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Added Sat, 06/10/2018
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"Welcome to Zombilend" (orig. "Zombieland") is an American Comedy horror film.

The main character has a list of the 54 regulations that are necessary for survival in Zомбилэнде.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

A young guy named Columbus travels across America, an epidemic of zombie virus. Columbus with the beginning of the epidemic began to write a list of rules by which and survived in the former US, now called Zombilend. In the first scenes of the film Columbus arrives by car at the gas station, where it undergoes the attack of the dead. To escape them, the main character resorts to first rule on your list: "Be in shape" and runs away from the zombies.

The next day Columbus walks away from the city and meets another survivor, Tallahassee, who has a car and lots of weapons. He offers to drive the kid to his home town in Ohio. On the way, they stop at the moved down in a ditch with a truck that says "Hostess". Tallahassee says that he is not averse to eat cake "Twinkie", produced by the bakery "Hostess", but in the truck are the others, that greatly Angers Tallahassee. For the sake of those sweets later, they stop near the supermarket where they meet two sisters – Wichita and little Rock. Girls cheating stealing their car to drive to an amusement Park called "Wild adventure", where, according to rumors, is still not dead.

Soon, Columbus and Tallahassee again meet the sisters and decide to join with them to go to an amusement Park. Along the way, they stop in the empty gift shop and make it a rout. After that, they go to Beverly hills and stop at the mansion of Hollywood actor bill Murray, who survived only because thoroughly under makeup zombie. His disguise leads to tragedy when Columbus kills him, mistaking him for a real zombie.

The next day, the sisters again leave Tallahassee and Columbus leave from the mansion. They make a Pact to trust only each other and no one else. Arriving at the Park and running all the rides, the girls attract the attention of the Horde of the dead. At this time Columbus decides to find the girls, assuming that they are in danger. Tallahassee first doesn't want to help him, but seeing his helplessness, goes with him. In the Park of Tallahassee distracts the zombies, and Columbus at this time, saves the girls, simultaneously conquering your fear of clowns. The film ends with all four of them leaving together from the Park.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The zombies in the film represent infected by some mysterious virus that is transmitted to people from cows via undercooked meat in the burgers. Further spread of the disease occurs through bites inflicted by infected. Zombies are extremely aggressive and constantly hungry, which leads to the rapid spread of the epidemic throughout the world.

In contrast to the stereotyping in this film, zombies eat any human flesh, not just brains. Responsible for the selection of the actors in the film in an interview said that the zombies in "Welcome to Zombilend" it looks rather as diseased, rather than as the undead, and more like zombies from "28 days later" and the remake of "dawn of the dead".

Kill the zombies using conventional weapons, both firearms and knives. Some zombies corny score with the bat. Ie, the idea that you need to hurt the brain of the infected in the film are also absent. While zombies have high survivability, and if the wounds were not fatal, they do not pay attention to them.

It is worth noting some of the arbitrariness introduced in the film of the disease: it is transmitted through bites, but a drop of zombie blood, which always gets on unprotected skin and mucous membranes of the main characters, do not cause any harm. In addition, zombies for some reason don't attack people made up as zombies.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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