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Aquatic creatures. Kyrgyzstan

ID #1643125869
Added Tue, 25/01/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 

In April 1995, Viktor Sanin, a resident of the village of Kara–Oi Issyk–Kul district (the name of the hero was changed at his request), a fisherman with more than thirty years of experience, put nets in the area of the beach of the pension “Dilorom”. Together with him, his friend Timosha, a resident of the same village, went fishing.

- We lit a fire on the shore, I sat half-turned to the shore, and my partner sat with his back to the lake. No sooner had the tea boiled than I noticed this couple leisurely dissecting the wave right above our rigging.

At first, it occurred to me that it was completely arrogant competitors who decided to encroach on someone else's catch right in front of the owners. But everything turned out to be much more unexpected.

Fishermen rushed headlong to the pier. Having reached the middle of it, they found themselves about forty meters from the uninvited guests who interested them. The aliens looked so shocking that for the first few moments people, as if enchanted, peered into their outlines, perfectly visible from a short distance in the crystal clear water.

The "sweet couple" walked leisurely just where the smaller ones were. The distance between the creatures was about five to six meters. Timosha and I saw them very well.

And there was something to be amazed at. From a short distance, the contours of the strange bodies under the water most resembled horses. They were about three meters long. But what struck the observers most of all was the thick, dark brown hair that was slowly moving under the oncoming jets of water.

Another remarkable detail caught my eye. On a superficial inspection, the front part of the body of the "water horses" looked like a slightly rounded stump, like a log.

Before that, individuals moving peacefully in parallel courses noticed the close presence of strangers. They abruptly changed direction, and then, after walking a few more meters, as if on command, synchronously went under the water.

- We did not wait for their reappearance, - Victor continued his memories. - In fright, they left the nets, got into my old Moskvich and quickly left for the village.

On the same day, in the late afternoon, the would-be fishermen met the boarding house watchman Natalchonok (he got his nickname from his surname - Natalchenko).

- As soon as you drove away from the pier, I decided to get my nets, - he told his comrades. - Yes, it was not there. These two sea beasts appeared again, and besides, near the shore. So I went to my cottage out of harm's way.

Eyewitnesses began to tell their fellow villagers about what they saw on the lake shoal. It turns out that Karaoites, among whom there are many fishing, were not surprised. And father and son Ivan and Mikhail Mitin even had a good joke:

- Make noise like the end of the world has come. We have met these beauties so many times that we even began to get used to them.

We have several times appealed to venerable scientists, who have been studying the ichthyofauna of the mountain reservoir for decades, with a request to comment on such curious testimonies of the inhabitants of the Issyk-Kul. In response, there are only skeptical smiles and a polite refusal, apparently for the reason that this cannot be, because it should never be.


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