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Big Trouble in Little China


Added Wed, 25/11/2020
Release date
Original title
Big Trouble in Little China

"Big Trouble in Little China" (English: "Big Trouble in Little China") is a feature film directed by John carpenter, released in 1986, a Comedy with elements of mystery and action.

The film was very popular, had a huge impact on popular culture and entered the top 500 films of all time according to the magazine "Empire", taking 430 line. The picture gave rise to a series of comics, computer games, Board games and toys depicting characters, and one of the characters served as the prototype for the character of the game "Mortal Kombat".

A San Francisco lawyer talks to an elderly Chinese man, egg Shen, trying to find out the location of Jack Burton, as well as to find out why half of Chinatown disappeared in green flames. Shen shows him a little trick and begins the story by telling him that Jack Burton is transporting a shipment of piglets to San Francisco in his truck. While his car is being unloaded, he sits down to play with his friend Wang Chi. Wang loses, but promises to pay Jack back after meeting his fiancee Miao Yin. Jack decides to go with Wang so as not to lose his winnings. At the airport, Wang's fiancee is kidnapped by representatives of the local gang "Lords of death".

Jack and Wang go in pursuit of the bandits and witness a showdown between the gangs, in which three unknown Chinese interfere, killing everyone in a row. Trying to leave, Jack hits an elderly gentleman with a car, and without the slightest harm to the latter. Wang tells him that the three Chinese are elemental spirits, and the elderly gentleman is none other than David Lo Pen, a powerful sorcerer. At Vaughn's house, Jack meets journalist Gracie Love again (the first time they met at the airport before the abduction), who tells him where to find Wang's fiancee. Going there, Jack again encounters the spirits of the elements, who kidnap the girl.

Jack and Wang go to the office of Lo Peng's company disguised as employees of the telephone company. Uncle Wang finds out about the appearance of Luo Peng on The street, about the disappearance of Miao Yin, and asks for help from old egg Shen, who earns excursions on his bus in Chinatown. In the Elevator, Jack and Wang are trapped, interrogated by Lo Peng, and find out why Miao was kidnapped. It turns out that Lo Pen is mostly a disembodied spirit. To get a living physical shell, he can marry a girl with green eyes, rare among Chinese women-Miao just such. Gracie and her friend Margot and Wang's boyfriend Eddie Lee go to Lo Peng's office and also get trapped in the Elevator. After a short period of torture, Jack and Wang manage to escape, freeing Gracie and the others in the process. Shen helps them by taking them away on his bus. However, it turns out that Gracie is missing.

Egg Shen calls for help from one of the local gangs. Together with them, friends descend into the dungeon of Chinatown. Meanwhile, Lo pan is experiencing the Miao and Gracie, who also is the owner of the green eyes. They both pass the test and become his brides. Friends get to the ceremony, during which Lo Peng must become flesh. He gets it, but only partially. Jack kills Lo Peng and the building begins to collapse, the elemental spirits die one by one: Rain dies in a sword fight with Wang, Thunder literally bursts with anger, Lightning drops a heavy stone on his head. The friends escape in Jack's truck.

Jack leaves the block, unaware that he is taking with him a monster that lived in the catacombs.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

The witchcraft shown in the film is referred to by its characters as "Chinese black magic". The bearers of witchcraft abilities are two old men: David Lo Peng and egg Shen.

Luo Peng was cursed thousands of years ago and forced to live forever in the shell of a decrepit old man. He can sometimes assume his true form, but at the same time becomes disembodied. In order to regain his body, he must perform a ritual: marry a girl with green eyes and after the wedding, sacrifice her. Luo Peng is served by three thunderstorm spirits, as well as various monsters of the underworld.

Egg Shen's story remains behind the scenes. All we know is that he is a powerful and very rich wizard who owns most of the block. His confrontation with Luo Peng has been going on for a very long time.

Manifestations of witchcraft in the film are very diverse. Sorcerers can release lightning and energy rays from their hands, hypnotize people, and make magic potions and weapons.

Phenomena in artwork: Spirits

The ancient sorcerer Luo Pen is served by three storm spirits: Rain, Thunder, and Lightning. They are embodiments of the elements and have paranormal abilities. Lightning can release electrical discharges from the hands, as well as rise to them in the air. Thunder has great physical strength, Rain-agility. All of them can levitate themselves and small objects.

Spirits are quite material and can be killed with a normal weapon (sword) or by throwing a heavy object on their head. One of the spirits (Thunder) explodes after seeing its master defeated.

Phenomena in artwork: Unknown creatures

The film shows a few creatures, the origin of which remains unclear until the end. All of them live in the underworld of Luo Peng and are most likely in His service.

One of these creatures is a large red-haired humanoid monster with huge teeth. He shows faint signs of intelligence, delivering a kidnapped girl to Luo Peng.

Another unknown creature is a flying spherical monster with many eyes all over its body (and even in its mouth). He plays the role of sentinel everything she sees a monster, and sees Lo pan.

Finally, the heroes meet the third monster in the caves, where it eats one of the characters in the film. It lives in the sewers, looks like a giant insect or a deep-sea fish, and clearly has no intelligence.

All these creatures are material and can be killed with ordinary weapons.

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