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UFO over Don

I scored 6 evidence of the appearance of a bright luminous point over the surrounding area of Voronezh. On clear nights it can be confused with a bright star, so it was evident only in the presence of the horizon clouds.

In the observations of witnesses it is possible to allocate the following common features:

  • object observed in the evening hours immediately after sunset;
  • the object looked like a bright, shining point;
  • places are different, but in advance of finding the object on the don river;
  • the object color is white-yellow, brightness stronger than that of Venus, form spherical;
  • the object appears motionless.


Based on the descriptions of eyewitnesses was drawn up following initial hypotheses:

  • the lights of an airplane on takeoff or landing (near an airport and the object was low enough);
  • the plane, reflecting the rays of the setting sun that had already disappeared behind the horizon and the ground was not visible;
  • sky lantern;
  • light a flare or something like that (in this area often fly deltaplanerism).

Given the large number of random observations was the possibility that the object in this area appears quite often, and this meant that it could capture on video for further analysis and adjustment hypotheses.

The observations were conducted on different days from different angles, similar to those that were stated by the witnesses.

I was able to see the object 04.05.2016 at 19:53 on the North-Western outskirts of the city, in the area of garage co-operative "Wave". It was already dark, and the object was clearly visible against the dark clouds on the horizon. He was very bright, but while I was reaching for the phone he went out, slowly fading. All the observation lasted several seconds.

The figure is based on personal observation

Because to remove the video object for the first time failed, then the point is a good observation it was decided to have nightly shooting. Also, thanks to this case was able to discard some hypotheses, reducing the amount likely to two:

  • the lights of an airplane on takeoff or landing;
  • the plane reflecting the rays of the setting sun.

Of the schedule of regular flights is seen that approximately the specified time (19 to 56) arrived 233 s7 flight Moscow-Voronezh, that is not allowed to exclude any of the remaining hypotheses.

During subsequent observations it was necessary to comply with the conditions:

  • the time corresponding to the period of the sunset (the light angle)
  • similar weather (low clouds; dark clouds near the horizon, while the sunlight should go beyond the clouds)

03.06.2016 at 20:46 was able to observe the object and shoot it on video.


A video of the flight of the object

The picture captured a bright object.

The object was a helicopter periodically flies over the river don and the surrounding area. Bright light, probably gives the spotlight of the helicopter or its sidelights.


We observe in this area a glowing UFO, which the General behavior and appearance, are the lights of a helicopter circulating in the area of the don river.

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