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Ghost. Belarus

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Added Sat, 26/02/2022
Author July N.

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The ghost of Yadvisya scares the guards of a rural school near Gomel. The village of Grabovka in the Gomel region has a rich history. Its inhabitants tell many mysterious legends, but the ghost story at the local school is not just folklore, many contemporaries confirm: they have seen and heard! A correspondent of Komsomolka went to spend the night in Grabovka the other day.

During the search for the school - the village is large, the center of the village Council - it turned out that the villagers treat their ghost as something completely natural, self-evident, reports . Having asked a married couple of pensioners how to find a school, I go further behind my back I hear:

— Does he want to meet a ghost, will he spend the night at school? It's necessary, he's not afraid…

However, at school, the watchman immediately disappointed:

- Married? Then it's useless. She only shows herself to young single guys.

It turned out that the watchman Ivan had last seen a ghost three years ago, when he was still unmarried. And since I became a family man, I've only heard.

One night I was sitting on this sofa in the teachers' room," Ivan tells about his first meeting with a ghost. - And suddenly I heard footsteps. I look through the doorway to the corridor and see: there is a young woman in a suit with long, loose blonde hair. I didn't see her face. I couldn't get out into the corridor: something pressed me to the sofa and didn't let me get up until the woman passed. And then several more times I saw her as a shadow, tried to catch up, but she ran away.

More about the ghost tells the director of the school Tatiana Matyushenko:

- Indeed, all those who saw the ghost are young unmarried guys. The first person who told us about the ghost was a watchman, a local young man, it was about 12 years ago. In the evening, while on duty in the office on the second floor, he watched a sports program on TV. The lights were off. Suddenly, an image of a blonde woman appeared in the corner behind the TV, trying to close the TV screen with her hands. Of course, everyone took his story as a joke, laughed. Then this guy left us, and one summer a young man, a Homel student, came to replace another watchman during his vacation. And they have already heard from him about the second meeting with the ghost. They are not familiar with that first watchman and this guy could not have heard anything about our anomalies.

So, after his first night at the Grabovskoy school, the new watchman told the following story:

— I was reading a book on the couch in the staff room and fell asleep. And at night I woke up from the fact that I felt an icy cold on my face and neck. I opened my eyes — there was a woman with light, loose hair sitting over me, who was leaning over me, looking at me. I jumped up from the sofa, and the woman disappeared.

Since then, the guy at school did not sleep, he was afraid. And already awake, several more times I met a ghost in the corridor:

— I was walking around the school at night and noticed her on the second floor. The woman in the dark dress was not walking, but seemed to be flying and laughing very loudly, calling me somewhere. When I saw her, it felt like I was walking through a column of water, it was so hard to walk. And when everything disappeared, I felt that I was all wet. When I saw her, it wasn't scary at all, but when she disappeared, there was a huge feeling of fear.

Some teachers also saw a strange woman. The principal at the school has never spent the night, but staying in the building late, faced with the supernatural:

- Sometimes you sit and hear footsteps, some sounds. And one day the lights went out in the building and I went to the second floor to see if everything was in order there. Suddenly, for no reason, the toilet door creaked open. Although there was no draft and this door does not creak at all, it always closes tightly. And then there was this: I was climbing the stairs in the dark and thought: if only someone would turn on the light! And then the light really turns on above the stairs! I asked the janitor later, but he said he didn't turn anything on. In general, if we go to school late, we always say hello: good evening, ghost! Leaving, we ask: guard the school!

Grabovskaya School is a modern building, it was built in 1997. And it stands on the territory of an ancient park. Very close was the manor of the landowners of Faschey — this is an ancient Gomel gentry family, known since the XVI century. In the 80s, a huge estate, where the village council was located at that time, burned to the ground. And soon a large two-storey school was built next to the destroyed building, on the site of an apple orchard. A park has been preserved behind it, and opposite - on the other side of a small lake - a church.

Collecting information about the landowners and at the same time asking old-timers about the ghost, the school staff found out that a certain Yadvisya once lived here. However, the name of Jadwiga was not found in the pedigree of the family. But the locals explained this by the fact that Yadvisya was neither the illegitimate daughter of a peasant from a peasant woman, nor the mistress of the landowner's son. According to one version, the girl hanged herself, according to another, she suffered from some kind of congenital physical ailment, so she could not get married and was engaged in treating people - conspiracies, witchcraft.

However, there is no one to ask more about Jadvis: there are no old-timers left in the village, they all died, and most of the residents of Grabovka are migrants from Chernobyl villages.

By the way, recently in Grabovka they excavated and began to improve the tomb of Fascha. The crypt, in which several bodies, including women, rest, was abandoned with the advent of Soviet power.

- We are not fighting with a ghost, somehow we have already got used to it, got used to it, — continues Tatiana Matyushenko. — The building was consecrated immediately after the opening, and then the priest came again. And immediately after the re-consecration, Yadvisya began to appear again. Maybe we should invite a Catholic priest, because the Faschi were Catholics. But in general, the ghost does not bother us, we live peacefully!

So, darkness comes, we are left alone with the watchman. At school - just ringing silence, and constantly here and there something quietly knocks, moves.

- This is still nonsense. Sometimes you sit on the ground floor, and something hits you so hard at the top that you don't know where to go! - Ivan admits. — But in general, everything usually starts after midnight. The building begins to live its life!

While there is time until midnight, we go around the school with the watchman, he shows where the ghost usually lives:

- Passes through this corridor on the first floor, turns onto the stairs and goes up to the second floor. Here he can stand," Ivan points towards the elementary school classes. — And on the second floor it goes along the corridor from the stairs to the gym.

That's midnight. The moon has risen, which shines through the windows of the school. There are knocks on the second floor from the first floor. I decide to go upstairs in the dark, sit down in the corridor. But no sounds can be heard anymore, just a light tapping, and, in turn, from different classes. I peer into the pitch darkness, it seems that something is moving at the other end of the corridor, but no: it probably seemed.

— Nothing will happen today, they have made too much noise, - Ivan is sure. - It is necessary to sit quietly and preferably alone.

But it's still creepy: after listening to stories and staying in a huge empty dark building, it's hard not to be afraid. However, after praying to the Virgin Mary, my soul became much calmer.

I go to the teacher's room and go to sleep on the very sofa from which the watchmen saw Jadwisya. But I couldn't fall asleep from excitement.

After hearing the first roosters, I get up: the time of ghosts has passed. At two-thirty it's already getting light, we say goodbye to the watchman.

- If there is anything else, I will definitely call, — Ivan promises. — And it's better to come in autumn or winter, when the nights are longer!

Author: Pavel MICKIEWICZ


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Parasomnias (Hypnagogic hallucinations)

The presence of different entity next to the bed in the room or outside the window. The entity appeared after a sudden awakening. After a while it disappeared/melted/disappeared.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Сонный паралич

  • In a moment, the man suddenly feels on top he bore down on something very hard and does not allow him to breathe, as if strangling.
  • Quite often people say that in that moment, when they sleep, they feel that they can move neither head, nor foot, nor arm, literally nothing. Among other things, a person becomes unbearable fear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


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