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Mysterious substance. Russia

ID #1699975518
Added Tue, 14/11/2023
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
06.07.1967 13:30
Orlovskaya oblast

Lomakin P. I. (G.Orel) writes to the Commission on the:

After reading your article in the newspaper "Labor" "Exactly at 4-10" about an unusual phenomenon occurring above the earth UFO, it is of great interest to every reader. Some reacted to her with the uncertainty of everything that was happening. I was such a skeptic earlier, I thought it was just superstitious nonsense, in some supernatural creation of God, in which I did not believe until my time.

What happened to me once made me think. It was on July 6, 1967 at 13-30 in the afternoon, at the workplace, in the red corner in Orel, with the PATO-1 convoy. I worked as a graphic designer, stood at the table in front of a paper drawing, made calculations for the design of the stand.

With my left hand I leaned on a meter-long wooden ruler, in my right hand I was holding a compass, when suddenly before my eyes with a rustle resembling the rustle of book leaves, a living creature flew out of a clean wall with a very slow movement (about 0.5 m/sec) that I managed to get a good look at it.

Here it is: length up to 20 cm, thickness up to 10 cm, wings up to 6-8 cm. The distance from the wall to the ruler is 1- 1.20 meters. It hit the ruler, knocked it out, the compass fell out and the object disappeared somewhere.

I looked at the floor. In front of me, the size of a football, there was a ball of tar in a mess of tangled twine.

I started swearing, I thought some fool threw it at my window. I was the only one here. I wanted to take up the ball and throw it away, but in front of me was a thick cloud of gray smoke, odorless and without the effects of others. A second later, the smoke disappeared.

The ruler was lying on the floor, the compass stuck in the floor. I checked the windows, windows, doors, everything was closed. I searched all the furniture, paintings, found nothing anywhere. There are no marks on the walls and on the floor. I told my friends, they laughed - that I was asleep and in a dream I dreamed it. But after all, I know myself, in what state I was (calm) and I don't drink vodka, and I don't believe in God.

The object was gray in color and the coat was like a cat's, only very rare. Two eyes with cherry dark brown color. The wings are short 6 - 8 s m . But waving with a bookish rustle.

The next day I wrote to central television to find out what it is? They answered me - ask the physicist for an explanation. However, I didn't go anywhere else. Since that time, I have already begun to believe in all the miracles that have happened, and they exist in different forms.




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