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Isle of the Dead


Added Mon, 06/12/2021
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Isle of the Dead

"Isle of the Dead" (English: "Isle of the Dead") is a horror film released in 1945. The film takes place on a fictional island, the image of which is inspired by the painting of the same name by Arnold Becklin.

1912. The Balkan War. The Greek general Ferides arrives on a certain Greek island (in the film his name is not pronounced) to visit his wife's grave, but it turns out to be looted by vandals. The general stops for the night at the house of the antiquarian Albrecht and suddenly learns that an epidemic is raging on the island: the guests in the house are dying one by one from a disease similar to the plague. However, the old woman Kira declares that the cause of the deaths is an attractive girl, Thea, whom the elderly woman considers a barbarian vampire.

One of the guests, Mrs. Mary St. Aubyn, suddenly falls into a trance, she is mistaken for the dead. But this is a temporary condition: at night, Mrs. St. Aubyn wakes up and, without controlling her actions, kills Kira. The general, suspecting Teya of the crime committed, tries to kill her, but falls, struck by illness. Mrs. St. Aubyn falls off a cliff and dies. The surviving characters safely leave the island.

Phenomena in artwork: Vrykolakas

The film does not show any supernatural events, only talk about them. An elderly woman of Greek origin considers a young girl to be a barbarian vampire, since she remains "fresh and rosy" while other residents of the house weaken and die. In fact, the deaths are caused by the spread of the bubonic plague carried by fleas on the island.

The woman convinces the other inhabitants of the island that in order to stop the plague, you need to kill the girl. In her opinion, the one who will die from the bite of the varvolaka himself turns into the same monster.

From the plot of the film, it is obvious that the girl is not a supernatural monster – this is just a figment of the imagination of a half-crazed old woman.

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