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The Wraith


Added Sat, 29/05/2021
Release date
Original title
The Wraith

"The Spirit of Vengeance "(English: "The Wraith")  is a 1986 American feature film.


In the small town of Brooks in the steppes of Arizona, a gang of racers, led by Packard Walsh, has been rampaging for a long time. They stop passing drivers on the road and force them to participate in a race in which the bet is the loser's car. They do not disdain anything-robberies, robberies, and even murder, and no one dares to cross their path.

In the city, a young guy, Jake Casey, who is traveling on a motorcycle, stops by, and meets a waitress from a roadside diner, Keri Johnson. Jake begins to show her signs of attention, and although she likes him very much, Carey warns him that Packard thinks she is his girlfriend, and therefore she is afraid that Jake may get hurt. At the same time, Jake meets Carey's colleague Billy Hankins, who tells him that Carey was the girlfriend of his brother Jamie. One night, the couple was attacked and Jamie was killed, but the body was never found. Ceri was stunned and didn't wake up until the next day on a deserted highway, but the shock didn't fill out anything that could identify the killers.

A futuristic black car, a "turbo interceptor", appears on the track, the driver of which, dressed in a black racing jumpsuit and a black helmet with an opaque visor, challenges the gang. The first to compete with him in the race is decided by Auggie Fisher, but in the process, the "turbo interceptor" unexpectedly goes far ahead. As Auggie pulls out of the turn, he suddenly sees a turbo interceptor parked across the road and crashes into it. The car explodes, but later Auggie's body is found completely unburned, although with his eyes burned out, and no traces of the "turbo-interceptor" are found. A mysterious murder begins to investigate the local sheriff Loomis, who has long had a grudge against the Packard gang, but is limited by the law.

The mysterious avenger pays a visit to the gang's garage shed, where he doesn't kill anyone, but shoots all the equipment. At one point, the gang's tech guy Rughead sees the avenger's face behind the visor and is horrified. After some time, another member of the Minty gang enters the race with the avenger, and the outcome of the race is played out according to the same scenario. Loomis tries to track down the turbo interceptor, but it manages to literally disappear into thin air. Jake and Keri's relationship continues to develop, although Keri admits that it's because Jake looks like Jamie. Jake tries to convince Ceri that sooner or later she will have to fight back against Packard to get rid of the need to obey him.

Two other members of the gang, misfit drug addicts Skank and Gutterboy, are killed when a turbo interceptor crashes into a garage, setting off an explosion. Arriving at the scene, Loomis finds a very frightened Rughead, who tells him that the avenger has the face of Jamie Hankins, and then repents: that night he saw Packard and his gang shove someone's body into the trunk of a car and pushed it into a ravine, and finally Packard shot at the gas tank and the car exploded. Rughead didn't know who the victim was, but he knew when Jamie was reported missing.

Now the only one left, Packard, who is furious (because he saw Carey kissing Jake), forcibly takes Carey away from her job – Billy tries to stand up for her, but Packard beats him, finally saying that the same thing can happen to Billy as to his brother, which in the end compromises himself. When he brings Ceri to the steppe and encourages her to run away from the city, she says that Packard will not be able to make her love him even by force, and then forces him to admit that he killed Jamie. Their showdown is interrupted by the appearance of the "turbo interceptor", and Packard decides to enter into a race with him, which ends in a similar way: the " turbo interceptor "breaks far ahead, and then Packard sees the avenger in the middle of the road and decides to crush him, but eventually crashes into the"turbo interceptor" itself. Loomis, who arrives at the scene, tells his assistant that he will not pursue the avenger, because nothing will stop him, and also because it makes no sense: "there is no one else in the Packard gang to kill."

The Turbo interceptor arrives at Ceri's house, and before her eyes, the avenger transforms into Jake, but then she realizes that all this time it was the mysteriously resurrected Jamie. He asks her to leave town with him, but before leaving, he visits Billy's diner, where he gives him the keys to the turbo interceptor. When a dumbfounded Billy asks "Who are you, bro?", Jake says that Billy just answered the question himself, gets on his motorcycle and drives away. Billy inspects the turbo-interceptor in admiration, after which the truth comes to him and he shouts in despair into the void, calling his brother by name.

Loomis watches in the distance as Jake picks up Ceri, then the two of them drive down a deserted highway under a huge moon, leaving the past behind.

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

Will-o ' - the-wisps appear from the sky and at first look like shooting stars. They move at high speed over the roads, burning through obstacles and forming electrical discharges, until they collide at an intersection. At the point of collision, a bright flash is formed, from which the ghostly car and its driver materialize.

Later, the reverse processes are also shown: a ghostly car after a bright flash turns into will-o ' - the-wisp lights that fly in different directions. The same thing happens in another scene with the ghost: his motorcycle merges with the darkness of the night, and the parking lights turn into will-o ' - the-wisps and fly into the sky.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

The ghost is the restless spirit of a guy brutally murdered by a gang leader. It appears at night, materializing from the will-o ' - the-wisps along with the race car. The ghost can take two guises: one appears during the race and is a person dressed in a black racing suit and a helmet with opaque glass. The second appearance of the ghost is a simple guy on a motorcycle, similar, but still outwardly different from the dead man.

The purpose of the ghost is to destroy the gang. After the death of each of its participants, one of the brace-like details disappears from the ghost's costume, the purpose of which remains undisclosed in the film (only in one of the interviews, director Mike Marvin explained that this means that with each implemented act of revenge, the ghost becomes stronger).

The ghost and his car are more than material: they are seen by all people, they participate in races and collisions with other cars, you can install a third-party device under the hood of the car. The ghost kisses his beloved, rides her on a motorcycle, and at the end of the film, he drives off with her into the sunset. The machine also remains material, and the ghost gives it to his brother. Obviously, the ghost and his car do not disappear after they fulfill their purpose.

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