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UFO. Russia

ID #1720614528
Added Wed, 10/07/2024
Author July N.

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рука Восточная Лица
Murmanskaya oblast

For example, this is what Igor Zelenin, who was called up from the village of Vikhlyaevka in the Voronezh region and is serving at the outpost in the area of East Litsa, told.

The incident he describes happened last week.

I was sentry at the outpost. At first there was nothing. Then I looked - there was a glowing big ball hanging over the hill. And it changes gradually: then bright, then dim, yellowish, then bright again. The distance is about five kilometers. It was hanging right above the hill - it felt like if you climbed up the hill, you could reach this ball with your hand. Well, I reported to the duty officer and the head of the outpost. The boss began to look through binoculars. It was as if a pillar extended from the ball to the ground. The column did not glow, it looked like a shadow. and when it disappeared later, there was a trace in the sky, like from an airplane, only curved with the letter "G".

The soldier's words can be treated with disbelief, but his story is confirmed by several other eyewitnesses. Here is what, for example, the wife of the head of the outpost, Svetlana Shingireeva, told:

Yes, my husband and I watched UFOs yesterday, looked through binoculars. There is a fire above the hill, limited by a clear contour. As it seemed to me, an ellipse. He moved very abruptly - first he noticed in one place, then in another. And the most interesting thing is that the color changed, shimmered - yellow, red, We went home, I say, let's have a cup of coffee and see what happens next. We leave in about fifteen minutes - there is a curved white stripe in that place, as if a rocket had flown by. I had no feeling of fear, on the contrary, some kind of inspiration. I waved at them, saying, come in, guys, what are you hanging there for! Why are they afraid of us? It feels like we were being watched. This phenomenon was very close, literally a few kilometers away.

The most interesting thing, - Svetlana continues, - after a few minutes the sentry comes running: "Let's go outside, comrade senior lieutenant, there are some sounds!" We went out and heard a clicking sound that was repeated for a very long time at certain intervals. and it feels like first in one place, then in another, then back in the same direction. At exactly 12 a.m., everything disappeared. the guys say that at midnight it all always disappears. they told me that it had happened before. And on February 23, our whole 2 UFOs were observed here!

To the words Svetlana would like to add that such amazing phenomena have been noted here before. One of my friends, who is now, by the way, a border guard officer, did military service at this very outpost back in 1988. he said that "there was plenty of such flying goodness in the sky." Border guards occasionally observed strange glowing objects in the sky, but believed that this was the result of the action of air defense points located nearby at that time.

The same phenomena were observed at other outposts. More recently, similar "glowing balls, too big and bright to be stars," were seen by border guards from a technical observation post in Tyva-Guba.

All the "contacts" of the polar border guards with the "miracle", as a rule, are limited to a few minutes of contemplation of unusual phenomena and do not entail any consequences. Anyway, no one had any health problems or anything like that. As the "green caps" themselves half-jokingly assured me, no UFOs can prevent them from successfully completing all their tasks.

The lieutenant colonel, a border guard who himself served at the "point" for more than one year, commented on the "energetic" incidents very interestingly: 

You can sit at the outpost cheerful for a year - what can you not imagine! One soldier told me that every night someone comes to him and strokes his face with a warm furry paw. Another claimed that he saw a bay leaf fly off the table in his kitchen and float through the air. And then it smoothly descended to a completely different place... And many people heard the clicks, and the devil knows what else. And in the end, it all turns out to be just a figment of an inflamed imagination, to say the least.

Of course, today the "heavenly guests" for specialists of the Federal Border Service are not the first problem of importance. There are more pressing issues.

The most important of them are the material support of outposts, the maintenance of border units and ships in combat-ready condition, and the provision of decent living conditions for personnel. Although not without difficulties, the command of the Arctic Regional Directorate of the FPS manages to solve these tasks. This means that the border is still locked. And if there is order in the service, then the border guards will easily deal with violators and UFOs. no one will slip by unnoticed!


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  • Site: Vandenberg AFB, California (USA) Vehicle: Delta-7920-10 Payload: ARGOS (P91-1) Øerstedt Sunsat (OSCAR 35, SO 35)


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