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Night of the Living Dead


Added Sun, 06/10/2019
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Night of the Living Dead

"Night of the Living Dead" (orig. "Night of the Living Dead") - A classic horror film made in 1968 directed by George Romero. In 1999, the film was included in the National Film Registry. Due to the small budget, the film was shot in black and white. The film became a real hit of rental in open-air cinemas and received several sequels. Due to the fact that the copyrights to the film were not registered in time, the film ended up in the public domain.

Contrary to popular belief, according to the director, he was inspired to create the film by Richard Matheson's novel "I am a Legend", and not John Russo's book "Night of the Living Dead" (on the contrary, the novel, published in 1974, is a novelization of the script).

It's interesting 

For zombie costumes in the movie "Night of the Living Dead" (orig. "Night of the Living Dead", 1968) used used second-hand items, and makeup for zombies was wax from a funeral home

The first version of the script of the movie "Night of the Living Dead" (orig. "Night of the Living Dead", 1968) it was called "A movie about monsters" and was designed in a comedic way.  The plot told about the friendship of teenage aliens with the population of the Earth.

Brother Johnny and sister Barbara visit their father's grave in an American town. At the cemetery, they are attacked by a man who, in gait and appearance, resembles a walking dead man, dirty and in a tattered torn suit. Struggling with him, Johnny unsuccessfully falls on a tombstone and breaks his head. Barbara runs away in a panic. When her car breaks down, she barricades herself in a small farmhouse. She stumbles upon a terrible corpse in the house, and when she looks out the window, she sees a lot of people moving like puppets, who are gathering in front of the house. Soon she is joined by a black Ben, who has run out of gas. He immediately gets down to business: he boards up the windows and doors of the house. Barbara is in a state of shock at this time. Soon it turns out that they are not alone in the house: Harry and Helen, their daughter Karen, who was bitten by a dead man, and a young couple Tom and Judy have barricaded themselves in the basement. They learn from a radio broadcast that the mysterious massacres have taken on the scale of a national disaster. The source of the resurrection is the radioactive radiation of the spacecraft that returned from Venus.

There is a conflict between Harry and Ben: Harry believes that it is safer to hide in the basement, while Ben sees a better chance of staying alive, being in the house and having the opportunity to observe what is happening. Harry does not receive support and closes himself in the basement. However, later Harry and Helen come out of the basement to watch a television appeal with the others, which talks about shelters organized by the authorities for survivors. They have a dangerous plan: to get gasoline for Ben's car, surrounded by the living dead, and try to get to the shelter. Harry uses a combustible mixture to scare away the dead. Ben with a burning torch in his hands, Tom and Judy make their way to the car and try to refuel it. During refueling, Tom and Ben make a fatal mistake: gasoline ignites and sets the car on fire. Tom drives him away from the gas station, but does not have time to leave him: together with Judy, they explode. Their charred bodies serve as food for the dead. With a fight, Ben returns to the house. Harry is obstructing him. Ben has to force the door out. The dead surround the house and attack, breaking through the barricades. Ben has to release the gun to keep the dead. Harry raises his weapon and threatens Ben with it. In a fight, Ben fatally wounds Harry. He goes down to the basement and dies next to the table where Karen is lying dead. Helen is trying to hold the second door. One of the dead men manages to grab Helen, and he tries to strangle her. Barbara comes to her aid, and the freed Helen tries to escape in the basement. There she sees little Karen, who has become a living dead, feeding on her father's flesh. A bloodied Karen attacks her mother and kills her. Barbara fights off the dead and notices her brother Johnny among them. He grabs his sister and pulls her into the crowd of the dead. Breaking through the barriers, the dead get into the house. Karen grabs Ben's hand and tries to bite him, but he manages to push her away, after which he tries to hide in the basement. Closing the door tightly, he descends and discovers the corpses of Helen and Harry. They come to life, and he kills them by shooting them in the head and not allowing them to get up. The dead can't get to the basement.

The next morning, everything ends. A team of police and volunteers is clearing the area of the living dead, shooting them in the head and burning the bodies. Ben, who is in the basement, hears gunshots and dog barking. He comes out of the basement and looks out of the window to look around. One of the team members pays attention to the noise and notices movement in the window. He mistakes Ben for the living dead and, on the instructions of the sheriff, kills him with a shot to the head. The sheriff praises the shooter for a great shot.

Against the background of the end credits, Ben's corpse is taken out of the house and burned along with other bodies.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

Despite the presence of the living dead, the word "zombie" in the film never sounds. It is shown here beings possess all the usual characteristics of zombies.

The alleged reason for the appearance of zombies is getting a release of radiation that occurred after an intentional explosion of a NASA satellite returning from Venus. All the people who died before the explosion, rise up and start attacking the living. People killed by zombies after some time (enough minutes) join their killers. At least one person becomes a zombie after being bitten, and such a transformation requires much more time.

Zombies move very slowly (in the film explain that they are decomposed on-the-go). The dead eat the flesh of people killed by them, tearing them apart with teeth and hands. Zombies show the beginnings of mind and use improvised objects as weapons to achieve their goals.

In order to kill zombies you need to damage their brain by a blow or shot to the head. The film is due to the fact that the brain is affected by the radiation from the satellite. The living dead afraid of fire, and the corpse of the zombie must be burned to prevent its re-resurrection.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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