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Brownie. Russia

ID #1571685996
Added Mon, 21/10/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Belgorodskaya oblast

21.10.2019 in 4-05 (MSK, UTC+3) via the feedback form we received a letter from Yakovlev Viktor Dmitrievich from the city of Shebekino (Belgorod region). He writes the following:


It all started about 2 months ago. I had to lay in bed and pull the blanket around my feet began a strange race. Lying on his right side, I suddenly felt like the thumb of the lower leg was wrapped with the type of tentacles and began to twist the finger in different directions, to pull it, as if trying to drag him. Lifting my fingers, I seem to have dropped these feelings, but after a few seconds they re-appeared. When I tried left foot to hold the fingers of the right, there was nothing found.

Attempts to grab the slide with your hand also nothing was found. In addition to the above-described phenomenon, I also felt, on the upper left thigh fit some elongated body, the entire length of the thigh, a palpable mass, like a kitten who had gathered to take a NAP on the host. Although the kitten I have.

Slowly pulling a hand from under the blanket, I just swung and slapped through the top blanket on the thigh - anything outside! Within seconds of the same sensation resumed.

Putting his hand under the blanket, I held her thigh - nothing and no one! However, under the hand felt through the skin some wiggling and going in waves.

At the same time, on the right, bottom, foot lasted the same fuss around the fingers and if I didn't move, then there was a feeling that the toes enveloped a viscous web or film. If I shook the leg, all the sensation was gone, but soon again resumed. Trying to get rid of the RAM I top, left, foot crushed him along with the blanket to the wooden headboard of the bed and felt under the foot through the blanket some elastic vibrating body, which vigorously squirmed and tried to get out from under your feet. Stood up, and spun me, without lifting feet from the headboard of the bed, tried using a blanket to catch the creature, but felt in the hand just an empty blanket with duvet cover. Probing wore too gave nothing. All this happened in complete darkness and silence. However, when the light pattern has not changed.

Getting tired of this struggle, I turned to the left side and trying not to pay attention to this fuss, I fell asleep. Notice that on the left side the intensity of this fuss was significantly reduced, and in the morning nothing reminded of the night ghosts.

At first I thought all this happens only in bed at night, but somehow, sitting at the computer, I suddenly felt under the table is some motion on the right foot in a Thong and felt the familiar tentacles, which buried in the same big toe of the right foot, began toying with the same energy. I pushed myself away from the table, hoping at last! To see ghosts at night, but never-th-th was not! And the finger did not move! And the feeling lasted! The mystic!

Will immediately notice that I never used drugs and strong alcohol and never met with such phenomena.

Now, as I write this post, the big toe of my right foot under the table again, fingering the invisible Ghost.

Thanks, Victor D., for sharing such an interesting and fascinating history.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Защемление нерва

Under the pinched nerve is usually described as the contact with the nerve roots between the discs of the spine, in other parts of the skeleton, strained ligaments or muscles (in which case the compression of the nerve fibers that causes pain and disturbs the wiring of signals from the brain).

A pinched nerve occurs when too high a pressure of adjacent tissues such as bone, cartilage, muscle or tendons on the nerve.


Versions testing, their confirmation or refutation. Additional information, notes during the study of materials

We asked the author of the letter, a few follow-up questions via email. Answers will be published here.

Unfortunately, it seems that he did not want to answer questions. We wrote him another letter, which stated:

Very sorry that You have not answered our questions. The absence of further information does not allow us to confirm or deny probable version, as well as to make any other assumptions.

You have described symptoms similar to a pinched nerve (most likely lumbar or sacral). I strongly advise You to consult a qualified professional. If the doctor confirms our assumption that assigned treatment can eliminate the discomfort.

Unfortunately, the data that You have provided to us, we can't help.

Victor D. replied:

All of Your questions I answered below. However, I must inform you that the slides, as there was a sudden 2-3 months ago, as suddenly and disappeared without a trace.2 days ago without saying goodbye. Version no.

1) It started "out of the blue"? Whether there were any previous events? For example, bright emotionally or physically (stress, trauma, strong physical activity, etc.)

- No, it was not.

2) do You work out? If Yes, how long?

- No, I am 78 years old. Used to Hiking and swimming.

3) What is your nature of work?

- Chemist retired, spent lots of time on the computer.

4) whether You have before, during or after contact with beings of some other sensations (physical pain, visual and auditory effects, etc.; emotional: fear, sadness, etc.)?

- No, no effects are experience. Contacts harmless, but annoying.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
Not enough information

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Zet's picture
27.10.2019 21:08:08

Захватывающая история. У автора просто писательский талант к рассказам и описанию происходящего! Тронул до глубины души! Кстати, со мной происходило что-то подобное, но свою причину я знаю - травма позвоночника. Такие же ощущения у меня были и с руками. Описание превосходное! Браво! 

July N.'s picture
July N.
27.10.2019 21:48:26

Написано действительно замечательно. Полностью согласна. Очень рада, что у него это прошло.

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