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Ghost. Russia

ID #1641222096
Added Mon, 03/01/2022
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Tambovskaya oblast

The story of Anna Kuryokhina (rents an apartment on Chicherina Street):

"The story happened to me and my family in the summer of 2012. We lived in Morshansk. Since the family is young and I didn't really want to live with my parents, my husband and I decided to rent a separate apartment and move to Tambov. The apartment was quickly found, two-room, unfurnished, but we were satisfied in a new building on the North-Western street. We had everything we needed. After making cosmetic repairs, we moved and healed. Our quiet life lasted exactly a month, until they bought a new bed for our bedroom. 

My husband was at work on the night shift, my daughter was sleeping sweetly in her gym, and I? And I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt someone's cold embrace, as if someone lay down behind me and began to squeeze. My eyes are open, my mind is working, I see the night light burning in my daughter's room. I try to shout, but I open my mouth like a fish, but I don't hear a voice or a scream. There's a thought in my head. It is necessary to pray. I started to read a prayer to myself ......... Let go after about ten seconds. That night she went to sleep with her daughter. 

I told my husband in the morning, but blamed everything on my fatigue. History repeated itself a week later. I woke up from the fact that I felt heaviness in the chest area and fingers .....those cold, thin fingers that squeezed my throat. I try to shout again, but I can't hear my voice, I start to lose consciousness and again the prayer is in my head, I whisper it. The fingers are removed from the throat, it becomes easier to breathe and you can hear some rustling at the bedroom door. 

When I came to work, I wondered what it could be. I called a friend who found us this apartment and she told us that it was in the bedroom that the former owner died a terrible death. On the same day we moved out of this apartment, but still passing by this house, I notice that someone is looking out the window, although no one lives there after us." 


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Сонный паралич

  • In a moment, the man suddenly feels on top he bore down on something very hard and does not allow him to breathe, as if strangling.
  • Quite often people say that in that moment, when they sleep, they feel that they can move neither head, nor foot, nor arm, literally nothing. Among other things, a person becomes unbearable fear.

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