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Этот раздел содержит информацию о явлениях, которые, по общепринятому мнению, имеют сверхъестественную, мистическую природу, и само существование которых в данный момент находится под сомнением.

The mystical fog

Added Mon, 03/10/2016
makes you wander

Fog is found in many certificates of unexplained facts, from chronorally and ending with stories about the meeting with UFOs.

Fog – atmospheric phenomenon, the accumulation of water in the air when formed the smallest products of the condensation of water vapor. This is quite a common phenomenon, known around the globe, but many witnesses of unexplained phenomena associated with the appearance of fog phenomena, eyewitnesses or participants which they have become. Such phenomena are rare and largely specific to a particular area, but distributed worldwide.

Below we will briefly discuss the phenomena that, according to eyewitnesses closely associated with the appearance of fog.

Description of the phenomena associated with the appearance of fog

All phenomena, compounded by fog, can be divided into the following groups:

  • Meeting with the ghosts;
  • Movement in space (sometimes in conjunction with the following);
  • Move in time (sometimes in conjunction with the previous);
  • Encounter with a UFO;
  • An unusual view of the fog without an accompanying phenomenon.

Below we will describe these phenomena.

Meeting with the ghosts

The appearance of fog when meeting with the ghosts is a fairly common detail in the eyewitness accounts. In addition to meetings with vague shapes, the witnesses describe the appearance of a certain fog or haze when the ghostly silhouettes in the indoor or outdoor space. This can be attributed to the emergence of a variety of buildings and equipment, which disappear when the dissipation of the fog. This image is often exploited by various authors in books or movies.

Movement in space (sometimes in conjunction with the following)

This group describes the phenomenon occurring in legends, true stories and eyewitness accounts quite often. It lies in the fact that people (one or more) fall in the dense fog, and then appear somewhere else (sometimes this distance can reach tens of kilometers). Sometimes this phenomenon is compatible with the following, i.e. the time during which a person overcomes this distance does not correspond to the usual time required for this purpose in the big or smaller party.

The most famous reference to this phenomenon is considered to be the Philadelphia experiment allegedly conducted by the Navy 28 October 1943. During this experiment allegedly disappeared, and then instantly shifted in space by several tens of kilometers of the destroyer "Aldridge" (U. S. S. Eldridge (eng.)) with a team of 181 people. Just possibly, this includes the disappearance of the Norfolk regiment.

Move in time (sometimes in conjunction with previous)

Phenomena of this group are found in the descriptions of eyewitnesses are very rare. They talk about moving the witness in time (past or future) from several seconds to several hundreds of years or the occurrence of fog of a person or group of people from the past or the future (the witnesses is calculated by the characteristic detail – the suit, the car, etc.).

This phenomenon associated with the appearance of chronometrage, as well as various disappearance of people and technology. A vivid example is the legend of the Bermuda triangle.

Encounter with a UFO

This group of phenomena can be divided into two subgroups:

  • The appearance of the UFO
  • The Appearance Of Nonauto

Description of eyewitnesses similar to the descriptions from the first group with the only difference in the form and identification of emerging objects. In the first case there is a clear outline of dead relatives, acquaintances or just people and animals, in this subgroup describe unknown creatures, different "ethereal" parts. It is also known a lot of evidence, when in the mist (or fog) appeared glowing spheres of different sizes and colors, which are usually associated with the UFO phenomenon.

An unusual view of the fog without an accompanying phenomenon

The group "an unusual form of fog" included facts in which the eyewitness does not describe any particular phenomenon or unusual, in his view, the phenomenon, except for the fog. It may seem unusual in form, colour or place of occurrence.

The most famous type of fog is "the crimson fog" or "fire mist". It is usually described as the wall or "rain of fire". Sometimes it is described by those who had been inside it. It is usually harakterizuyut as "cold fire". Description inherent in most posts:"Cold, not scorching fire flows down from the ledges and corners of objects spread along walls and ceilings. "Going away", the fiery mist gets the usual white shade".

Known as the mists with the "inner glow", green fogs, fogs with clear edges and regular shape, etc.

This division is rather conditional, since the phenomena often overlap or coincide with each other, therefore, we next consider hypotheses without divisions on the phenomena.


For a start we will understand more what the fog is an atmospheric phenomenon.

Fog appears when moisture in the air when formed the smallest products of the condensation of water vapor. That is, the relative humidity of the air when fog is usually close to 100 % (exceeds 85-90 % ). However, in extreme cold (-30° and below) in the settlements, railway stations and airfields fogs can occur at any relative humidity of air (even less than 50% ) is due to condensation of water vapour formed by the combustion of fuel (in engines, furnaces, etc.) and emitted into the atmosphere through exhaust pipes and chimneys.

  • From this definition it follows the first hypothesis: if the air temperature is above -10° it is tiny droplets of water at -10...-15° – a mixture of water droplets and ice crystals at temperatures below -15° C to ice crystals, glittering in the sunlight or in the light of the moon and lights.
  • Phenomena associated with fog are known atmospheric phenomena or objects of natural origin, taken in a certain situation abnormal (for example, the cloud of pollen, Brokensky Ghost). This can be attributed to such mists as a suspension of the chemical substances content in the air of different fluorescent microorganisms etc as an example be the situation - fogs occur frequently in ventilated swampy lowlands, which can accumulate toxic fumes, leading to poisoning (marsh gas or vapours of essential oils of some plants, e.g., rosemary).
  • Vision fog occur at the level of physiology of perception and are simple, not folding in a substantive way by the deceptions of vision along with flashes of light, sparkles, smoke, spots, stripes, dots. Their causes can be different.
  • The image of fog is often used in psychology (for example, when autotreninga) and hypnosis to mark the boundary of transition from one situation to another. The same image is used by a man in a dream. This hypothesis suggests that people naturally or artificially flows into the trance state and sees some of the images, thus can travel long distances, but not remember. It is worth noting that the feelings of the person during the trance by its brightness and naturalness are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • V. Readers believes that the red mist can be a rare form known auroras, which occurs directly to the ground.
  • According to the scientific consultant of "Solaris" Professor Alexey Labutina to blame the so-called criteri. It was a "fantastic" living creatures consisting of very rarefied matter, so the human eye does not see them. But in the air, saturated with moisture, they become visible. This version resonates with the observations of the "classical" humanoid ghosts. It is believed that energy is free from the body of the human soul in certain moments is able to ionize the air.
  • The employee of the Siberian branch of RAS Vasily Kropachev sure fire mist appears because of the powerful geomagnetic emission from the depths of our planets, which, in turn, cause shifts in the tectonic plates.


To give a precise description of this phenomenon is not depending on the fact that the options descriptions vary. The only unifying feature is their very existence of the fog, its color, glow, shape, density, and other characteristics can change, so the Association of these phenomena in one rather arbitrary.

The material for analysis at this point can only serve as testimony of witnesses and the inspection of the scene of the fact, as authentic photographs and videomaterials while this phenomenon could not be found.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena with similar tags
Заголовок Описание Признаки

In Chinese and Japanese demonology is a General term for creatures that live in the mountains, forests, swamps, stones and other natural objects. They have humanoid faces and animal bodies. They feed on dead bodies. Often forced to stay on the road, where the attack on her and killed.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, animal body parts

In the folklore of the Scandinavian peoples of the forest spirits. They can enchant, make you mad, maim and even kill. I can spend hours to drive through the woods, forced to climb through the fallen trees, etc., Capable of enter into an intimate relationship with people. Women can even give birth to a child after such communication.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, sexual relations with the victim, makes you wander, induces pregnancy, the distortion of time, the manipulation of the actions of the victim, the manipulation of the thoughts of the victim

Creatures from the Ukrainian and Polish folklore, living in the Carpathian forests, caves and mountain pastures. They wiglet as an ordinary girl, tall, chubby, with long braids, but from the back it is covered in leather and you can see all her insides. Initially it is a harmless creature. Over time, ideas about it have changed, and began to meet where she is already sucking out human life force, and also able can take with it with the help of some intoxicating spell.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, the manipulation of the actions of the victim, the bare bones of the skeleton, it feeds on life energy

Mythological anthropomorphic being of small size, with wings like a butterfly. Fairies could cast a spell on the victim, leading to his world, where they could get the months, although the feelings of the stolen just a few minutes. They often harm to all who met them. According to some sources, they become animals.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, the distortion of time, flying creature, the little creature, the transition to another world, turns into an animal, hurting people

According to Japanese folklore, the souls of the newly dead, which take the form of the mysterious lights. They are also known as onibi (demonic lights"). It is assumed that these lights are crashing pale blue or green spheres with long tails. Usually tell that hitodama appears in the summer, near the cemeteries, dark forests, or near a dying person, as a manifestation of the soul leaving the body (although some say they saw these lights just before the birth of a child).

makes you wander, a small light at the earth's surface, restless spirit

Wallachian folklore the Fox is a werewolf with smoky obsidian fur. Makes you wander through the forest and causes memory lapses. Can turn into a man with a slender body, the gray streak in her hair and odd color eyes (from grassy to almost amber).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

makes you wander, unusual eye color, turns into a human, memory lapses

The character of miners ' folklore in the Donbass. It is the spirit of miners, like a dwarf, "the mine owner" and the patron Saint of miners. appears in the image of the old miner, coughing like an old man, with bright glowing eyes, hairy hooves. Shubin likes to joke: scare the miners, broke suddenly in the darkness laugh, or missing leg. He supposedly lives in the far or in a long-abandoned mines, which can go unnoticed. Has tremendous power.

anthropomorphic creature, hurting people, makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, hooves, hairy creature, unusual eye color, helps you find your way, superpowered creature, glowing eyes, specifies the location of the treasure

The devil – spirit master of the forest in the mythology of Eastern Slavs. It belongs to the same class of beings that house perfumes, perfume water areas and field spirits.

anthropomorphic creature, high being, makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, the distortion of time, the manipulation of the actions of the victim, changes form, hairy creature, helps you find your way, predicts the future, hurting people, superpowered creature

In Polish mythology, a creature living in forests in the southwest of the łódź Voivodeship of Poland. Oklikema human voices and laughing, took away the travelers into the jungle, lured into the swamp, appearing in the guise of a deer, stuck in a swamp. Who was it that attacked with hooves and horns. Also, in order to have a hunter in the wilderness, could take the guise of a beautiful girl.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, changes form, hairy creature, unusual sounds, turns into a human

The character of Ukrainian, Russian and Polish mythology. A force that knocks you off the road and makes you lose the road, to walk in circles. Often, it seems like something invisible, but sometimes he would stand in the way of animal or human.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

makes you wander, the manipulation of the actions of the victim, turns into an animal, turns into a human

Creature from German folklore. They were presented in the form of men who wore plain clothes and a dark brown hat, and on the big toes of the left foot instead of the nails growing sickles. They devastated fields, teased, bullied people and was able to inflict paralysis. Can cause a person to stray.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, hurting people

In Japanese folklore, a kind of animated things-a arising from of the old straw sandal. Able to scream at night. If his nedelciuc, then after a while he will catch myself aimlessly going nowhere.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, animated object

In Latvian folklore, forest spirit in human form or Taepodong dark figure, knocking the traveler of the way and often driving him into a thicket or swamp.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, tanypodinae creature

In the Belarusian mythology, the forest spirit or the devil. It looks like a huge old grandfather, overgrown with gray moss and gray bear. He governs all the forest animals and birds. Can take many forms.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, large creature, changes form, hairy creature

Wood demon from the folklore of the Philippine Islands, bearded humanoid the growth of 2-3 meters. The invisible man, but could cause him to stray. His presence produces laughter out of nowhere, the abundance of dragonflies and smoke.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, high being, makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, hairy creature

Creature from the mythology of Wales. It is a female, able to take the form of goats. At night lies in wait for travellers on the mountain roads and knocks them out of the way. Sometimes makes weird noises like screaming, the source of which cannot be determined.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

anthropomorphic creature, makes you wander, sounds without visible sources, turns into an animal
Аномальная зона

"Anomalous zone" means the region has abnormal physical characteristics, where the observed phenomena are beyond the concept of "norm".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

makes you wander, the distortion of time, the transition to another world

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