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Atacama Humanoid

The mummy "alien" found in October 2003, the Chilean Oscar Munoz Oscar (Oscar Munoz), who wandered in search of artifacts in zabroshennogo, once specialized in the production of nitrate La Noria in the Atacama desert. Near the ruined Church, he found a bundle of white cloth, tied with a purple ribbon. The matter was wrapped humanoid creature measuring just 15 inches from the feet to the top. He had a solid teeth, bulging head, and unlike a normal person, just nine pairs of ribs. .

It has been shown in the new documentary "Sirius", has caused a strong reaction on the Internet. The creature immediately got the name "Atacama Humanoid" or ATA.

Since the body was found, there was a lot of speculation about who it could be, including a version of the premature fetus, monkey and of course the alien fell to the Ground.

The skeleton in many ways was amazing. Being only 13 inches in height, his bones had some features of a child aged 6 to 8 years. In this case instead of the usual 12 pairs of ribs, the ATA they counted a total of 10 pairs, and its head was oblong conical shape.

For a long time the origin of the remains had been a mystery until the remains have caught the eye of Harry Nolan (Garry Nolan), Professor of Microbiology and immunology Stanford University in California, who offered to help in their study. After 6 months of research, including DNA analysis, x-ray and computed tomography, researchers from Stanford University came to the conclusion that the alien actually is a man.

Thus, in 2013 , it became clearthat ATA was human, but the reasons for the dramatic deformities were far from understanding.

Now, however, scientists from California, USA, have extracted DNA from the bones of mummies and recreated the real and tragic story of this man. Instead of having to be an alien from other worlds, ATA were stillborn or died immediately after birth in the girl with destructive mutations that shaped her unusual body.

Now Nolan and his colleagues from the University of California in San Francisco published a full analysis of the genetic code ATA. The article is called "Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia" (link to the full version is listed in the sources [11]). From DNA extracted from the bones, it became clear that the ATA was a girl with mutations in at least 7 genes which cause serious developmental defects of the skeleton or accelerating its development. Their combination explains the tiny size of ATA, unusual fins and the shape of the skull and bones senior age.

In addition to malformations of the skeleton, the ATA could have been a congenital diaphragmatic hernia is a relatively common life-threatening congenital defect in which the diaphragm does not develop properly. Further analysis showed that ATA's DNA is closest to the DNA of other Chileans.

Nolan says that the detection of mutations that have led to aging bones ATA, in the future can help patients with problems of the skeleton.

"Understanding this process may allow us to develop therapies or drugs that contribute to the development of bones for people, say, after a catastrophic automobile accidents," he said.

Nolan believes that ATA was born dead or died immediately after its birth 40 years before the discovery of the remains.

"She was so ugly that I could not eat. In her condition she had to be in the neonatal intensive care unit, but in those places where he found the sample, such things are just unavailable," he said.

"Although it began as a story about aliens, and went international, in fact we have a history of human tragedy. The woman was an ugly child, he survived, and then was "laid down" or sold as a strange artifact. He was a man with a fascinating genetic history, from which we can learn something important to help others. And may she rest in peace."

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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The mummy of the "alien", later named Ata, was found in October 2003 by the Chilean Oscar Munoz in the Atacama Desert. This mummy has become one of the most famous bodies that have been used to prove extraterrestrial life.  Instead of being an alien from other worlds, Ata turned out to be stillborn or died immediately after birth as a girl with destructive mutations that formed her unusual body.

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