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Aquatic creatures. United States

ID #1673096634
Added Sat, 07/01/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Атлантик-Бич, NC
United States

Monster hunters fear that Nessie swam out of Loch Ness, appearing in a strange place.

A giant snake-like creature that some claim looks like the Loch Ness monster has surfaced, but not in the Scottish Highlands, where one would expect.

The huge beast was caught with its head sticking out of the water off Atlantic Beach in North Carolina before its body surfaced and sank back under the water.

Puzzled witnesses wondered what kind of animal it was, and some wondered if it was a mythical Scottish monster.

The Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle store, which posted the monster video, said it was "something you don't see every day."

They added:

"There were whales or the Loch Ness monster in the port this morning. I've never seen anything like it."

Original news

A giant, snake-like creature that some claim looks like the Loch Ness Monster has surfaced, but not in the Scottish Highlands where you might expect.

The huge beast was captured with its head out the water off Atlantic Beach in North Carolina, before its body surfaced and it dipped back underwater.

Perplexed witnesses were left pondering what the animal was, with some questioning if it was the mythical Scottish monster.

Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle store, which posted a video of the monster said it’s “something you don't see everyday”.

They added: “Whales or the Loch Ness Monster in the port this morning. Never seen one inside the inlet like this.”


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