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Traveler Chaplin

In October 2010, the Internet got newsreel footage, posted on YouTube by documentary filmmaker George Clarke from Northern Ireland. In the clip, he analyzes the bonus material from the DVD film "the Circus" Charlie Chaplin. This material was filmed at the premiere of the film at Grauman's Chinese theatre (Grauman's Chinese Theatre) in 1928 in Los Angeles.

On the newsreel you can see a strange figure, like talking over the mobile phone. An elderly woman is seen on the record only a few minutes, and in those moments, she presses something to his ear, talking and gesturing.

Sam Clark argues that investigated the record for a year and believes that in the frame were a time traveler talking on a cell phone.

Could this happen in 1928? Who were you talking to this lady? On this account there are many versions that are described on different resources.

First and foremost, of course, highlighted version of the supporters of time travel. They support Clark, and I believe that the record is irrefutable proof of the existence of such travel.

The skeptics, the main ideology is to question everything and seek the truth, doubted the veracity of such judgments.

Of course, it is unknown what future has arrived the woman, but the modern cellular works quite difficult. Phone one subscriber communicating with the nearest Base Station (BS) on the service channel, and requests to allocate a voice channel. The base Station sends a request to the controller (BSC) and forwards it to the switch (MSC). Next, the switch checks the Home Location Register (HLR), finds out where the caller, transfer the call to the appropriate switch, the one where it will be forwarded to the controller and then to the Base Station. The base Station connected with a mobile phone of another subscriber.

It turns out that just to bring mobile phone in the past to communicate not enough, and the version seems quite implausible.

There is a very simple and rational explanation of what is happening on the screen.

Those years were very common Eustachian tube. This device looks like a mouthpiece that is inserted into the ear narrow end. Though the first electric hearing aid was constructed in 1878, but because of weak amplification and large distortion is not very popular. In favor of this version says the location of the fingers, as if grasping some sort of rounded object. Thus, it could be a compact auditory tube.

It is quite logical version that explains the strange behavior of the woman on the recording, however, the researchers did not stop there and suggested that in the hands of the supposed adventurer's nothing there and the woman was just scratching his head, and began to talk only after she called and told about the shooting. But most researchers and people interested in find this very very simplified version of the least believable and still tend to the version with the auditory tube.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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