day he admitted that these photographs were part of the deception started by the Walters.

Thomas Smith Jr. (aka Tommy Smith) was the son of a local attorney and friend ed Walters. Tommy told many interesting stories about what he said ed Walters, and how he faked his photographs of UFOs. Smith said that he had seen in the house of the Walters models of UFOs and even helped him when shooting, hold the model on a branch. He also had copies of several such photos. According to others, in this fraud, in addition to youth also attended by his wife, son and daughter ed. In addition, another teenager, Nick MOK, mentioned in an interview that his ed is also sometimes asked to help with the stunts.


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