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Added Wed, 04/01/2023
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"Troll" (orig. Troll is a Norwegian fantasy adventure feature film that premiered on the Netflix platform on December 1, 2022.

In the Dovrefjell mountains, construction work awakens a giant troll from a thousand-year sleep, which destroys an underground tunnel, and then the house of an elderly couple.

In search of a solution, the Government enlists paleontologist Nora Tiedemann as an expert, who is accompanied by the adviser to the Prime Minister Andreas Isexen. However, the troll's tracks suddenly stop, and it is not possible to detect him. Nora enlists the help of her father Tobias, a folklore expert who has always believed that trolls are real, which has long earned him a reputation as a madman. Together they find the troll – though not as a result of purposeful actions, but almost by accident.

During the military's attempt to stop the troll, Tobias dies, but manages to tell his daughter the key to solving the problem: the reason for the trolls' departure at one time was the Christianization of the country, and the answers must be sought in the king's palace. Meanwhile, tactical weapons and combat aircraft are powerless against the troll, and he continues to move towards the capital of Norway. The government is evacuating the capital, and, for lack of a better way, is preparing to use nuclear weapons against the fabulous creature. Experts who were looking for a less dangerous counteraction are suspended.

Nora arrives in the capital and goes to the royal palace. The Lord Chamberlain reveals to her a secret: in the dungeon of the palace, built on the site of the former palace of the mountain king, there is a colossal crypt with the remains of trolls. Hundreds of years ago, they were all destroyed by order of King Olaf, and the awakened troll is most likely the last of its kind. Nora decides to use the skull of one of the troll children as bait.

A troll breaks into the capital, wreaking havoc and destruction. Nora and Andreas, in a car carrying a skull, lure the troll to the outskirts, where a group of military has already prepared a trap: powerful ultraviolet light lamps. Andreas's hacker girlfriend Sigrid blocks the launch of nuclear missiles from planes that have already taken off at the last second. The troll is greeted with a flash of lamps, he stops. At the last moment, Nora feels sorry for the last troll, she turns off the lamps and shouts to the troll to return to the mountains. However, it's too late: the sun is rising, and its rays are finishing off the giant. The troll dies, forming a stone hill.

"I wonder if there could be other trolls left somewhere in the mountains?" Andreas asks Nora a question that no one knows the answer to. In the final scene, the stone pile in the tunnel, from which the troll got out at the beginning, begins to move, and a deafening roar is heard.

Phenomena in artwork: Troll

The film shows the last (or one of the last) Norwegian troll, who was locked up in a mountain during the baptism of Norway, while the rest of his relatives were killed. The palace of the Kings of Norway was built on the site of the Mountain King's dwelling destroyed by King Olaf, and the remains of the killed trolls were buried under it.

A troll is a humanoid creature of enormous size. Its body consists of stone and earth covered with moss and grass, so it easily merges with the Norwegian landscape. At the same time, a heart beats in the troll's body. Contrary to popular fairy-tale ideas, troll bones do not consist of crystal, but look like ordinary bones. In the places where the troll passed, you can feel the smell, which the characters of the film characterize as "hyper-natural".

The troll does not talk, only makes inarticulate sounds similar to a deafening growl or a very sad howl. At the same time, he demonstrates the rudiments of reason, understands human speech and emotions. He is not aggressive: he attacks people only after they attack him, and in one of the scenes he saves a child.

According to legends, the troll "feels the blood of Christians" and eats them. It remains unclear whether this is the case (although he does eat a soldier who had been praying before). In the course of the plot, it turns out that trolls attacked churches because they did not like the ringing of bells – it causes them physical pain.

Human weapons do not cause noticeable harm to the troll, only damaging its stone body, which quickly recovers. The rays of the rising sun help to defeat the troll: under the influence of a large amount of ultraviolet light, his body turns into stone. However, it remains unclear whether this effect is permanent or only temporary. At the same time, daylight in cloudy weather does not pose a threat to him.

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