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UFO over California

In 2007, residents of California have often noticed the same UFO.

Here are the most famous examples:

Fact #1497345050

April 2007 – California.

Last month my wife and I were walking around town when suddenly I saw a very big and strange UFO in the sky. My wife photographed him on a mobile phone (first photo below). A few days later my friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and we went to photograph this "flying ship".

We found it and made a number of very clear photos. The photo was taken directly under this object. Sorry, I'm not brave enough to come close to him and take a picture. The object is almost made no sound and moved very smoothly.

Usually UFOs move slowly, until you start to take off. Then they pick up speed and in the blink of an eye disappear.

Most of all I want to understand what that object is and why he appears here?

Fact #1497345830

May 5, 2007 – lake Tahoe.

My husband and I were at lake Tahoe last weekend. We went there on Friday afternoon and returned Monday morning. On Saturday around 7 PM I went to the car to take the sweater when suddenly saw in the sky the object. He was close enough, but still above the trees. He moved slowly and mainly to my right.

I was amazed and wanted to photograph him, but as the camera was in the car, I did 2 shots on a mobile phone, and then the object disappeared behind the roof of the house. I ran to the other side and shouted my husband to come out. We were on the other side and saw that the object was still moving above the trees. My husband failed properly to consider it, but he saw enough to judge about the strangeness of this object.

We decided to look around the area again to find it, but we failed. The next day we also didn't see him. Since we rented a house for the weekend, we didn't know any of the locals, but I bet some of them saw the object. It was very noticeable and very strange. I'm definitely a bit worried, but my husband was very calm. He was not only scary but interesting.

Fact #1497347326

May 16, 2007 – Capitola, California.

This week I was visiting my fiance's parents, who live in Capitola (we actually went there to tell them about our engagement). We had dinner on the back porch, when suddenly I saw this object hovering in the sky. I took the camera and tried to take some clear shots.

The object took off over the roof shortly after, so I ran outside so as not to lose sight of it and make more photos (which was harder than I thought). Then he dropped lower to the telephone pole, where I was able to make more pictures, until it disappeared pretty quickly. I thought it was over, but saw that the object is still in the sky, and took some pictures.

At some point, a passing car stopped and the passengers were also watching him. No one had no idea what it is, but it is clearly all interested. As soon as he was gone, the people told us to call the news service and left. I don't know if you saw someone else from living there, since I don't live in the area, but I'm sure at least a few people definitely saw it.

It would be strange if no one has seen this object, which has sunk so low. As soon as he was gone, I held my breath, I barely was able to come out within the hour. Needless to say, the rest of the night we only talked about it. None of us can figure out what it was (and that's saying something, because my father's fiance is a mechanical engineer).

Fact #1497348067

2007 – big basin, California.

Yesterday I was in big Bazin, where I was sent at work. The main purpose of this trip was to remember an old trick for photography – photographing small objects on a large background to highlight the texture, depth and scale. I decided to take pictures of the flowers growing along the road on the background of the valley. I have a DSLR camera, so I look at everything through the viewfinder, and when I notice something, it seems to me that the object appeared out of nowhere.

I looked up and saw a huge object, rotating and moving very slowly, if erratically, almost reflexively, I took another picture and tried to stand, but I couldn't. Thoughts in my head were confused.

I tried to make another the object, but it turned out blurry. All the pictures I posted on the website, so before I decide what to do with them, you can look at them. Will get my pictures in the news? Any reaction is great. It helps in decision-making. I just published three pictures. The first picture object just appeared when I started taking pictures of flowers. It's a pity that photos of 3 megapixel, but this object appeared only for a few seconds and then disappeared.


The appearance and relative size of the object indicate that it is quite small (several meters in length). The most likely explanation in this case can be considered UAVs, i.e. a scale model flying on the principle of a quadrocopter. However, the design is quite specific for such flights, so there is a second version of the photomontage using the 3D model.

Search for more information led us to the videos with the same object, published in late may and early June 2007, youtube user Kris A (obviously, Chris Avery). He claims to have created a 3D model from photographs that appeared earlier:

A mock up of the recent 'Big Basin' UFO. Not entirely correct, as I worked from the first batch of photos, where some details weren't very clear or visable.

Actually it is based upon a series of photos taken recently of some sort of craft... I'm trying to see if I can recreate them in order to work out if they are real or not. You can see them at Earthfiles dot com. It is also being discussed at the oer openmindsforum. (Google it)

He wondered how long it would take to recreate that object, so it looks pretty high quality for its time. It turned out that quite a lot, although the result was worth it. And no wonder, because Chris is a pretty well-known British specialist in computer animation.

After the publication of his short videos Chris has posted on several forums to discuss the situation (for example,

On the website, Chris has several photos showing a similar, but more complex and detailed object, is strikingly similar to the one in the photos in fact #1497348067:

No wonder after that, Chris Avery began to consider the author of this hoax, although he is actively denied. However, as it turned out, it's really not. This story began not with pictures of witnesses, and with researcher Linda Moulton Howe, which received the expected documents and drawings of extraterrestrial technologies from an insider named "Isaac" (their pictures will be given in the gallery below).

Isaac had researcher of the laboratory of Palote Alto CARET, who worked in it in the period from 1984 to 1987. He claimed to have worked (although he never saw the end result) on deciphering the alien language, the elements of which can be found in the photographs of parts of the object. He said that this language is too complex to people using known earth technology, it could decrypt, but if you use a special ink, special paper and place a printed drawings with these characters in a certain place, the leaves will start to move. The laboratory is also engaged in the study of alien technology (anti-gravity engines, cloaking devices, etc.). Isaac stole some of the documents and made them available to researchers.

Interesting story, but it turned out that these symbols are not only provided by the Isaac documents from a secret government lab. An interesting similarity was noticed by the user Whitehaze from the forum

In 2007, the manufacturer of computers, IBM held a contest: "Decode the code of the aliens and win!". And here is their code:

About it writes also the similarity of Starfire Tor's website in its investigation (the link we cited the sources). It indicates that the font and pictures were used in notebooks Area-51 M15x and M17x, advertising campaign in October-November 2007, the company unveiled the Dell Alienware. Now this is the font used on these laptops as decorative elements, for example, on the back and the labels. For example:

Thus, we can conclude that the appearance of a mysterious drone over California (or rather, the appearance of his "photos" in the network), as well as documents of Isaac, and all the hype associated with them, are likely to viral marketing scheme, designed to attract attention to the output of the Alienware laptops. At least this was the conclusion comes most studied the case of specialists.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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