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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

Spirits. United States

ID #1665155995
Added Fri, 07/10/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 
Честерфилд, VA
United States

It was the Lewis family's first night in their new home when a naked woman with black eyes and "the strength of four grown men" burst in on them.

Spending the first night in a brand-new home is always a little unsettling, but for the Lewis family from Chesterfield, Virginia, it became almost fatal. A naked woman broke into the family's house on South Twilight Lane, claimed she was the devil, and attacked them.

During the fight, the owner of the house fired 39 shots in order to stop the attacker, but she moved so fast that he could not hit her. Inside, the house looks like a scene from a horror movie - the floor is littered with shell casings, the carpet soaked in blood, the walls and windows riddled with bullets.

"She was going to kill us," says Melissa Lewis. "It was her goal to kill us. She attacked us and we held her down, just kept hitting her and hitting her as hard as we could."

The stranger claimed that she was the devil, and indeed seemed possessed. Her eyes were black, and her behavior was not human.

The "she-devil" laughed ominously, refused to leave and was much stronger than one would expect from a woman of her complexion. All this prompted Mr. Lewis, a father of three, to grab a gun.

"I said, 'Who are you?' She said, "I need your help, please help me." I said, "Get out of my house," and she says, "I'm the devil."

After giving the woman a final verbal warning, he opened fire. None of the bullets hit the woman, who violently attacked the homeowner while his family was sleeping upstairs. "She looked possessed, her eyes were completely black, and huge as saucers, and she was laughing like it was a joke. She didn't stop. She had the strength of four grown men."

The shooting woke up the rest of the family. Lewis ran out of bullets and started throwing pieces of furniture at the woman. His wife and children soon joined him, teaming up to stop the woman in any way possible. It wasn't until 12-year-old Logan grabbed a wrench and hit her on the neck that she fell.

The police arrived and arrested the woman, but her name was not established. The police are sure that this is a local resident, but so far they have not been able to establish where she lived. The possessed woman is being held under guard at a local hospital where she is being treated for her injuries.

The shocked Lewis family, in addition to bite marks and bruises, experienced a fair shock.

"I'm afraid to go in there, I won't even go into any room alone, I'm terrified," Melissa Lewis said.

Detectives have informed the family that the woman will soon be charged with robbery, burglary and attempted murder.

The answers of the woman herself could definitely clarify whether it was a psychotic breakdown or an attack caused by drugs, but a severe head injury after being hit with a key apparently caused the woman to have amnesia.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Dissociative disorders

Dissociative disorders is a group of mental disorders characterized by changes or disturbances of a variety of mental functions - consciousness, memory, sense of personal identity, awareness of the continuity of self-identity.

In modern psychiatry, the term "dissociative disorder" is used to refer to three phenomena:

Nervous breakdown

A nervous breakdown is a protective reaction of the body in emotional or mental overload. He is not a medical term, a colloquial designation of the phenomenon, which doctors call an exacerbation of neurosis or nervous disorder.

Possible causes of a nervous breakdown you can call:


This version include any unexpected event or unexpected confluence of circumstances (in this case, not necessarily with a deadly or traumatic outcome, not necessarily directly influencing a person's or animal), as well as its consequences, which were taken as something mystical or paranormal.

Usually (e.g. in the Labour code) in an accident include:


Rocket launches (from

  • Site: () Vehicle: CZ-11H Payload: CentiSpace-1 S5 (Weili Kongjian-1 S5, Xiangrikui 5) CentiSpace-1 S6 (Weili Kongjian-1 S6, Xiangrikui 6)
  • Site: Onenui Station, Mahia, Wairoa, North Island (New Zealand) Vehicle: Electron KS Payload: GAzelle (Argos-4) (ex OTB 3)


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