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The mystical fog. Turkey

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Added Tue, 03/07/2018
Author July N.

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The most impressive and mysterious disappearance case in history is the disappearance of the Royal Norfolk regiment. About this story there were a lot of legends and rumors. Different sources mention different figures. Some say that disappeared was 145, and the assurances of others – more than two hundred. Some sources even quoted a figure of 2,000.

This event took place in 1915 during the campaign at Gallipoli. In this area during the First World war were fierce battles for Tortorella. In August, on a wide plain near the Bay of sulla's most decisive battles. The Fort here kept large Turkish forces. The British battalion of the Norfolk regiment was instructed to dislodge the enemy from a very well fortified area. The British formed in order of battle, moved on the enemy. Several soldiers from this unit after the battle found dead, but the fate of the others is not clear so far.

Almost gone an entire battalion vanished into the fog, which led to confusion of the military authorities and neighbouring parts.

Sometimes things happen in war, even the soldiers fled from the battlefield. However, it seems unlikely that deserted once all the unit. Besides then these people never showed up.

Three soldiers from the Australian and new Zealand expeditionary force, noticed something unusual on the front line during this battle. However, an official statement they gave in 1964. But why would they as many as fifty years of silence about it?

They for years didn't tell anyone about this, as if it were a military secret that haunted them, kept quiet. As has been said, the mysterious disappearance occurred during the battle of Gallipoli. According to them, they were easy to observe the place and watched as the Royal Norfolk regiment climbed the slope of a hill on 12 August 1915. From a vantage point until they were about 150 meters. They quietly watched as the soldiers climbed the hill and saw on their way there was a strange discontinues the cloud. In length it was about 240 meters in height was 65 m, and a width of 60 meters. It was thick, very dense cloud, and its structure seemed to be uniform. They approached this air education and freely entered into it. However, none of them came out on the other side of the cloud. About an hour later after the last soldiers disappeared into the fog cloud, it is very slow off the ground, rose up and joined the other clouds, hanging low over the mountains. According to observing the clouds was about seven and even though there was a strong South wind, they moved like the wind they do not touch. They were all the time in the same place. But after rising from the ground, the cloud has reached their level, they began to move slowly in the direction of Bulgaria and disappeared from sight after three quarters of an hour.

Norfolk regiment vanished without a trace. It all happened in front of soldiers from other military units that no sound of fighting or gunshots heard. The General view was that the regiment was entirely captured. But, when Britain in 1918 after the defeat of Turkey demanded the return of the soldier, the Turks replied that they haven't seen a shelf and, of course, was not taken prisoner. They didn't even know about the existence of this regiment. The involvement of the Turks to the disappearance of soldiers in the British army and failed to prove.

You can, of course, assume that the memory of the old soldier a little let down, as much as fifty years separate the memories from that mysterious events. However, the disappearance of the regiment is the actual fact. As already mentioned, was found a few bodies of soldiers from this regiment, but the rest disappeared without a trace. Witnesses who watched the last maneuver Norfolk regiment immediately before his disappearance, believe that these soldiers were taken prisoner by the Turks, and did not even come in contact with the enemy. Of the missing an official report, but it also might not shed light on the mysterious incident. According to the description of eyewitnesses, the soldier swallowed strange for this time of year fog. Fog this quite strongly reflect sunlight, so Shine blinded observers for artillery, and they could not provide covering fire. A battalion of the regiment was missing, and officers and soldiers from its membership hadn't been seen since that moment.

The British in 1918 and appeared again on the Peninsula. This time as the party which finally won the war. While crawling the field of battle, the soldiers of the occupation troops found the insignia of the Royal Norfolk regiment. He found out that a Turkish farmer has taken a lot of the bodies from his property. He dumped them in a ravine. The officer who was in charge of problems graves, September 23, 1919, reported that were found Norfolk battalion. Just found 186 bodies, of which 122 Norfolk. Managed to identify only the corpses of ordinary Barnaby and Carter. Bodies were scattered on the territory, which was 750 meters behind the defense line of the Turks. In the end, the officer stated that he confirmed the initial assumption that soldiers are gradually destroyed on the battlefield. However, this statement is more than strange, as it contradicts itself – seven hundred and fifty metres behind the line is not battlefield, it is almost a kilometer behind the front line.

Also surprised by the fact that such a large number of bodies found was identified only two. But the important thing is what official sources were silent – the farmer claimed that the corpses that he found in his field, was mutilated. The incident he described as if the body was severely broken and as if dropped from a great height. He was afraid of the impure forces, and therefore threw into the ravine. As for the Turks, in turn, has officially announced that the district Solve from their side has been no fighting.

A very mysterious story. Unlikely ever to find out what actually happened on 12 August 1915. If eyewitness accounts are true, then we can assume that the British soldiers were picked up by some supernatural force and forever took to another dimension, or another world, or somewhere else. With this hypothesis readily agree ufologists. They put this case on a par with many alleged abductions by aliens.

Where were the officers and soldiers of the Norfolk regiment of the British elite? Still on this question no one can answer this question. The mysterious disappearance of a battalion of the Norfolk regiment is one of the main mysteries of the twentieth century.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Original news

During severe fighting in the Dardanelles a peculiar cloud engulfed a British regiment which was never seen again. This was observed by 22 men of the First Field Company, NZ Army Corps and stated in an affidavit. During World War I, a regiment of the British Army, the 1st 4th Norfolk, disappeared in an attempt to take Hill 60 at Suvla Bay near Gallipoli. In front of 22 witnesses, the regiment — over 800 men — marched into a strange formation of lenticular clouds hovering over Hill 60 and was never seen again. Posted as missing, the regiment was thought to have been captured. After the war, Britain demanded the return of the regiment, but the Turks denied any knowledge of the regiment’s existence. No trace of the regiment has ever been found. (Could be a Yarn No evidence).


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