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Mysterious substance. Russia

ID #1696078249
Added Sat, 30/09/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Penzenskaya oblast

A letter to the Commission on AYA from Terekhova Katya and Olya:

I have encountered a similar phenomenon only once in Lizni.

My cousin and I always come to visit my grandmother in the village, in the Penza region, for summer holidays. So it was 2 years ago.

My sister and I (she was 9 years old at the time) and my mother went to the forest for mushrooms. We have a slide in the forest. When we had already passed this slide, my sister said that she had forgotten a knife on the slide. My mom and I stayed, and she ran to look for him.

Olya, that's my sister's name, came running scared of something. Mom asked what was wrong with her? Oh, I didn't tell her anything, and when we got home, she told me everything. It turned out that Olya saw a ball on the hill. According to her, it was small, red-gray, and dense in appearance. with a metallic sheen. He was 50 steps away from Olya, at the very top of the hill. Olya ran to us right away. she was scared. At first I didn't believe her.

Then the next day we went to the forest again, but this time with Dad. Dad was sitting under a tree, and we decided to run and go to the slide to see if there was this ball there. We didn't see the ball. But on the top of the slide we found a small depression, and in it lay some strange balls (small). They were perfectly round and somewhat resembled grains of iron mixed with clay. Olya and I took 2 balloons home and began to explore them. we even knocked on them with the butt of an axe, but could not break them.

When we went to the hill again 2 days later, there was nothing there. The balloons disappeared somewhere.

Olya and I can't figure out what it was? Maybe a UFO? Recently we heard a strange legend from local residents that once a robber escaped from the Penza prison. He was hiding in our forest, and one night he saw a glowing ball on the mountain, near the fields. Old believers say that this was God's messenger and he was sent by God to the robber so that he would repent of the evil he had done.

Since then, this mountain has been called "holy". Many go there to repent of their sins.

My sister sends you a drawing of this ball. Its diameter was 60-80 cm .. The ball had no sharply defined boundaries.


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