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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

Chronorally. United States

ID #1625139639
Added Thu, 01/07/2021
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
01.02.2010 08:00
Престон, CT
United States

UFOs / Aliens... .. I was abducted on February 1, 2010 around 8:00, when I was home alone, and regained consciousness around 11: 00. I had some ((deleted)), and in my mind I regressed back in time, in speech, in my own life ………… I kept my eyes closed, so I didn't look at them ............... . I told myself that you can handle it… .Jesus/God is with me ………

When I woke up from a trance state ... I was lying on the bed, cold, shivering and wet the bed / towel that was around me after the shower. He hit me with a force / blow from behind. I fell face down on my bed ... I had just finished showering and had a lavender towel wrapped around me ... The dogs were with me ... ... I ended up on the bed face down. 

I couldn't move my body. Paralyzed. Something felt as if it had entered my body... like a lizard or a snake was moving... in me. I wasn't myself... he was inside me and controlled my thoughts... he wanted me to be in a terrible state.

On the morning of February 1, 2010, a UFO was discovered in Ansonia, Connecticut, within an hour after the attack on me. 

If you look at the map from a bird's - eye view, Ansonia is very similar to the River Thames.. I'm not afraid. I will not allow this event to be considered my life. I am not alone in this situation. Why don't the United States government, the CIA, the FBI admit this? What is the long-term agenda? The most difficult thing about all this is that family members think that you need a straitjacket. There's no way to prove what I've been through. I talked to the"psychiatrists". Of course, they can only offer medicines.

I think I should write a book about this, because this may be the only way I can understand that I did not dream all this. I know that there are other women who have experienced the same thing as me, and there are men.

 When a kidnapping occurs, you are paralyzed. You want to scream, hit, fly up or try to contact them-one way or another, but all parts of your body do not work. I could close my eyes - that's all. 

A few years ago, on 23.07.2005, I received an observation, and I reported a triangular shape with six witnesses. We lost an hour of time. 

So, I feel that "THEY" have come back to me again. For the fact that I do not know. A year has passed since this February event, and it took me more than a year to report it. I had all the tests done: MRI, stingray, blood test ... I even asked the doctor to find an exorcist. Sorry, I won't be drawn into the game. There is a summons, people... .. I don't know what it is, but he wanted me to be afraid ... he seems to live in fear.

Original news

Date:  February 1 2010
Location: Preston, Connecticut
Time: 08:00
Summary: UFO / Aliens….. abducted me on Feb 1 2010 around 8am when I was home alone and I regained consciousness around 11am. I had some kind of ((deleted)) and within my mind I was regressed backwards in time, in speech, in my own life………… I kept my eyes closed so I didn’t look at them……………. I told myself you will get through this….Jesus/ God is with me………

When I woke up out of a trance state….I was on my bed and was freezing, shivering and wet the bed/towel I had around me from the shower. It hit me with a force/blow from behind. I fell face first on to my bed…I had just finished a shower and had a lavender towel wrapped around me….the dogs were with me…….. I found myself flat on the bed face down. I couldn’t move my body. Paralyzed. Something felt like it entered my body…like a lizard or a snake moves….within me. I was not me…it was inside me and it controlled my thoughts…it wanted me in a fearful state. On the morning of Feb 1 2010 there was a UFO sighting in Ansonia, CT, within the hour of me being attacked. If you look at the map from a birds eye view-Ansonia looks alot like the Thames river. I am not afraid. I am not going to let this event reck my life. I am not alone in this situation. Why won’t the United States Government, CIA, FBI-come clean on this? What is the long term agenda? The hardest part in all of this is family members think you need a straight jacket. There’s no way to prove what I went through. I have talked with the “shrinks” on the high demand of my family. Of course they can only offer medication.

I think I should write a book about it because that might be the only path I can take to know I didn’t just dream all of this. I know there are other women that have undergone what I went through and there are men too. When abduction occurs you are paralyzed. You want to scream, hit,s wing, or try to communicate with them-somehow but, all the parts of your body won’t work. I could close my eyes-that’s it. I had a sighting a few years ago on 7/23/2005 and reported a triangle shape w/ 6 witnesses. We had one hour lost time. So, I feel ‘THEY’ have come back to see me again. For what I don’t know. A year has gone by since this Feb. event and it took me over a year to report it. I’ve had all the test done to me MRI,SCAT SCAN, Blood work….I even had a doctor tell me to seek an exorcist. Sorry, I won’t be sucked into the game. There is an agenda people…..I don’t know what it is but, it wanted me to be afraid…. it seems to live on fear. I will be happy to talk to the people who work for this web sight.
Source: Davenport, Peter 


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Parasomnias (Hypnagogic hallucinations)

The presence of different entity next to the bed in the room or outside the window. The entity appeared after a sudden awakening. After a while it disappeared/melted/disappeared.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Сонный паралич

  • In a moment, the man suddenly feels on top he bore down on something very hard and does not allow him to breathe, as if strangling.
  • Quite often people say that in that moment, when they sleep, they feel that they can move neither head, nor foot, nor arm, literally nothing. Among other things, a person becomes unbearable fear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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