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Louisiana swamp monster

Added Fri, 14/04/2017

In 2010 in the Internet appeared the video with a strange bald creature recorded in the camera to monitor the deer. Some call it a Ghost, someone is a zombie, and someone even thinks he's like the slenderman.

In various articles and forums on this entry are found in two variants. One photo from 30.11.2010, the second video from 04.12.2010, which depicted the same creature in the same position (in this case time stamps on the pictures and in the video the same - 01:44:12 am).

The scene that is mentioned in these two options is also different: Bondi beach and Baton Rouge, both located in Louisiana, but 82 miles from each other.

The first message about this post appeared on the forum 2 Dec 2010 21:45 and was left by user named "Hillbilly Willi". The network also are screenshots of the same, but from 3 December 2010 at 02:45 (probably perezaliv theme?):

The author claimed that the camera did only one photo of the monster for the reason that shot was taken with 2 minutes interval. The camera itself was torn from the tree, and securing straps torn.

Versions of the origin of this record quite a lot. One of them is viral advertising: some news stated that this is the movie "Super 8"; company Playstation said that this is the game Resistance 3 (although some skeptics are inclined to believe that they just took advantage of the similarity of their character and monster in the picture). There is also a version that is a way to advertise hunting cameras for the inhabitants of the forest. Even assuming that the source of this photo is a well-known horror website Creepypasta. In any case, almost all researchers adhere to the version on the installation.

Let's examine the evidence that lead the researchers in favor of deliberate falsification.

One of the users of the forum compared with the monster footage and footage obtained by the same camera earlier:

view two images courtesy of Hillbilly Willi, a photograph with the deer was taken 9 days earlier, with a small tree on the left during this time has not changed. As we can see, in both images all the leaves are the same, besides, neither one of them changed their position more than a week, though both scans were taken on the same day.

The time difference of these two images is about 4 hour - 1:44 and 05:27, but the illumination is exactly the same. While the images obtained with the difference in day (26 and 27 November), the leaves in the other (different from each other) positions.

We also found out that both images have different resolutions (the monster 1705 x 1279 pixels, and with a deer — 1797 x 1348 pixels).

Another important observation in favor of the installation is a mismatch in the shadows of a deer and the monster. Despite the fact that they are both almost in the same place, increasing the exposure shots around the monster observed a dark aura, and around deer - no.

Despite special attention to the picture from the side of the skeptics, a detailed analysis of photographs, field trips, as well as several confessions of involvement in the advertising, this monster is still included in many compilations of "most terrifying ghosts captured on camera" and the like, and a lot of people continues to believe in its reality.

In any case, the image of the monster is included in base programs for pranks, where in a photo taken by the phone, with just a few clicks, you can insert a Ghost, a UFO, Yettie, or it's being.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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